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Catching Cheating Partners in Manchester

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Cheating partner statistics and stories to make you weep

Did you know that private investigators are hired increasingly in divorce cases?

In 2007, an article published in The Guardian revealed that private investigators were hired in over 50% of Britain’s divorce cases. In the years since this amount has grown – rapidly.

Technology has offered opportunities to cheating partners that could only have been dreamed of 30 years ago. The more temptation there is, it seems the more people fall foul of it. You never know who you may meet online or what they might want from you. Infidelity may seem fun but it can cost all parties dearly.

Remember, private investigators aren’t the last resort, we are the go-to resource for cheating partner investigations.

  • Over 20% over divorces record infidelity as the cause.
  • Social media is a great device to enable cheating.
  • The big cities provide the largest cheating percentages.
  • Interestingly, long commutes to and from work are a primary trigger for an affair to begin. This method of meeting people means cheating statistics rise above average.
  • At least 40%-80% of men 20%-70% of women confessed in a survey that they had cheated on a partner once, perhaps more.
  • 57% of cheaters have slept with their spouse and lover on the same day.
  • Men get the flack for being the cheaters but women are almost as likely to cheat as men. At X Three Surveillance Ltd. we have a liberal caseload of both sexes cheating partners investigations.
  • Did you know that being unhappy in a relationship does not directly influence infidelity rates? Whilst the bedroom activities impact on contentment, low self esteem and personal problems outside the relationship are also probable causes of a cheating partner scenario.


Case study 1:

Mike contacted us, in some distress. He was suspicious that his wife was cheating with his best friend but he couldn’t bring himself to confront them. It seemed too terrible to be true. He’d been watchful, witness their whispered conversations in corners and he’d asked subtle questions but there was no peace of mind. Mike couldn’t eat or sleep well and his work was suffering.

His life seemed to be one long game of “what if?” He needed answers although he suspected that the results a professional private investigator would deliver were not ones he’d welcome. By the time we’d taken the details we could tell that his instincts were not likely to be wrong. He wasn’t paranoid, going mad, imagining things or being unfair.

As horrible as it was for our private investigators to deliver the findings of the cheating partner investigation which confirmed his hunches, we believe that we provided him with facts that enabled him to confront his wife and best friend with confidence, evidence and without them having any room to deny or talk themselves out of their guilt.

Mike and his wife split. His wife moved in with the best friend. The best friend cheated on her, so rumour has it. Not that we listen to tittle-tattle!

Mike has remarried, not all relationships contain cheating, thankfully. The last time we heard from Mike he was philosophical. He counted the betrayal of his wife and friend as a blessing in disguise. Painful, unwanted and stressful but after the storm passed, he saw that he deserved integrity and real love. X Three Surveillance Ltd.’s private investigators had helped him to find it.  

You’ve probably heard of Ashley Madison, they made the news a while ago.

Their approach to cheating is, well, interesting.

They carried out a survey of 21600 of their members and learned that:

  • 88% of members had cheated on their partner.
  • 22% described their spouse as being great in bed.
  • 81% described the abilities of their lover as “accomplished.”
  • 84% of women cheated with five or fewer partners.
  • 33% of men cheated with six plus people.

Is bromide or a cheating partner investigation more urgent here?


  • 89% of men surveyed had cheated when drunk. 49% of women were inebriated when they cheated.
  • Men appear to like the excitement of an affair with a new partner more frequently than women who like the same partner and consistency.
  • Cheating partners have rules about what “cheating” is. 96% of men and 98% of women believe that kissing someone else is cheating.
  • In terms of technology, 32% of men thought that ‘sexting’ was overstepping boundaries, whilst 67% of women viewed it as a violation.

So, now that you’ve lost that romantic gleam in your eyes or maybe consolidated your suspicions into a viable scenario, let’s repair your faith a little.

Case study 2:

John was convinced that his wife Sue was cheating and called us for a cheating partner investigation. She was vague about her activities, flitted out “to the shop” with her mobile phone suddenly and was hiding paperwork. He’d seen her shove a handful of receipts in to a drawer as he’d walked in to the kitchen. The clues certainly led him and at first glance, our private investigators, to think that there was an affair going on. Or at least something worth investigating.

After we did a little detective work we were astounded, because this doesn’t routinely occur, she wasn’t cheating on him. She was arranging a surprise party for his 40th birthday, contacting old friends, disappearing at odd times to meet or talk to people from overseas and around the corner. Planning the catering, decorations, entertainment, clothes, booking a decoy activity to keep him busy on the day pre-party…she was a whirling dervish of party madness!

Discretion, loyalty and professionalism are paramount with our private investigators but we did have to “spoil” the surprise, if only to save a marriage. (Breaking confidence is an extreme rarity.) Being a private investigator isn’t always easy. We weighed up our options and had to tell him that she was working hard to show how much she loved him.

Call us softies but we love a romantic, happy story.  Unfortunately, we aren’t living in fairytale land so we can’t always make wishes of fidelity come true.

However, our private investigators and a cheating partner investigation will help you to move forward.

Suspect that you have a cheating partner? Call our private investigators

Case study:

A told B that he’d be working late for the foreseeable future thanks to a large order that the company he worked for had received. B was pleased, they were saving for a family holiday for them, their sons and two weeks in the sun.

However, all was not as it seemed. She noted that A was becoming increasingly moody which she initially ascribed to the increased working hours. She grew suspicious when the wage slips and bank payments did not reflect the number of hours which A appeared to be glued to his desk.

B challenged A about this, A was hostile, accused B of spying on him and counting every penny. When she secretly looked at the bank statement for his personal account (he’d hidden it in the back of the wardrobe) to see if funds were being diverted to it instead of the joint account she saw a number of transactions at restaurants, a hotel and for gifts she hadn’t received.

