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Employee Investigations

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X Three Surveillance Ltd

Employee Investigations

Manchesters Local Investigator

Compliance in the workplace

Your staff may tell you that processes within the workplace are always carried out in full compliance with the law and company rules. There is never any deviation, no lack of attention; no one is ever distracted, and that 100% perfection is being delivered by every employee at every point throughout their day’s work. Surely that sounds too much like a miracle?

Recently, the food industry has been in the news as a few service providers seem to have fallen far short of expectations. In these cases, it appears that on the factory or shop floor workers and products have been in a state of chaos and without the management knowing or addressing issues which contravened UK and EU legislation and posed a health and safety risk to consumers.

Whichever business sector you’re in, can you afford to be complacent? Whether it’s British Standards, food laws, fire regulations, health and safety, environmental or ethical impacts, ensure that your reputation is as high as people’s expectations.

You’re busy. There are so many calls on your time that whilst monitoring activities on the shop floor sounds like an excellent idea, you know that it’s so far down on your to-do list that it just won’t happen this side of 2025.

Call private detectives in. Yes, you read that correctly. We carry out corporate investigations and surveillance operations, either working incognito as one of the workers or discreetly from the offices or secret vantage point, to evaluate staff adherence, any issues or aspects of practice that need to be reassessed, even identifying if you have a deliberate offender, a training issue or a productivity prohibitor.

How many tea breaks are employees taking?

Do they really need to take so many toilet or smoking breaks?

Why is one person seemingly carrying out the work of two people as a cluster of chatting colleagues loiter by the shelves? How many employees does it take to put two boxes on a shelf?

Is someone leaving wires hanging out from beneath their desk, presenting a health and safety risk?

In food preparation environments, are there cross contamination risks? Are hands being washed in accordance with the regulations? Has everyone got a clear understanding of why they need to clean surfaces between processes?

Is one of your workers helping themselves to items which should be placed in boxes for shipping?

Is the employee focus on quantity or quality?

X Three Surveillance Ltd.’s team can integrate with a team and secure knowledge without their undercover identity being revealed or suspicions raised. The corporate investigations team is highly trained and qualified in this area and they won’t let management down.

Get the answers to questions in a comprehensive report, with real time updates. Confidentiality and efficiency are guaranteed.

Eradicate issues prior to official inspections or an incident. Private detectives working on corporate investigations normally cost significantly less than legal action from negatively affected consumers.

Employee Investigations

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Is Your Partner Cheating & Why?

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Cheating Partners in Manchester

X Three Surveillance ltd

Is Your Partner Cheating & Why?

Cheating Partners in Manchester


Perhaps your other half has a renewed interest in their appearance, is trying a new perfume or aftershave; has become secretive with bank statements, their browsing history or their mobile phone. Has overtime increased suddenly? What about business trips? Are they evasive about where they will be and when so you can’t make plans for time together? Have they got new friends who you’ve never met? Have they stopped talking about someone? e.g. a work colleague; that could be the person they’re cheating on you with.

Catch A Cheating Partner in Manchester Experts Introductions

Sound the alarm bells.

That gnawing feeling in the pit of your stomach could have a foundation. In all likelihood, you aren’t going mad, being paranoid, needy or clinging too much. You’re not possessive or obsessive or trying to sabotage your relationship. As horrible as the truth may be, your cheating partner might think they’re fooling you, but you have an inbuilt ability to sense when something is out of the ordinary for another person’s behaviour and the alarm bells will sound no matter how much you try to suppress them.

In March 2019, The Daily Express ran a piece on infidelity, they reported, “Psychologist Paul Coleman, PsyD, author of Finding Peace When Your Heart Is In Pieces told website Prevention: “There is a good chance your partner’s friends may know what’s really going on before you do.” If you notice their friends acting strangely it might be time to confront your partner…”

They also found that according to illecitencounters.com Brexit has created an unusual statistic: Cheating partners are more likely to have voted Leave in the Brexit referendum. (Yes, really. A staggering 70%.)

Over the years, strained financial times have also borne witness to an increase in cheating partners.

The piece also highlighted that if your other half refuses to have images of you, their partner in life, on their social media account, you should be suspicious.

Metro reported in summer 2018 that according to a survey of 1000 couples, 6% of cheating partners want to have sexmore oftenwith their partner whilst they are cheating on them. Interestingly, 7% of those questioned cited a change in diet or trying new foods as an indication of an affair.

Only 48% of cheated on partners wouldn’t continue with a relationship in which they’d been cheated on. 39% would try to forgive.

Be warned cheating partners: 79% stated that they would check their other half’s phone for evidence of an affair.

