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Is Your New Partner Living a Double Life?

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Cheating Partner Investigations

Manchesters No1 Cheating Spouse investigator

Is Your New Partner Living a Double Life?

Cheating Partner Investigations

Online dating is a mixed blessing. Lonely people now have a rich selection of potential partners to choose from, whilst married people wishing to cheat, and fraudulent scammers, have a ready-made market of vulnerable people to target. It’s a game of Russian Roulette that costs the British public millions of pounds a year to dubious romance scams.

Common sense is not a priority when we think we’re in love. Lust and infatuation can drop our natural defenses for easier exploitation, so conducting a thorough background check of your new partner with X Three’s private eye surveillance is a worthwhile endeavour.

How X Three Surveillance Can Help You

There are 5 key warning signs to look out for in a real-life partner scam:

  1. Social media: inconsistencies in social media, no digital footprint or a reluctance to show you’re together indicate they may be dating you under a false persona.
  2. Time together: weekends and holidays are a normal part of relationships, so if your partner avoids spending extended periods of time with you, they may be married.
  3. Financial dependence: if you’re paying for everything, investing in their new business ventures, giving them money for personal sagas or sponsoring a lifestyle above their means it’s a sign they may be using you for financial gain.
  4. Feeling rushed: a whirlwind romance with a quick engagement could mean your partner is looking to gain fast access to your finances.
  5. Transfer of assets: if your partner is asking you to transfer large assets into their name, such as your home, it’s a red flag for a scam.

Case Study

Michelle was ecstatic to meet James online on Plenty of Fish. They shared similar interests, hit it off quickly and took their relationship into real life after just a few messages.

It wasn’t long before Michelle fell in love with her new Mr. Right, choosing to ignore their substantial wealth difference in favour of lust and infatuation. She paid for elaborate dinners, took James on luxury holidays and invested heavily into his online drop-shipping business ventures. Six months later they were engaged.

As Michelle and James discussed their prenuptial agreements, planning how they would divide her assets, a niggle played in her mind. Despite their great relationship James was reluctant to introduce her to his friends, had little presence on social media and had rushed her into a quick marriage. Sometimes, he disappeared for a week or two without reason.

Michelle contacted X Three Surveillance to conduct a thorough background check on James, just to be sure. We placed surveillance on James and used our expert tracing skills to uncover details of his past.

X Three Surveillance discovered James was cheating on her by using a false name and a stolen identity. He had numerous online dating personas, and kept multiple relationships with wealthy women who were sponsoring his fraudulent luxury lifestyle. He held various criminal records and had no intention of staying with Michelle once her money dried up.

Contacting us spared Michelle from inevitable heartbreak and saved her from an expensive life lesson. Even the most vigilant of online daters are potential victims of scams and fraud, so having peace of mind in knowing your partner is real, genuine and who they say they are is essential for long, happy relationships.

Is Your Tenant Illegally Sub-letting at Your Expense?

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Tennants Subletting in Manchester

X Three Surveillance

Manchesters No1 Private Investigator


Is Your Tenant Illegally Sub-letting at Your Expense?

Sub-letting occurs when a tenant accepts payment for the use of your property from someone who is not part of your original tenancy agreement. The new tenant is effectively your tenant’s lodger, and therefore has no contract or legal relationship with you, the landlord.

Tenants sub-let for several reasons, ranging from struggling to cover bills and rent to actively using your property for sites like Airbnb. Some property owners allow sub-letting, but for most landlords it’s a minefield of potentially devastating consequences and long-term monetary loss that’s best avoided from the outset.

Subletting in Manchester

One of the biggest challenges with tenants who sub-let is landlords are often not aware of the new tenants, creating a myriad of unexpected issues.