Proverbial alarm bells began to ring. It seemed likely that A was cheating but B wanted proof. She knew that accusing A without evidence meant that he’d either block her, counter accuse her or call her paranoid to swing the attention away from his activities.

B contacted X Three Surveillance Ltd.

She hated the thought of calling in specialists but appreciated that she must learn the truth, no matter how unpalatable. She had a right to know if A was abusing her trust.

Our private investigators were sympathetic, listened to her tale and her many apologies for “probably overreacting.” We have carried out enough cheating partner investigations to know that when someone picks up the phone and calls in our expert assistance they are normally correct. Instincts are rarely wrong and A was displaying typical cheating partner characteristics. The secrecy, hiding statements, assertive to aggressive responses when challenged; the dots were joining up.

Our cheating partner investigations are meticulously planned to achieve swift and accurate results so that our clients don’t have to endure uncertainty for longer than is absolutely necessary.

We placed a vehicle tracking device on A’s car.

This told us where A was going when he was supposedly at work. He wasn’t carrying out work based tasks after 5.30pm on any evening. He was arriving at the same private address across town at 6-6.15pm on each week day. The vehicle remained static for an average of 2 hours before travelling back to the marital home.

The weekend days that he’d worked were spent at the private address and on days out in the country, meals and a hotel. (A left the hotel at midnight. The other party stayed overnight.)

We also carried out surveillance and took photographic evidence so we knew, and could prove, exactly where the private address was, who lived there and surmised what was taking place. We didn’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to draw the conclusion that A was cheating on B as she suspected.

Delivering the results of a cheating partner investigation is rarely a happy task for our private investigators but we must tell the truth, it allows fact to replace suspicion and provides a solid base to move forwards from.

B sensed what we were going to tell her. She looked at the information and photographs provided and we were astounded to learn that the person that A was having an affair with was his line manager.

A peculiar sort of overtime.

B challenged A, at first without showing him any of the evidence. He denied her claim that he was cheating, said that she was stalking his every move, was losing her mind. And then she produced the photographs and documents with times, dates and names in full.

Suddenly, he was apologetic, conciliatory and asked her not to end the marriage because of the children.

She pointed out that he had not paid too much heed to her or their children’s feelings as he’d repeatedly cheated with his boss.

He vowed to end the affair.

We later learned from B that A had ended the affair but the trust in their relationship was gone. They used the holiday that they’d been saving for originally as a make or break time to salvage the marriage. The cheating partner investigation led to separation and divorce which were obviously hard to bear but B found peace of mind and started again, glad that she hadn’t ignored her instincts and thankful that she’d trusted leading private investigators with her case and that we’d acted with discretion and tact.

It may interest you to learn that A was an acquaintance of one of our private investigators. We don’t break confidentiality, whatever the reason. Although our private investigator was aware that A was under investigation there was no chance that he’d abuse the trust of B. It doesn’t matter if we drink with them at the pub, know them from the school run or if they came to our wedding 5 years ago. X Three Surveillance Ltd.’s clients are guaranteed privacy.

As a footnote, when the marriage ended A tried to build an honest relationship with his boss. She’d viewed the affair as a bit of fun and soon tired of the more mundane everyday relationship with him. They split, he had to find a new job and a new home.

B is still recovering from the loss of her marriage and trying to not tar everyone man with the same brush. She knows that not all men (or women) cheat. She just has to find the prince instead of kissing another frog.

If any of this resonates with you please contact us by phone or the chat option on screen. Remember, we’re human too. We don’t judge and we never belittle a situation. If it bothers you, it bothers our private investigators.   

Need Help With A Cheating Partner? Call Today 0161 8211 333

Employee Investigations

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Have you got a workshy employee?

Case study:

A company Operations Manager contacted us. She believed that one of their field engineering staff was sneaking home early, starting late and purposefully being inaccurate on timesheets used by payroll and operations departments.

She had identified that there may be an issue when a client called at 4.20pm to say that the engineer had left their premises at 3pm advising them that a job was finished but they still had a problem. They wanted to know if the engineer could return to them and correct the fault which they felt was probably of their making as “teething troubles.”

The customer helpdesk called the engineer on his mobile at 4.25pm to be told that he was still on site, that the client was wrong and that he’d look at the problem right away.

The client was advised of this. He didn’t press the matter at that stage because he wondered if he had made a mistake believing the engineer had gone.

The work was carried out by the engineer and everyone, he believed, was happy. He was wrong.

On his timesheet, he claimed to have been on site from 8am until 6pm all week which meant he was entitled to overtime. The Operations Manager had, by this time, received another call from the client who was not pleased to be made a fool of. He had several colleagues who could vouch for the fact that the engineer left early and the resultant problem had been an installation issue – the engineer’s fault.

Questions were asked. The engineer was adamant that he was on site as per his timesheets and grew angry when challenged. This raised suspicions. Was this the first time the engineer had lied, falsified timesheets, left client premises early and in essence defrauded the company he worked for?

The Operations Manager knew that taking one word over another would lead to an endless game of he said this/she said that so she contacted X Three Surveillance Ltd.’s employee investigators.

As qualified and experienced employee investigation specialists, we were able to help the manager achieve her objective, to find out the truth.

We placed a cutting edge GPS tracking device on the engineer’s vehicle. ( This was a company vehicle and the employee had already agreed to be ‘mystery shopped’ ‘monitored’ in his original work contract) Its whereabouts were recorded with an accuracy of 5 metres, alerts were set up for specific areas, in this case the engineer’s home address; and the data was accessed by password awarded staff (only the Operation’s Manager) in the workplace and it was saved so that a case could be built for a disciplinary over weeks and months.

This tracking does not need to be constantly monitored. Thanks to technology, the normal tasks of the Operations Manager were not affected by this employee management tool.

