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Background Checks

Background Checks

Background Checks

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Background Checks

Background Checks

The perfect job candidate?

Suspicions often have foundation so please don’t ignore your instincts. One of the owners of a local company was thankful that he’d trusted his sense of unease whilst recruiting a new office worker. X Three Surveillance’s renowned private investigators were honoured to help.

Harry had started his successful business in the 1980’s and thought that he’d seen and done it all. On interview day for a new team leader he had spoken to three candidates in the morning. His first interviewee after lunch had a CV which suggested that she was more than capable, qualified and enthusiastic. There were three previous employers on her list, and she was not working at the time of the interview.

She arrived, the interview commenced, and Harry was impressed.

Except his gut instinct sensed something “not quite right.” When she responded to questions about her previous employment, instead of answering boldly, selling her strengths so to speak, she was non- committal about dates of employment and her body language appeared to be defensive. (Folded arms, lack of eye contact.) Perhaps she did have a “memory like a goldfish” and couldn’t recall five years ago. Should that be an issue? She was number one choice on the list, even at the end of the day after the remaining interviews, except for the something “not quite right.” 

Harry tried to employ logic to eradicate the feeling. That evening at the pub, his mind drifted back to the interview. By morning, he had decided that he needed to be sure of this lady’s credentials. He had learned from a fellow Manchester business owner that discreet background checks carried out by private investigators at X Three Surveillance had proved invaluable when hiring. Harry called our office, explained the situation and was assured that ethics and confidentiality were at the core of our services. He decided to proceed with the case, surprised at the low quote we’d given him.

Our private investigators set to work; efficiently, accurately and subtly.

From our invaluable background check it became evident that caution was required. Contrary to the information on her CV, she had been employed until two weeks before the interview with Harry and had been dismissed for gross misconduct related to misuse of data. The employer prior to this gave significantly different dates for employment which left a question mark about almost seven months in her history. An incident of industrial espionage at a company not mentioned on the CV was discovered; selling client data to a business rival, before dismissal. Our candidate appeared to like making money by betraying her employer.

Harry was given this information, asked the candidate if her CV was complete and was told that it was, He informed her that he knew that it wasn’t and that as there were discrepancies he could not offer her the role.

Imagine the damage which could have been caused if Harry had ignored his inner voice.

X Three Surveillance’s private investigators can help you too. Please call us to learn more.

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