  • Lack of Reference Checks: Without vetting your sub-letters, there’s no way of knowing who is living in your property. You may be unwittingly housing a known criminal, enabling the illegal drug trade or putting your property at risk of theft and vandalism.
  • Evaded Legal Responsibilities: If the original tenant sub-lets the entire property, the sub-letting tenant has no legal responsibility for damages caused if they are not part of your original tenancy agreement. This leaves you exposed if the tenant with whom you have a contracted legal relationship is away from the property for extended periods of time.
  • Void Insurance Policies: Buildings insurers are often reluctant to insure properties where sub-letting is permitted, which can result in a no-claim should the property become damaged.
  • Breach of Mortgage Lender’s Terms and Conditions: Mortgage lenders have strict terms against sub-letting, which can result in lenders withdrawing their loan agreement if sub-letting is discovered.
  • Hefty Fines for Licensing Offences: Failing to observe tenancy, short-term letting and HMO licensing laws can lead to unexpected fines of up to £30000.
  • Becoming a Victim of Fraud: If a tenant is pretending to be the landlord by drawing up new contracts with their illegal sub-letters, and is making a financial gain from your assets, they are committing fraud.
  • Property Damage: Overcrowding adds excess wear and tear to your property, with the resulting cost of damages often outweighing your tenant’s security deposit. This can lead to further unnecessary expenses for debt collection should your tenants refuse to pay for damages.
  • Health & Safety Risks: HMO regulations prevent overcrowding, unsanitary living conditions and other health and safety risks. Fire in an overcrowded property can cause sever life-changing injuries, or in some cases loss of life, with responsibility falling on the property owner’s shoulders should health and safety guidelines be insufficiently met.


Investigating Your Tenants with X Three Surveillance

Using a professional private investigation service to uncover illegal sub-letting is an investment, securing you and your property against a landslide of potential problems. At X Three Surveillance we use a combination of discreet tracking and undercover surveillance to expose sub-letters in your property.

Our professional team of private eye investigators uncover how your property is used by your tenants outside of scheduled inspection times by monitoring activity with active surveillance, investigating commercial listings and visiting the property undercover. X Three Surveillance helps mitigate the risks of sub-letting, potentially saving you thousands of pounds in fines, damages and lost revenue.

Contact X Three Surveillance


Is Lockdown Putting Your Trade Secrets at Risk?

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X Three Surveillance

Manchesters Local Private Investigator

Lockdown Leaks

Is Lockdown Putting Your Trade Secrets at Risk?

Challenges with lockdown have forced many businesses to change the way they operate.

Homeworking cuts costs, frees up commuting time and allows happy employees to work when they are feeling most productive. It’s hard to deny the positive side to homeworking, but with increased opportunity comes increased risk to your business and the trade secrets that make you competitive.

What Leads to an Increased Risk of Employees Sharing Trade Secrets?

Fear of job loss: employees facing uncertainty are using lockdown to polish their CV and LinkedIn profile. Having an existing client base is a strong selling point for employees seeking new employment with your competitors.

Decreased loyalty: the furlough scheme has fostered a lack of trust between employees and companies, with those who were previously dissatisfied re-evaluating their workplace. These employees are less likely to remain loyal when it comes to protecting your trade secrets and business confidentiality.

Motivation for new challenges: employees are quickly realising the value in having multiple streams of income, with existing client data providing a useful springboard for new opportunities.

Job search opportunities: many businesses are using the market uncertainty to snap up the best employees from their competitors. Those who are able to share trade secrets and bring their clients with them are attractive to opportunist employers.

Entrepreneurial spirit: ambitious employees who know how your company works, and have access to your client base, have all the skills and information they need to branch out on their own to become your new business competitor.

At X Three Surveillance we are here to help with discreet employee investigation tailored to your needs. Our expert private investigators use a combination of undercover surveillance, GPS tracking, personal surveillance and bug sweeping. We’ll find the truth about who your employees are meeting with, how they are sharing your sensitive information and how your competitors are using your information to get ahead of you.

Get In Touch

Case Study

A large high street business noticed a trend; many of their employees were resigning to work for a competitor. The competing company was hiring staff based on new employees having an existing client base. The expectation of the competing company is that employees should leverage their contacts to generate their own sales leads in return for a generous share of the profit.

It wasn’t long before the high street business took a hit to incoming revenue, whilst the competing company enjoyed exceptional growth.

The high street business got in touch with X Three Surveillance to conduct an undercover investigation. We set out to determine how their client data was being used to generate business, and how their trade secrets were being exploited by the competing company.

We discovered the former employees had collected their contacts whilst still employed by the high street business, and contacted these clients directly for the competing company, breaching GDPR. This led to the loss of a significant number of long-term clients for the high street business. Former employees were also accessing their private systems and using trade secrets to gain a competitive edge.

With the right knowledge the high street business took legal action against the competing company, winning a large compensation for financial damages.

Cheating Partners – Lockdown UK

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X Three Surveillance

Cheating Partner Investigations

Lockdown Love cheats

Your Local Private Investigator

Is Lockdown Causing a Rise in the Cheating Spouse?