We kept surveillance and took photographic and video evidence.

This provided our employee investigators with solid facts about the activities of the engineer and we gathered HD quality evidence that proved when he said he was at work in the several instances that the Operation’s Manager called to “touch base” that he was really at home, in the supermarket, the cinema and even the local swimming pool with his children on one occasion. Our findings were corroborated by the GPS tracking device records.

The engineer was also assigned a university student who was learning about the job. (Yes, an employee investigator working undercover.)

It’s ridiculous but the engineer was positively proud of his exploits and fooling the boss. He had no problem sharing his misdemeanours with the raw recruit who looked harmless to him. After two days, our employee investigator was still unknowledgeable about the engineering tasks but conversant in how to play the system in terms of timesheets, overtime, mileage and so on.

The firm also checked the engineer’s mobile phone signals to check locations. It was no surprise that the incident that triggered the employee investigation was found to be wholly accurate on the client’s side. Records showed that the mobile phone mast nearest to the engineer at the time he was allegedly still at the client’s premises was three miles away.

Working with the Operation’s Manager we obtained the evidence and details that she needed to instigate disciplinary proceedings.

We learned that at the hearing the engineer was defiant even in the face of the evidence, which he claimed was manufactured, fake, photoshopped and a breach of his privacy. (It was not. All privacy laws are adhered to strictly.)

Sadly, the engineer’s time with the company came to a swift and uncomfortable end. He’d proved himself a liability, a liar and a fraudster.

X Three Surveillance Ltd.’s employee investigators and the Operation’s Manager followed all legal and ethical requirements and the engineer had no recourse. Although he threatened to take the firm to a tribunal this didn’t happen. There was no case to answer.

That isn’t the worst case our employee investigation team has worked on. We have carried out undercover investigations that unmasked bullying and intimidating behaviour between colleagues and ended the suffering from several cases of sexual harassment which were subsequently answered with justice. Thanks to our dedication, accuracy, goal achievement and friendly, sometimes unassuming manners, we get results.

We melt into the environment and become one of the team quickly so that we are not compromised. We report to management discreetly and the person under investigation has not put the proverbial two and two together and realised we were undercover investigators as they faced the consequences of their actions.

Please note: X Three Surveillance Ltd. never hires subcontractors to carry out an investigation because they could deliver less than our extremely high standards specify. Subcontractors are not guaranteed to have the optimum levels of training or technology and their passion for the work may be diminished because they are certain of a payment from the company they’re working for. We don’t take risks with your money, your good opinion and faith in us.

If you have a troublesome workplace situation please allow our employee investigation team to establish the facts. That’s why we call ourselves “purveyors of fact.”

Fraudulent Sick Leave

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Fraudulent Sick Leave Investigations

What can you do as an employer when you believe that an employee is taking fraudulent sick leave?

  • The good news is that you aren’t powerless against fraudulent sick leave.
  • The great news is that you can challenge someone’s fraudulent sick leave.
  • The best news is that X Three Surveillance Ltd. can take your case and resolve it efficiently.

The step of hiring a private investigator to carry out a surveillance operation to prove or disprove your theory that an employee is enjoying fraudulent sick leave at your convenience may seem intimidating but fraudulent sick leave costs your business in several ways.

  • The team morale suffers.
  • Productivity dips.
  • The atmosphere grows tense.
  • Gossip can run rife.
  • Accusations are made.
  • Profit is affected.


  • The employee receives sick pay.
  • They also enjoy time off.
  • The channels to challenge an official sick note aren’t helpful.
  • Their plan to exploit your firm works…for a while.

X Three Surveillance can provide cost effective services and visual evidence with reports for disciplinary and dismissal procedures.

Please ensure that any surveillance and investigational work is carried out by a top rated, industry accredited, professional and experienced fraudulent sick leave case operative. Using a “cheap and cheerful” service may seem tempting but if the evidence they source is not suitable for disciplinary action or they are reckless in their work the power may return to the employee who could sue for unfair dismissal if the right sort of evidence isn’t presented.

Always place your trust in absolute professionals like X Three’s private investigators or it can have serious ramifications.

To initiate a fraudulent sick leave investigation the employer should:

  • Take legal advice for their protection.
  • Have a fair reason for taking action. A suspicion or use of a rumour is rarely sufficient in law.
  • Remember that an investigation will be proportional to the issue. This means that it will be tailored towards the work based goal and not purposefully encroach on an individual’s privacy.
  • Have confidence that surveillance is an excellent and effective tool when other means cannot be used or they have been exhausted. For fraudulent sick leave cases we recommend that prior to professional investigations it’s helpful for a firm to follow the Human Resources process and to pay a visit to the possible fraudulent sick leave claimant.
  • Allow that surveillance will be in public places. This will not affect an employee’s right to privacy under the Human Rights Act 1998. Expert surveillance operatives abide by the rules.
  • Evidence gathered should be reviewed by a medical professional or expert source. X Three’s team can provide visual images in still and moving format but this evidence will need assessment and comment from them. A private investigator cannot make the case for or against the potential fraudulent sick leave claimant under their own initiative.

For discreet, timely, professional and accurate fraudulent sick leave investigations you can trust X Three Surveillance, the area’s number one.

Work Place Theft…..! Undercover Employee

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Workplace theft in Manchester

Workplace theft in Manchester, or anywhere, can be a contentious issue.
No one likes to be accused, effrontery is a common effect and staff interviews can become like the proverbial “Spanish inquisition.” Morale takes a steep dive and accusations fly, people may appear circumstantially guilty but aren’t, suddenly the innocent claim that “I can’t wait until pay day” takes on sinister undertones.