Why cheat?

Relate.com cites a feeling of disconnection or drifting apart from one another as a primary reason.

An imbalance in a relationship rather than equality can prove damaging, as can how you communicate with one another. Are you kind and loving or going through the motions? Do you feel special and does your partner? Self esteem is important and has an impact on the probability of cheating. Commitment shyness can be indicative of a problem; cheating sabotages the existing relationship happiness but could bring welcome reduced responsibilities if the cheating leads to a break-up.

Our discreet cheating partners investigations team helps you get facts. You deserve better than doubts and suspicions.


Background Checks

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X Three Surveillance Ltd

Manchesters No1 Detective Agency

Finding The Truth Where Others Can’t

Background Checks

Background Checks

The perfect job candidate?

Suspicions often have foundation so please don’t ignore your instincts. One of the owners of a local company was thankful that he’d trusted his sense of unease whilst recruiting a new office worker. X Three Surveillance’s renowned private investigators were honoured to help.

Harry had started his successful business in the 1980’s and thought that he’d seen and done it all. On interview day for a new team leader he had spoken to three candidates in the morning. His first interviewee after lunch had a CV which suggested that she was more than capable, qualified and enthusiastic. There were three previous employers on her list, and she was not working at the time of the interview.

She arrived, the interview commenced, and Harry was impressed.

Except his gut instinct sensed something “not quite right.” When she responded to questions about her previous employment, instead of answering boldly, selling her strengths so to speak, she was non- committal about dates of employment and her body language appeared to be defensive. (Folded arms, lack of eye contact.) Perhaps she did have a “memory like a goldfish” and couldn’t recall five years ago. Should that be an issue? She was number one choice on the list, even at the end of the day after the remaining interviews, except for the something “not quite right.” 

Harry tried to employ logic to eradicate the feeling. That evening at the pub, his mind drifted back to the interview. By morning, he had decided that he needed to be sure of this lady’s credentials. He had learned from a fellow Manchester business owner that discreet background checks carried out by private investigators at X Three Surveillance had proved invaluable when hiring. Harry called our office, explained the situation and was assured that ethics and confidentiality were at the core of our services. He decided to proceed with the case, surprised at the low quote we’d given him.

Our private investigators set to work; efficiently, accurately and subtly.

From our invaluable background check it became evident that caution was required. Contrary to the information on her CV, she had been employed until two weeks before the interview with Harry and had been dismissed for gross misconduct related to misuse of data. The employer prior to this gave significantly different dates for employment which left a question mark about almost seven months in her history. An incident of industrial espionage at a company not mentioned on the CV was discovered; selling client data to a business rival, before dismissal. Our candidate appeared to like making money by betraying her employer.

Harry was given this information, asked the candidate if her CV was complete and was told that it was, He informed her that he knew that it wasn’t and that as there were discrepancies he could not offer her the role.

Imagine the damage which could have been caused if Harry had ignored his inner voice.

X Three Surveillance’s private investigators can help you too. Please call us to learn more.

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Cheating partner investigation? Divorce?

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X Three Surveillance Ltd

Matrimonial Investigation Experts

Cheating partner investigation? Divorce?

Private detective shouldn’t be perceived as a last resort, we are the go-to resource for cheating partner investigations. And if there is one thing that our substantial caseload tells us, it’s that monogamy is becoming rarer over time. Bad news for hopeless romantics.

Did you know that:

  • Almost 80% of men and 70% of women confessed in a recent survey that they had cheated on a partner at least once.
  • Over 20% of divorces state infidelity as the cause.
  • In 2007, an article in The Guardian asserted that private investigators were hired in over 50% of Britain’s divorce cases. In the years since this rate has risen sharply.
  • Social media is cheating friendly.
  • Long commutes to and from work are a key factor in starting an affair.
  • 57% of cheaters have slept with their spouse and their lover on the same day.
  • Women are almost as likely to cheat as men.

Case study:

Clive suspected that Charlotte was cheating after six years together. She had become unusually secretive and was spending a lot of money on new clothes, shoes and make-up. He couldn’t reach her as regularly by text or e-mail. His instincts told him that something was very wrong. We took his case on, motivated to secure him facts so that he could decide what to do about his relationship, good or bad.

We placed a GPS vehicle tracking device on Charlotte’s car which recorded journeys, locations and speeds and how long the vehicle stopped for, with an accuracy of 5 metres. Our cheating partners investigation team also carried out surveillance, logged her working hours and where she was going instead of home. Video and photo evidence in high definition left no room for doubt.

Charlotte was having an affair with a work colleague that Clive identified as his long term friend.