As the world goes into lockdown couples are finding themselves in challenging relationships. Spending more time together in a confined space, or being kept away from an affair partner, is making it difficult to hide secret affairs and triggering a rise in new affairs.

Popular online dating websites such as Illicit Encounters report 15% increase in usage since lockdown began, with roughly half of all users beginning new affairs over the past four weeks. Boredom, lack of opportunity for risk-taking and excessive time spent together under stressful circumstances is shining a bright light into lockdown affairs.

Cheating partners put you and your health at significant risk if your spouse is meeting people outside of your bubble for sex and intimacy during lockdown. Not knowing the truth can also cause physical symptoms related to your stress such as lack of sleep, increased irritability, unhealthy eating habits and living in a continuous state of mistrust and unease. This can lead to a further breakdown in communication with your spouse, encouraging your partner to continue their secret lockdown affair in a vicious cycle of ongoing betrayal.

Cheating Partner Video

X Three Surveillance – Manchester No1 Infidelity Detective.

Your intuition is seldom wrong. At X Three Surveillance we’re here to find out the truth about your suspected cheating partner to put your mind at ease.

Affairs don’t always mean a marriage will or should end, but having the right information gives you the power to decide for yourself how you would like to move forward with your own relationship, in your own time.

Signs of a Cheating Partner in Lockdown

Without the distractions of everyday life unfaithful partners are becoming careless hiding their affairs in lockdown, making it easier to uncover betrayal. You may notice subtle changes, or an increased effort to deviate from the normal family activities such as:

  • Insisting on grocery shopping alone.
  • Stepping out or closing doors to take phone calls.
  • Changing social media account passwords, deleting browsing history and being careful about leaving their phone unattended.
  • Starting an argument then going for a walk or a drive to cool-off.
  • Changes in behaviors such as increased affection or anger that’s out of character.

Is Lockdown the Right Time to investigate a Cheating Spouse?

Knowing your partner’s whereabouts, and the health risks they are bringing into your home, is the first step towards making the best decision that’s right for you. At X Three Surveillance we’re here to show you the answers you are looking for, providing the tools you need to assess your own situation with complete peace of mind.

Affairs often end marriages, allowing you to move on with your life with healthy relationships that don’t betray your trust. Sometimes, affairs can also strengthen a marriage, with both partners choosing to work on their marriage once an affair has been discovered.

Learning the truth about your partner during lockdown will put your mind at ease, giving you time to consider your options that you may otherwise not have had under busier circumstances.

Our professional team of private investigators at X Three Surveillance are here to help you with free advice and a discreet, personal service in this stressful time.

How Private Investigators Trace People

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Manchesters Tracing Specialists

Manchesters Local Private Investigator

Private Investigator in Manchester

X Three Surveillance – BLOG – How Private Investigators Find Missing People

When a nearest and dearest, loved one, colleague or even debtor goes missing, it can leave you thinking about them. You’ll be wondering where they are, are they safe? Are they warm and dry? As the days, weeks or months go on you start to think the worst – are they even still alive?

Finding a missing person is a common reason for people to call the private investigators here at X Three Surveillance. When someone goes missing it can be frightening and stressful. People call us to put their minds at rest and to find out where the missing person is and if they are safe.

Manchesters Tracing Specialist

Why Do People Go Missing?

People can go missing for a number of reasons. If it is someone close to us, we will often fear the worst. After all, why would a loved one just move away without saying goodbye? They may have gone missing if they have outstanding debts and want to run away from them. Perhaps they have fallen in with the wrong crowd and want to protect you by not saying where they have gone. Maybe they just want to make a fresh start.

All may be well in their ‘new lives’; but that won’t stop your mind running on overdrive and worrying about them.

How To Find A Missing Person

We all know that the police are overstretched. This can mean that they are unable to help with missing people cases. However, very often the missing person is an adult and they can therefore come and go as they choose. While you might not want to lose your partner or loved one, they can do as they want and the police will not get involved.

So why not hire the services of a private investigator to find your missing person?

Hiring A Private Investigator To Find Your Missing Person

If you want to find a missing person, even if it is just for your own peace of mind; give us a call. Tell us everything you know and give us a recent photo or description of the missing person and we will do the rest for you. We might only be able to confirm your worst fears, but at least you will not be living in limbo.