Workplace theft in Manchester examples:

• Maybe a till is repeatedly light.
• Perhaps personal property disappears.
• The petty cash tin is emptied.
• A purse goes missing.
• Stock is unaccountably dwindling.
• Office resources are “walking.”
• Intangible theft. This is of intellectual property e.g. an idea not an object.

Workplace theft in Manchester is not a situation that can be allowed to fester or build in resentment or gravity. The answer lies with X Three Surveillance Ltd. We are the number one rated firm in the Greater Manchester area with an outstanding reputation for case planning and execution. We also understand that discretion, competence and experience are vital tools in sensitive theft investigations. We’re local experts and we want to help clients.

The sooner that an answer can be given to the question on everyone’s lips, namely “who stole it?” the better the work environment and productivity can be.
A workforce that is under investigation for theft is hardly going to be thrilled to be at work and enthusiastically throwing themselves in to their tasks. The atmosphere shouldn’t be allowed to become toxic.

X Three can investigate workplace theft in Manchester through various routes which we would discuss and evaluate with the client. It is perfectly law abiding to secretly investigate workplace theft in Manchester using private detectives. We adhere to legislation.
Investigations, undercover investigations, surveillance and lie detector tests are some of the eminently suitable and technology assisted avenues to finding out who is responsible for your incident(s) of workplace theft in Manchester.

Our task is primarily to find out the who and why about the workplace theft in Manchester.
We can double check records, spreadsheets and documentation to see if there is a common trend which suggests a particular worker.
We’ll work with you to establish if workplace theft in Manchester is actually a training issue not a crime. Perhaps an accounting error is being made repeatedly and this is distorting figures.
We can watch activities and analyse the entry/exit and restrictions around an area. For example, is it possible that customers could be able to get in to the staff only area to steal?
We can spot weaknesses and offer advice on preventative measures for the future.

On completion the police can be contacted and legal proceedings entered in to if necessary.
Whilst you can contact the police at the outset of a workplace theft in Manchester scenario it is equally feasible to obtain facts via private detectives.
X Three’s private detectives work swiftly but comprehensively to identify workplace theft in Manchester culprits.
Place your trust in our expert private detectives and restore peace of mind.

Save money with a private investigator in Manchester.

A private investigator in Manchester works for individuals, commercial clients, legal and insurance sector contacts.

Maybe you are taking a look at the X Three Surveillance Ltd’s website and our private investigator in Manchester information but in all honesty you watched a crime drama on TV last night and it made you intrigued about what we do. We understand, it’s your lunch break and our work is interesting.

The flipside of dramas are that they don’t show the wide range of activities which a private investigator in Manchester becomes engaged in so people think that we spend our time rolling on car bonnets, shooting baddies and driving like maniacs in pursuit of people the police couldn’t catch! Actually, our workload is a lot less sensational but extremely satisfying.

Hiring a private investigator in Manchester can save a business, legal partner, private client or an insurance company a large sum of money.

Let’s start with the insurance company.
X Three’s Surveillance Ltd’s private investigator in Manchester team works on:

• Fraudulent insurance claims.
• Fraudulent compensation claims.
• Fraudulent personal injury claims.

The private investigator in Manchester’s role is to ascertain if a claim has foundation, is being embellished or is eligible for the payout the client aspires to and provide proof.
Halting claims with critical visual evidence can end the campaign of fraudsters which saves the insurance companies a fortune.

In a domestic or private client investigation a private investigator in Manchester will work on:
• Co-habitation cases in which funds are being fraudulently issued.
• Vehicle tracking.
• Cheating partners investigations in Manchester (this keeps us very busy.)
• Missing person.
• Tracing relatives.
• Lie detector tests.
• Theft.
• Tenant issues.
• Abuse/unsociable behaviour.

This can save a lot of time for clients as well as money. Our private investigator in Manchester team has resources which are not in the public domain but help find people.
We have experience and qualifications in vehicle tracking and theft investigations. Cheating partners investigations dominate this sector and our caseload is packed with love triangles and tribulations.

In business we coordinate services for the following:

• Vehicle tracking of fleets/individual vehicles.
• Employee background investigations.
• Industrial espionage.
• Workplace theft.
• Substance abuse.
• Discrimination.
• Intimidation.
• Harassment.
• Lack of adherence to legislation.
• Fraud.

X Three Surveillance Ltd. allies cutting edge technology with the very best private investigator in Manchester team to positively affect client’s lives and work.
We are proficient at working undercover, are elite surveillance operatives and our detective work is solid and renowned. So, why try to get to the bottom of a troubling or irksome matter yourself when hiring a private investigator in Manchester through us will save you from further loss of money, stock, time, resources, staff and confidence?

Protect your home, business, legal or insurance concerns with our private investigator in Manchester services. We’re here to help, today and in to the future.

Vehicle Tracking

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Your vehicle tracking specialist

Don’t you wish that you could find out exactly where someone is without leaving the office or home? To be able to check if they are where they say they are and allay suspicions?

The excellent news is that technology in the hands of our vehicle tracking specialists

is waiting for you. Your wish is granted.

X Three Surveillance Ltd. is a renowned and reputable vehicle tracking specialist. We use cutting edge technology to track a vehicle and deliver data to a computer or smartphone screen which is password protected so our client can access the data.

Our vehicle tracking specialists are called to offer these services for two primary forms of client:

In the workplace. Management can monitor fleet vehicles and field staff remotely and simply. (Employee A says they are in a meeting in Barnsley. The tracking device places them in Manchester, at home.)

Cheating partner investigations. (They say they’re at the gym so why are they two miles away from the gym?)

Investigations are discreet and the subject of the tracking won’t be aware that they are being tracked unless the client tells them. All clients can be assured that our vehicle tracking specialist team is skilled, trained, qualified and experienced at positioning the vehicle tracking specialist technology without being detected. We never break confidence and we can advise you on the ethics of vehicle tracking specialist investigations.