The affair ended but the trust was shattered. Clive and Charlotte separated within a couple of months.

There are 5 legitimate reasons to start divorce proceedings:

  1. Adultery.
  2. Unreasonable behaviour.
  3. Desertion.
  4. You’ve lived apart for 2 years – Spouse must agree.
  5. You’ve lived apart for 5 years – Spouse does not need to agree to divorce.


A cheating partner investigation establishes the truth and the law recognises the act of adultery as sexual intercourse between a man and a woman. Investigators obviously don’t get that close but reasonable conclusions can be drawn. You can’t give adultery as the reason for divorce if you lived together as a couple for 6 months after you learned about the adultery.

Unreasonable behaviour

When your spouse has behaved in such a way that you cannot be expected to cohabit with them. This could be domestic or psychological abuse or addiction.


Your spouse has left you in one of these circumstances:

Without your agreement/without a good reason.


You’ve lived apart for more than 2 years in the last 2.5.

If you have cohabited for up to a total of 6 months in this period this is still classed as desertion.

X Three Surveillance Ltd.’s outstanding private detectives aren’t legally trained, please seek a solicitor for comprehensive advice.


X Three Surveillance Ltd – 0161 8211 333



Tell-Tale Signs of Infidelity

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X Three Surveillance Ltd

Manchester Cheating Partner Investigation Expert

Signs of Infidelity

5 Clues that you might need a cheating partner investigation

The laundry

Yes, really.

When a partner suddenly wants to take control of the laundry tasks should you be grateful or suspect that they are cheating?

Well, that depends on how out of character their willingness to do chores is. If you’re ill or you’ve had a row and they’re aiming to get back in to your good books then this may be innocent, a one off.

However, if they become possessive about the laundry and are acting uncharacteristically compared to the entire time you’ve known them, this is arguably the number 1 household chore indicator that they are trying to hide “evidence.” Just think if you handled their pants, collar or cleared their trouser pocket and discovered their deception.

Especially if your sex life is currently in the doldrums.


How many mobile phones does your partner have?

When people suspect that they have a cheating partner, women particularly, are motivated to check their other half’s mobile phone. When they find nothing incriminating they are sometimes confident that whatever is amiss in their relationship, it doesn’t seem to be an affair. The mistake here is to assume that there isn’t a second mobile in use. If your partner is cunning enough to cheat, they’re clever enough to find ways to arrange the affair so that you won’t find out.

Remember, if they only have one phone, they won’t let you anywhere near it.


Gifts, lots of gifts

Rather like an eagerness to take on the laundry, a partner who begins to give often expensive gifts frequently when it was hard for you to get them to remember your birthday or anniversary should raise concerns. Why the sudden generosity?

They may be feeling extravagant or want to show you how much you mean to them or they could be feeling guilty and trying to compensate you for their behaviour, even though you don’t know that the evenings they tell you they’re working late, they are having fun.

Cheating partners won’t always ignore you. Over attentiveness can be a symptom of dishonesty.

There are times when they cannot be reached, they’re vague about their whereabouts.

Where are they and what are they really doing?

e.g. when you send a text and they habitually reply within 10-15 minutes and increasingly that’s turning in to 2 or more hours and then when asked where they were they mysteriously can’t quite remember or hesitate, start to trust your instincts that something is wrong.

They begin to swerve couple or family time or appear more devoted to a hobby

Something important keeps them away from spending time with “the old life.” The lover represents fun and not responsibilities. They don’t have to battle with the in-laws or talk about bills and mortgages with them.

If they cite a new interest, a 5km run or singing lessons may be commendable but do they necessitate sacrificing what should be valued time with the family?

When you suspect that you have a cheating partner, please be brave enough to seek the truth. Lies and uncertainty won’t deliver peace of mind; X Three Surveillance’s cheating partner investigation team will.

CONTACT US TODAY – 0161 8211 333


Dishonest Employees

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Dishonest Employees?

Employee Investigations

X Three Surveillance

Is your company at risk from dishonest employees?


  • Moonlighting.
  • Absentee staff.
  • Personal injury claim.
  • Theft of money/products.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could guarantee that every employee was 100% loyal and 100% honest?

Sadly, this is real life and there are many people who have a mistaken belief that the world owes them something or that they can play the system without getting caught.

Fraud may make you think of million pounds cases, international gangs or scenarios reminiscent of a movie plot, but it can be as mundane as taking time off work to toil for another employer cash in hand, therefore getting two wages, from them and the sick pay from you. Chances are that the tax office is blissfully unaware of their activities too.