We have a strong background and many years experience tracing people and finding missing people. Call us now to help find your missing person.

Contact X Three Surveillance – 0161 8211 333




What Does a Cheating Partner Mean to You?

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X Three Surveillance

Manchesters No1 Private Investigator

What Does A Cheating Partner Mean To You?

Cheating Partners?

Cheating Partners – X Three Surveillance

Cheating means different things to different people. Some people see kissing someone else as cheating, while others only see a long term affair as cheating. As private investigators that catch cheating partners we meet lots of different people with different views of what cheating means to them.

It is really important that you talk to your partner about what you class as cheating. This means you are both on the same page and you know what behaviour the other person will and will not accept from you.

Below is the research that the survey by Parsnip Partner found;

Kissing / Snogging another Person

  • 38% of partners would class this as cheating and would leave their partners because of this.
  • 43% of partners say that this is clearly cheating but dependent on what the partner says, they could forgive their partner for it.
  • 19% of partners say that their partner kissing someone else is not cheating.

Using Dating Apps

  • 51% of partners would class this as cheating and they would break up with their partner because of it.
  • 36% of partners say that they do class this as cheating, but they would forgive their partner for doing it if they promised to close their account.
  • 14% of partners feel that being on a dating site is not a form of cheating.

Long Term Affair

  • 88% of all partners said that if they found out their partner was having a long term affair they would class this as cheating and it would be enough to end the relationship.
  • 9% of partners said that while finding out their partner was having a long-term affair would be classed as cheating for them; they think they could forgive their partner.
  • However 3% of partners state that they do not think their partner having a long term affair is classed as cheating.

If you think your partner is cheating, give us a call. We can catch your cheating partner for you and give you the evidence you need to make the right decision for you and your relationship.


private detective manchester

private detective manchester

private detective manchester

private detective manchester


Private Investigator Blog #1

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X Three Surveillance

Private Investigator in Manchester

Manchesters No1 Investigator

Private Investigator

X Three Surveillance – BLOG –

A Private Investigator Enables You To Make Informed Decisions

Sometimes clients call our team of private investigators for help, but they are filled with guilt. Some clients feel awful that they can’t trust their nearest and dearest, while others feel it is an invasion of someone’s privacy.  However, it should not be you, as the client that feels the guilt. The person you have concerns about has made you feel this way.

In our many years in as private investigators we have seen in around 90% of the investigations that there is no smoke without fire. In fact, in many jobs we have found the case is far worse than our client thought it was.

A private investigator is there to help you get that peace of mind. You will have the evidence you need to make an informed decision.

Manchesters Private Investigator

Private Investigator in Manchester

Many of our clients are made to feel like they are crazy, insecure, clingy or going mad. The negativity is turned on them by their partner who is cheating on them. Very often out clients are told that they are being paranoid or that they are stealing their partners freedom. This can and is very damaging to our client’s peace of mind and in many cases, the fears and concerns were right all along.

It in 2020 and here at X Three Surveillance we believe that people should be entitled to the truth, especially from those they love and trust above others. Using a private investigator enables you to make informed decisions with a clear mind and a clear conscience. It stops you from being emotionally blackmailed by anyone.

If you have doubts about your partner that are weighing heaving on your mind, call in the services of a private investigator. They will take the time to talk to you, listen to what you have to say and understand your worries and fears. Just talking is often enough to take a huge weight off your shoulders.

We will then work on the information you give us to put your mind at rest. Whether your suspicions or proved or disproved, there will be no judgement from us. Instead you will have the evidence you need to make an informed decision for your future.

You will not need to worry about your partner finding out because all investigations are done covertly. The only way they will know you hired as private investigator is if you tell them. If your partner has nothing to hide then the private investigation will be of benefit to them too. You will be able to move forward in a happier, more trusting relationship.

If you would like to find out if there is smoke without fire, or if your gut feeling has been right all along, call our team of private investigators.

private detective manchester

private detective manchester

private detective manchester

private detective manchester

Lie Detector Tests

Lie Detector Tests

The most accurate lie detector test available only £450 Same day tests - Same day results

Catching Cheating Partners

Catching Cheating Partners

Concerns about your partner? let us handle this discreetly and without trace.

Tracing (Find Someone)

Tracing (Find Someone)

With our 'no find no fee' guarantee let us find that person you're looking for.