The vehicle tracking specialist software records and saves data so that you can deliberate on your next step, whether that’s to continue to build a case or to confront the person.

The information provided by the vehicle tracking specialist technology is comprehensive so a client can analyse not just the route and position of a vehicle but how long it has been static.

It also records and sends text alerts for specific areas when they’re entered or exited.

For example: Pete tells his partner that he popped in to see a colleague, Sally, after work (again) which he says took ten minutes but then he got stuck in traffic, was shopping, met someone he knew plus any other excuses. The vehicle tracking specialist software has recorded that Pete spent an hour parked on The Street – known to be Sally’s address and then went home. No delays were experienced.


An employee is making deliveries in the Bury area after leaving the Altrincham depot. At 3.30pm the vehicle tracking specialist device records that the vehicle is in a WA14 postcode area, i.e. in Altrincham. A text alert is sent to the logistics manager who has had the text alert vehicle tracking specialist service set up for any vehicles returning to the WA14 postcode area ahead of the shift end time of 5pm.

The vehicle returns to the depot at 5pm but in the preceding hour plus the vehicle has been parked on an A road three streets away from the depot. What has the employee been doing?

You can trust X Three Surveillance Ltd’s vehicle tracking specialist services.

Vehicle tracking – The legal aspect.

Vehicle tracking can considerably aid the locating of staff who are employed in the field, say as sales or delivery workers, and to check that fleet or individual vehicles are where the drivers say they are.

The software which X Three Surveillance Ltd’s expert vehicle tracking team work with saves data and is password protected for the client. For however long it’s needed, there is proof to hand which can be used in disciplinary proceedings if a staff member and vehicle tracking device differ in their reports of whereabouts.

Vehicle tracking devices can be deployed by novices outside of legislation so for this reason we have to stress the necessity of using expert vehicle tracking services. We know the rules and work within them.

Data Protection Act

You may not know that vehicle tracking is governed by the Data Protection Act 1998. Any employee working in the field has as much right to privacy as an office based team member.

The Data Protection Act 1998 is a difficult piece of legislation to comprehend but essentially if someone independently places a tracking device on a vehicle and stores personal data they are breaking the law.

Health and Safety

Under the Health and Safety Executive’s Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 which was added to in 2008, a vehicle tracking device is recommended as an effective measure for employers to safeguard their employees’ health, safety and wellbeing.

As a third of all road traffic accidents happen to people employed in this work area the HSE has stressed its opinion that the management of risks and the measures to reduce them must lie with the employer.

The additional section added to the Act in 2008 stated that companies can be held responsible for a lack of vehicle maintenance and also for the driver behaviour.

The Information Commissioners Code of Practice for Employees

This piece of legislation is used throughout Europe and sets the guidelines for what may be carried out during vehicle tracking. A monitoring system must be as unobtrusive as possible and tracking cannot be done out of work times for employees.

Our vehicle tracking experts are ICO registered.

Usable data

Our professional vehicle tracking service will accurately give:

  • A live data feed to smartphone or computer.
  • Vehicle location with 5 metres accuracy.
  • How long the vehicle has been static.
  • Text alerts when a vehicle enters or leaves a specific location.
  • How many times particular locations are visited.

The vehicle tracking software is secure and easy for clients to use. Plus, a huge benefit of X Three Surveillance Ltd’s system is that a screen does not need to be viewed at all times, the software saves the vehicle history for review.

Vehicle tracking is effective management and it’s not something that an employee should feel threatened by but as many employees perceive tracking devices as negative it’s important to reassure them that you’re not spying.

X Three would be delighted to help you.

Life As A Private Detective in Manchester

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Manchesters Local Private Detective

X Three Surveillance Ltd

Life As A Private Detective


9 to 5?

The life of a private detective Manchester is rarely routine, seldom 9-5 and often home life is compromised by the lack of regularity.

Combining family life and private detective Manchester work is challenging and it takes patience, tolerance and agreement from the outset that life will be a proverbial rollercoaster.

A partner and family have to very understanding because the ability which many people enjoy in their occupations to say “I’ll be home by six” or “I’ll be at your school play at two,” just isn’t there.

A private detective Manchester may be working at 4a.m. or 4p.m. or be out for days only popping home for a shower and change of clothes if they’re close to home.


Of course, a private detective Manchester expert through X Three Surveillance Ltd. won’t be confined within the Greater Manchester area. Sometimes travel is required and hotel stays are common. Strange bed, strange room, unfamiliar geography and a new challenge must be accepted quickly so that case execution isn’t compromised. One week could see a private detective Manchester on home turf and then London for ten days and Scarborough for another three days before having two complete days rest at home. Yes, we do try to make time for days off in our busy lives but when duty calls we’re committed so we answer.


We are wholly professional, trained, qualified and proficient private detective Manchester operatives and part of this life is to accept that not everyone that we deal with will be friendly. Sometimes we face threats, physical assault, abuse and unsociable behaviour.

There is an element of danger in our work but a private detective can capably defend themselves. We know that most people are not inclined to harm us. A private detective Manchester isn’t responsible for the situation, the culprit is.

Bad news

This is a necessary but unpleasant part of a private detective Manchester’s life. If someone has committed an offence as much as we hate to break bad news to a client we have no choice. A private detective Manchester frequently has to shatter illusions about a person that a client loves or an employee of twenty years who has been defrauding their company. We consider that we’re providing a vital step on the path to peace of mind although it may not feel great at the time.



A private detective Manchester carrying out undercover surveillance work occasionally has a problem with a neighbour or business person who sees a strange vehicle parked for a long time close to their property. They become suspicious and want to know why we (whoever we are) are there. Their diligence is commendable but we can’t really tell them we’re a private detective Manchester carrying out a surveillance operation but we handle this. As unobtrusive and unremarkable as we aim to be a private detective Manchester isn’t invisible.

These factors may make you wonder why being a private detective Manchester would be desirable. Simple, we love what we do.

Finding People

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Finding People in Manchester

X Three Surveillance Ltd

Experts in Finding People

5 Ways private detectives trace people

Firstly, we don’t have magic powers, crystal balls or x ray vision. Here’s how private detectives trace people on a daily basis in the real world.

Specialist databases

These are databases for use by professionals around the globe. Private detectives trace people via these because they contain more data than is available in public records. Often the information in the public domain is not sufficient which is why people turn to private detectives trace people services.

Around the country and globally private detectives trace people with their industry contemporaries help. X Three Surveillance Ltd. may be in Manchester but we can call upon experts on every continent to achieve our clients goals.

Vehicle information

Private detectives trace people via their vehicle.

A vehicle is registered to a specific person and there are records of this. There may also be administrative clues as to the location of a lost person. For example, three weeks after Fred left his wife with no warning he wrote to the DVLA to update his address records. He was living with his mistress.

Criminal/court records

Not everyone has a record for these but if a loan defaulter has a history of being less than forthcoming with funds then they may have been logged in court records. This may not tell us exactly where someone is now but it sets up leads. Of course, if a missing person commits a crime while missing then we can access this information and their new address. Professional and accredited private detectives trace people using information that Joe Public can’t access.


One of the best resources is people power and memory when private detectives trace people.

Neighbours, colleagues, family, friends, the shopkeeper down the road and the school teacher who has known someone since they were ten years old could all deliver pieces of a jigsaw which can lead to a result for our private detectives trace people service providers.

Perhaps Fiona’s parents’ state that her favourite holidays were in Clacton; as humans gravitate to the familiar it is not beyond belief that Fiona would be in Clacton. We have a lead. A friend may be able to tell us about an interest that held Fiona. Private detectives trace people by using every angle so almost any piece of information can prove vitally important.

Social networks

Often people continue to feed information to their social media platforms. So, if Fred owed a considerable sum to a lender and fled the area he thinks he’s hidden but our private detectives trace people via this media frequently because e.g. an innocent photo of Fred by the beach gives us a small clue. Or Fred typed, “Love this place. Came here for my 21st.” It may seem harmless but simply by asking a parent, partner or friend where Fred went for his 21st birthday we have a destination to search.

Our private detectives trace people effectively, we don’t waste opportunities. Trust in us.


Intelligence Gathering

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Intelligence Gathering in Manchester

X Three Surveillance Ltd

Intelligence gathering by private investigators


X Three Surveillance Ltd. is the number one service provider in the Greater Manchester area. We’re pleased to say that since our establishment our private investigators have stuck to our professional and ethical responsibilities and listened to our clients. Our private investigators have achieved the optimum levels of service and issue resolution for clients in their private, commercial and legal lives.

We couldn’t have done this well if we hadn’t got an effective strategy in place for information gathering and case execution.

At the centre of all investigations is the case objective. Private investigators must work towards this or they simply aren’t serving their client.

So, the client and case objective rank as the most important factors in private investigators’ minds. Alongside them is discretion. Clients enjoy total confidence with X Three Surveillance Ltd. that our private investigators don’t gossip or behave indiscreetly. We guard secrets as determinedly as we guard our outstanding reputation.

Data gathering is inherent. Without data we’d be wandering up the proverbial blind alley. That’s a waste of your time, money, goodwill and trust. It doesn’t work well for private investigators either.

There are several avenues that private investigators can pursue, some of them are not in the public domain and can only be accessed by licensed and qualified professionally accredited private investigators.

Official channels.

  • Government/local authority records.
  • HMRC.
  • DVLA.
  • Passport office.
  • Bank information.
  • Credit card data.
  • Utility bills.
  • Court records.
  • Criminal records.
  • Medical records.
  • Dental records.

 Online resources:

  • Private investigators specialist databases for local and global use.
  • Social media platforms.
  • Blogs.
  • The internet.

We take information via these routes as snapshots to build upon.

The bulk of information gathered is normally gleaned from local sources who know the person or situation that our private investigators are working to resolve.

Local resources:

  • Private investigators interview partner/family/friends.
  • Talk to colleagues/employer/previous employer.
  • If a computer has been left behind then its history can be interrogated. For example mobile phone and laptop have gone but work PC can still be searched.
  • Surveillance operations utilising mobile and fixed private investigators.
  • Undercover work to ascertain facts.
  • Search the wheelie bin, this is also known as “Garbology” in the US! People’s rubbish can sometimes offer clues to dedicated private investigators.

With the above our private investigators have to factor in ulterior motives, disclosures which may be embellished and unsubstantiated rumour. Not all data is viable as a lead and as experienced experts we know how to evaluate and rate evidence. We don’t choose to work on weak hearsay.

Astute private investigators don’t leave anything to chance and although some routes may not deliver useful results you can be sure that X Three Surveillance Ltd’s team refuse to compromise on service so we exhaust every possibility, analyse findings and use discernment and experience. Our private investigators offer top service, value for money and arguably most importantly, peace of mind.




Private Investigators

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Private Investigator

Famous Private Investigators

X Three Surveillance Ltd

Famous private investigators.

Private investigator to the stars #1.

Rick Crouch is a South African politician but he also has some interesting talents which quite possibly help his political career.

Impressively, he is a qualified pilot and a noted private investigator.

He was born on 6th September 1960 and his life has been filled with private investigator achievements.

In 1980 at the age nineteen he joined one of the opposition parties in South Africa, the Democratic Party. His stance against the apartheid in his country and his vocal opposition in what became known as the White Resistance movement led to his exile to the USA for his and his family’s safety.