Undercover Investigations

Undercover Investigations

At X Three, we have an agent, who has deployed in undercover operations time and time again, infiltrating work places, gathering inside information. Whether you believe employees are stealing from you or from each other, our undercover operative will deploy within your work place and uncover the truth



All investigations undertaken by X Three Surveillance are treated with the upmost privacy and professionalism. X Three take on investigations from private clients and businesses around Manchester. X Three Surveillance specialise in investigating your employees and cheating partners.



Surveillance is vital in most investigations, its used to gain the hard evidence needed. Whether you require static observations, a person followed on foot, or mobile surveillance, X Three are Manchesters experts. X Three will provide photographic and video evidence of what you need, conducted at an advanced level, and using 4k Ultra High Definition.

Bug Sweeping

Bug Sweeping

Bug sweeping is a specialist skill. X Three Surveillance can detect hidden spy devices in your workplace or your home, giving you the peace of mind you need.

Crash for Cash

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X Three Surveillance

Motor Insurance Fraud

Crash for Cash


Protect yourself from motor insurance fraudsters

Whether it’s an opportunist or an organised criminal gang creating a claim, the impact of motor insurance fraud reaches directly into every driver’s pocket with increased premiums. Household name Aviva has stated that UK motorists could benefit from a £1.4 billion cut in motor insurance costs if fraud was more readily detected.

If you suspect that a claim is fraudulent, perhaps suspiciously too soon after a previous claim was made or the facts seem inconsistent, then please contact X Three Surveillance .’s confidential, efficient and cost effective investigators. Don’t take chances, get accurate answers safely about motor insurance fraud potential.  

We do not have the powers of the Greater Manchester Police, but we actively support them in establishing the facts through our investigations.

Manchesters Surveillance Specialist

The Association of British Insurers has reported that, “Four members of a criminal crash for cash gang were sentenced to over 37 years for their part in a staged accident that resulted in the death of a passenger in the vehicle they targeted.”

In another incident, “A motorist received a six month prison sentence after he deliberately cut into a lane of cars queuing to get over the Severn Bridge. He subsequently claimed that the victim had collided with him and that he had suffered a painful back injury. However, CCTV footage at the scene showed that he had caused the accident.” 

IFED’s recommendations when driving include:

“Take extra care when in lanes.

Take extra care at roundabouts or areas where there is stop-start congestion.

Beware of cars rapidly pulling out of junctions and then braking in front of you.

Keep your distance.

Beware of tailgaters.

Always look for brake lights.

Be extra aware if you are a commercial vehicle owner.

If you have been involved in an accident and hit the back of another vehicle, then do not panic. Report the incident in detail to the police as soon as possible…Let your insurer know that you believe the accident was caused deliberately and tell them why you think so.”

 Did you know that:

Organised criminals target innocent motorists by initiating collisions to achieve compensation for injury, damage and recovery. Fleet vehicles are most popularly targeted.

Parties crash their vehicles into each other deliberately for financial gain and claims are made for phantom passengers.

Dishonesty or omissions which leave out vital information including claims history, culpability or points on a driving licence cost time and money.

Fronting is when a policy is purchased using another person’s details to get a better deal.

Never use a ghost broker. “An individual or group, who set up policies for members of the general public, deliberately misrepresenting themselves as an insurance broker, agent or insurer for profit.” (IFED)

If you’re in any doubt about the integrity of an insurance policy or claim, allow us to investigate thoroughly. We can establish the truth via numerous activities. Members of the public do not have the full range of data or expertise at their disposal, the licences and accreditations and an understanding of the law that ensures a successful investigation

If you feel you have been a victim of motor fraud get in touch today

X Three Surveillance 0161 8211 333

Employee Investigations

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X Three Surveillance

Employee Investigations

Manchesters Local Investigator

Compliance in the workplace

Your staff may tell you that processes within the workplace are always carried out in full compliance with the law and company rules. There is never any deviation, no lack of attention; no one is ever distracted, and that 100% perfection is being delivered by every employee at every point throughout their day’s work. Surely that sounds too much like a miracle?

Recently, the food industry has been in the news as a few service providers seem to have fallen far short of expectations. In these cases, it appears that on the factory or shop floor workers and products have been in a state of chaos and without the management knowing or addressing issues which contravened UK and EU legislation and posed a health and safety risk to consumers.

Whichever business sector you’re in, can you afford to be complacent? Whether it’s British Standards, food laws, fire regulations, health and safety, environmental or ethical impacts, ensure that your reputation is as high as people’s expectations.