Whilst there he qualified as a pilot and set up a private investigator and forensics firm. The list of notable clients that his firm worked for through their lawyers is said to have included Michael Jackson and Winona Ryder.

His nickname “PI to the stars” was derived from his elite private investigator client list. He also worked with law enforcement officers and the FBI and bounty hunting became a core part of the firm’s workload.

He returned to South Africa in 2005 and resumed his political career. He was named Councillor of the Year in 2012.

He didn’t forget his private investigator history, he has a South African based private investigation and forensics company of which he is the managing director and he has published a book on how to be a bounty hunter, a training manual for beginners.

Private investigator to the stars #2

Anthony Pellicano was another high profile private investigator to the stars. He was born in 1944 in Chicago and his private investigation career enjoyed the greatest success in Los Angeles. Celebrity clients trusted his handling of issues and the tabloid press.

Then, unfortunately for Pellicano he presumably forgot that he was a good guy, a private investigator.

His fall from grace was well documented and spectacular; Anthony Pellicano was a private investigator with a cache of crimes.

In 2002 the FBI raided his offices to find proof that a threat made against a particular film star had some form of association with him.

They found two grenades which had been modified to work as home made bombs. He pleaded guilty and was given a thirty month sentence. The day before his release he was told he faced new charges.

The disgraced private investigator was charged with 110 counts across a broad range of crimes from racketeering to identity theft to holding confidential information about high profile clients through telephone tapping.

The trial was delayed several times as more evidence and research was carried out.

Anthony Pellicano eventually went to trial.

He was sentenced to fifteen years in federal prison, appealed partially successfully but it’s believed that his release will be in 2019 when he is in his mid seventies.

Private investigators don’t turn to the wrong side of the law habitually, thankfully. People can trust the professional and honest private investigators at X Three Surveillance Ltd.

The first private investigation firms

X Three Surveillance Ltd. is Manchester’s finest and part of a rich history of private investigation firms.

Where did private investigation firms start?

Private investigation firms are commonly believed to have originated in France when Eugene Francois Vidocq formed The Office of Universal Information for Commerce and Industry. (Le Bureau des Renseignements Universels pour le commerce et l’Industrie) in 1833. This is the first known private investigation firm.

Vidocq was not only a soldier but a privateer and he hired ex convicts as investigators.

The official authorities sought to close his operation down and discredit him. However, Eugene Francois Vidocq is credited with the invention of criminology, investigational record keeping and he was the first to make plaster casts of shoe prints and to use ballistics in investigations.

He is said to have never reported a thief who had a genuine and dire need for the items they’d stolen.

The role of private investigation firms in the early years seems to have been to act as the police did but to the client’s satisfaction. If the client felt that the authorities had not investigated someone or something adequately a private investigation firm would do the work that the client believed was essential but the police did not or that they had no resources to deploy to.

These private investigation firms offered armed guard services and worked with clients towards labour dispute resolutions.

One of the first and most notable private investigation firms in the UK was set up by Charles Frederick Field, a friend of Charles Dickens.

When he retired from the Metropolitan Police in 1852 where he’d been chief of the Detective Branch for four years he opened his private investigation firm. He’d joined the police force upon its creation in 1829 when he was 24 years old.

Dickens often went out with the police and later Field’s private investigators because he was fascinated by their work and they provided him with information for articles in his publications.

Dickens wrote several articles about Field and his private investigation firm, its work and celebrated its cases. This helped to raise its profile and that of private investigation firm’s skills and benefits.

Field is reputedly the base for Dicken’s Bleak House’s Inspector Bucket.

Charles Field had wished to be an actor in his youth and during his private investigation firm’s cases he was often to be found wearing disguises and acting a part, even when it wasn’t necessary for him to be undercover.

He passed away in 1874.

The first female private investigator hailed from the U.S.A.

Kate Warne worked for Allan Pinkerton’s agency after successfully arguing that women could be effective detectives which in the 1850’s was thought rather unlikely by men!

She worked on many of the private investigation firm’s cases, encouraged other women in to the field and set the standard.

During the American Civil War she was a covert war intelligence gatherer.

She caught pneumonia in January 1868 and died aged 38 years old.

Cheating Partner in Manchester

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Catch a Cheating Partner in Manchester

Cheating partner in Manchester, think again!

X Three Surveillance Ltd

Technology is great. People can use it for two types of activity, the good and the bad.

Good, in that you can buy shopping at 3a.m. in your pyjamas from under your duvet, bad in that cheating partners in Manchester have the world at their fingertips.

Cheating partners in Manchester account for a large proportion of X Three Surveillance Ltd’s workload. They can carry on several relationships at once and who will ever find out?

Maybe you shouldn’t be so confident.

Cheating partner in Manchester, we’re on to you…

Cheating partner in Manchester #1

Cheating partner in Manchester number 1 thought they’d been clever. They had deleted texts and e-mails and thought that was adequate but they’d forgotten something extremely important. Computers have memories and so do apps. Many people remember that a computer has cookies and empty their cache but apps aren’t always treated with the same diligence. Clearing one does not empty the other so an app can be a cheating partner’s unwitting enemy.

Cheating partner in Manchester #2

They had covered their tracks but not well enough so the experts at X Three Surveillance Ltd. had very little trouble finding the weak spot and the cheating partner in Manchester was soon discovered.

Search engines normally have auto complete functions so when you type in a name it will try to complete the search name to save you typing. It uses frequently searched terms including e-mail and social media pages.

If the non cheating partner suspects the name or names of people who may be enjoying time with their other half we can type these details in. The computer will guess and auto complete based on previous searches so if the cheating partner in Manchester has visited Doris or Bert’s social media page twenty times in a few days but seldom mentioned them this acts as a clue. If they behave peculiarly when Doris/Bert is mentioned then we also use this to investigate a cheating partner in Manchester.