You’re busy. There are so many calls on your time that whilst monitoring activities on the shop floor sounds like an excellent idea, you know that it’s so far down on your to-do list that it just won’t happen this side of 2025.

Call private detectives in. Yes, you read that correctly. We carry out corporate investigations and surveillance operations, either working incognito as one of the workers or discreetly from the offices or secret vantage point, to evaluate staff adherence, any issues or aspects of practice that need to be reassessed, even identifying if you have a deliberate offender, a training issue or a productivity prohibitor.

How many tea breaks are employees taking?

Do they really need to take so many toilet or smoking breaks?

Why is one person seemingly carrying out the work of two people as a cluster of chatting colleagues loiter by the shelves? How many employees does it take to put two boxes on a shelf?

Is someone leaving wires hanging out from beneath their desk, presenting a health and safety risk?

In food preparation environments, are there cross contamination risks? Are hands being washed in accordance with the regulations? Has everyone got a clear understanding of why they need to clean surfaces between processes?

Is one of your workers helping themselves to items which should be placed in boxes for shipping?

Is the employee focus on quantity or quality?

X Three Surveillance .’s team can integrate with a team and secure knowledge without their undercover identity being revealed or suspicions raised. The corporate investigations team is highly trained and qualified in this area and they won’t let management down.

Get the answers to questions in a comprehensive report, with real time updates. Confidentiality and efficiency are guaranteed.

Eradicate issues prior to official inspections or an incident. Private detectives working on corporate investigations normally cost significantly less than legal action from negatively affected consumers.

Employee Investigations

0161 8211 333

Is Your Partner Cheating & Why?

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Cheating Partners in Manchester

X Three Surveillance

Is Your Partner Cheating & Why?

Cheating Partners in Manchester


Perhaps your other half has a renewed interest in their appearance, is trying a new perfume or aftershave; has become secretive with bank statements, their browsing history or their mobile phone. Has overtime increased suddenly? What about business trips? Are they evasive about where they will be and when so you can’t make plans for time together? Have they got new friends who you’ve never met? Have they stopped talking about someone? e.g. a work colleague; that could be the person they’re cheating on you with.

Catch A Cheating Partner in Manchester Experts Introductions

Sound the alarm bells.

That gnawing feeling in the pit of your stomach could have a foundation. In all likelihood, you aren’t going mad, being paranoid, needy or clinging too much. You’re not possessive or obsessive or trying to sabotage your relationship. As horrible as the truth may be, your cheating partner might think they’re fooling you, but you have an inbuilt ability to sense when something is out of the ordinary for another person’s behaviour and the alarm bells will sound no matter how much you try to suppress them.

In March 2019, The Daily Express ran a piece on infidelity, they reported, “Psychologist Paul Coleman, PsyD, author of Finding Peace When Your Heart Is In Pieces told website Prevention: “There is a good chance your partner’s friends may know what’s really going on before you do.” If you notice their friends acting strangely it might be time to confront your partner…”

They also found that according to illecitencounters.com Brexit has created an unusual statistic: Cheating partners are more likely to have voted Leave in the Brexit referendum. (Yes, really. A staggering 70%.)

Over the years, strained financial times have also borne witness to an increase in cheating partners.

The piece also highlighted that if your other half refuses to have images of you, their partner in life, on their social media account, you should be suspicious.

Metro reported in summer 2018 that according to a survey of 1000 couples, 6% of cheating partners want to have sexmore oftenwith their partner whilst they are cheating on them. Interestingly, 7% of those questioned cited a change in diet or trying new foods as an indication of an affair.

Only 48% of cheated on partners wouldn’t continue with a relationship in which they’d been cheated on. 39% would try to forgive.

Be warned cheating partners: 79% stated that they would check their other half’s phone for evidence of an affair.

Why cheat?

Relate.com cites a feeling of disconnection or drifting apart from one another as a primary reason.

An imbalance in a relationship rather than equality can prove damaging, as can how you communicate with one another. Are you kind and loving or going through the motions? Do you feel special and does your partner? Self esteem is important and has an impact on the probability of cheating. Commitment shyness can be indicative of a problem; cheating sabotages the existing relationship happiness but could bring welcome reduced responsibilities if the cheating leads to a break-up.

Our discreet cheating partners investigations team helps you get facts. You deserve better than doubts and suspicions.


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