Cheating partner in Manchester #3

He was a clever cheating partner in Manchester but no match for us! There was no browser history or app history, no e-mail trails, no texts, no searches made on the home PC (they only used their mobile and work PC for contact with their co-cheater) and they believed that their password proof PC and phone couldn’t betray them.

Did you know that there is software available which captures passwords and records everything? For example, screenshots can be taken at preset intervals so if you are having an e-mail chat with someone you shouldn’t be and the software takes a screenshot, you’re caught. In the software’s invisible mode a cheating partner in Manchester won’t know that they are being monitored.

Our example didn’t know this technology existed either. They do now.

X Three Surveillance Ltd. delivers excellence, technology and ingenuity. Be warned cheating partners in Manchester, we have seen enough “improbable” situations that we don’t treat many scenarios as impossible.

10 awful cheating partner excuses.

X Three Surveillance Ltd’s expert private investigator in Manchester team love wit, ingenuity and intelligence as much as anyone else but these reactions from cheating partners really take the biscuit!

They’re not unique to Greater Manchester, these lines are universal, but our private investigator in Manchester team wanted to share them:

  1. “I’m working as a private investigator in Manchester.” Ingeniously, ahem, a cheating partner tried to defend herself by claiming that the reason she was working late and disappearing at odd hours was because she’d taken a ;job as a private investigator in Manchester. We’re honoured; most people tell their other half that they’re a spy!
  2. “She caught me out cheating but if she hadn’t hired a private investigator in Manchester then she wouldn’t be crying now, would she? It’s your (the private investigator’s) fault.” Umm.
  3. Our private investigator in Manchester team often hear this “Our relationship/marriage was dead long before now.” That’s not actually a wonderful reason for cheating and it’s been flogged to death!
  4. “I never wanted to marry you.” This was said by a wife to her husband of a few months. She’d apparently cheated on her husband on the night before her wedding and for months after. Our private investigator in Manchester team doesn’t enjoy telling people that their fairytale is a tissue of lies.
  5. “I’m bored.” Well, chances are that having been discovered as a cheating partner in Manchester by local experts that life will become far from uninteresting.
  6. “It wasn’t love. It was sex.” If our private investigator in Manchester team had £1 for every time that this line has been said then we’d be retired by now!
  7. “It was the website/chat room’s fault.” According to some erring people their lack of loyalty and integrity is because the technology available to them is irresistible and so they are victims of progress.
  8. This response to a partner challenging them about an affair is predictable and implausible in equal measure: “You weren’t meant to find out.” Well, that’s alright then!
  9. This one is not one that our private investigator in Manchester team members have heard personally – yet – but we know it has been said: “I cheated to remind myself how much I love you.” We don’t think that was a crumb of comfort to the cheated on partner.
  10. Finally, the old private investigator in Manchester classic. It’s so tired it should have whiskers and a pension. It’s so much used that it should be outlawed or made in to a catchphrase. Bizarrely, despite its heavy use cheaters still believe this is a credible “reason” for cheating, as if these three words placed together in one excruciating sentence explain every misdemeanour in the world: “I was drunk.”

X Three Surveillance Ltd’s private investigator in Manchester team discreetly discover cheating partners and we know that our services are necessary, though not always the stuff of fairytales.

Call our private investigator in Manchester team to recover peace of mind.


Our private detectives in Manchester team realises that revenge isn’t a great way to move on from a cheating partner even if it does offer a sweet moment of satisfaction.

We often hear tales from cheated on partners and our private detectives in Manchester have listed their top 5 scary/funny revenges but please remember that our private detectives in Manchester team are not advocating any of them.

This blog is for entertainment purposes only.

  1. Our private detectives in Manchester cringe at this one: Date one of your ex’s closest friends. There’s a double ouch factor here.

Our private detectives in Manchester know many see this as friendship betrayal and if you do date their friend then it’s going to cause massive jealousy and friction. Weigh up how much you want to exact revenge against how much you want to ruin their friendship. Is the hassle worth it?

  1. Post it note revenge. Our private detectives in Manchester team members have learned of this happening on more than a few occasions. This revenge is best kept fun, you don’t want to earn the ex the sack or a lifetime of mortification. No, you don’t.

A post it note with something witty on it can be attached to an ex easily in a group. They can tell the world their feet smell, that they’re a cheater, that they are vain, that they can’t hold their drink or that they’re wearing a wig.

It should be a little something to remember you by not something they can sue you for.

NOTE: This has also been done with a bumper sticker but this constitutes vandalism. Our private detectives in Manchester urge you NOT to use this approach unless you want a criminal record.

  1. Our private detectives in Manchester team have worked on “clearing up the mess” after this activity a few times! Set up a lonely hearts ad or website dating profile so that the ex is kept busy on their e-mail or their mobile phone fielding responses from hopeful love interests. You’re helping him or her to reach their potential; as they cheated on you they obviously think that they’re the world’s greatest!
  2. Turn up on a date he or she is having. You can extol your cheating ex’s “virtues,” go in to depth about their bad habits and well, generally be a nuisance for a couple of minutes. Don’t make a habit of this or you may be arrested for stalking or harassment!
  3. If your ex is on a restaurant date simply phone the restaurant, describe the ex and ask the waiter or waitress to go to their table with a message like…”Your wife would like to know what time you’ll be home.” “Your husband has forgotten which setting the dishwasher needs to be on. Could you call him?” That should kill a date stone dead!

Our private detectives in Manchester have heard many other devious and comical revenge tales but as professional private detectives in Manchester we strongly suggest that you NEVER break the law or go too far because you may find yourself part of our private detectives in Manchester caseload.

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