When someone remains on sick leave for a prolonged time and it feels like far too lengthy period for their condition you owe it to yourself and your business to ascertain whether they are genuinely too ill to work or if they are taking advantage of your kind nature to have a paid holiday.

An employee may fall or trip in the workplace and appear to be limping slightly but otherwise are unaffected but soon asks to go home. During their absence an intriguing claim for personal injury, accompanied by prolonged absence from work, occurs thanks to a raft of sudden health issues, this too is fraud.

Just one person seizing an opportunity for financial gain affects the business’ prosperity, employees morale and productivity. It sends a message to other employees that they could successfully abuse trust or claim from you and receive a welcome pay-out.  Moreover, paying out sick leave wages or on a claim without checking the validity is not good business sense. Don’t be too trusting, we’ve carried out many absentee staff and personal injury claim cases in which the so-called badly injured or unable to work employee was in rude health and happily going shopping, going to the pub and playing football with their children. They don’t expect the management to hire investigation experts.

X Three Surveillance’s employee investigations team can carry out surveillance, GPS vehicle monitoring, undercover investigations and work alongside you to interview staff and identify if there is an employee issue.

Our employee investigation team members are highly trained, qualified and experienced and we don’t suffer from misplaced loyalty or emotional pulls as management who know the personnel could do and therefore we can assess information impartially. This is a huge advantage to all concerned.

For example, client A called us when stock amounts weren’t agreeing with the delivery notes, stock records and stock checks. If there were 100 units delivered, 28 sold but the stock check revealed that there were only 54 of these items on the premises, where are the remaining 18? Are they being sold on?

Are shoplifters to blame? Could it be the new employee making errors? Is it the long term trusted employee? Is the staff member who you know has money worries the cause?

Our employee investigation specialists remove doubt and with facts, restore peace of mind. 

Call us today 01618211 333


How To Spot A Liar

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X Three Surveillance Ltd

Manchesters Local Private Investigator

How To Spot A Liar

Body language – How can you spot a liar?

It has a lot to do with instinct. We’re programmed to sense when there is something amiss and so when behaviour alters, or information doesn’t ring true, our brains raise a red flag. There are behavioural trends which a liar tends to follow because the self-conscious mind triggers non-verbal reactions which are beyond the subject’s control.

Did you know too that people have great difficulty relating lies backwards?  This is why X Three Surveillance’s investigators and law enforcement agencies often ask someone to make time jumps when telling their story. They may have repeated a lie from start to finish many times but their ability to lie from the end to the start to the middle to the start again is severely hampered by human biology.

When our investigators carry out an investigation we appreciate that more truth can be gleaned from non- verbal communication, even when we don’t have the subject we’re questioning attached to a lie detector machine. We take the situation and similar occurrences of gestures displayed to construct a pattern and a clear picture of deceptive behaviours. Pupils dilate when someone lies and as a rule, if the eyes turn to the right this means a lie is being created rather than a memory being recalled.

Be warned: Non-verbal communication has 5 times more impact than verbal responses. Liars will show themselves as liars, it’s impossible not to. The onus rests on the other people to detect the signs.

Instinctively, a child covers their mouth when they tell a lie. Similarly, if someone tells them something they don’t want to see or hear, like a scary puppet, bed time or a request to tidy their room they will cover their eyes or ears. This carries through to some adults but becomes subtler. Adults normally touch their face to conceal that they are lying, exaggerating or uncertain about the information they are speaking. Be careful with this that the person is not simply shy or lacking confidence in communication.

Facial expressions, even fleeting ones, can tell our investigators a lot more than people realise. An unpleasant thought will be reflected in the face no matter what the verbal communication given.

For example: “Do you have any grievances with Bob?”

Tightening of the jawline for a moment and then a broad, forced smile, “No, Bob and I have always got on well. Very well.”

Untrained interviewers might think that the jaw tightening was related to thinking of a response but isn’t the broad smile and the very positive statement at odds with this initial facial tightening? Bob created an unpleasant response unconsciously before the conscious mind had time to cover it.

Our investigators are trained to spot anomalies, evaluate whether they are talking to “professional” liars who practice how to evade detection and we know every trick in the proverbial book to throw doubt on a lie detector test’s validity. Several clients have tried. They don’t succeed.

If you think you have a liar in your midst, call us about a lie detector test or interview with them. We’re here to help.

Call anytime to speak with an advisor – Advice & quotes are FREE

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Cheating Partner in Manchester

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Cheating Partner Investigations in Manchester

Catch a Cheating Partner in Manchester

X Three Surveillance – Cheating Partner Specialists in Manchester

Cheating Partner inManchester

Do you need a cheating partner investigation?

Here, we look at Louise’s story and how X Three Surveillance’s outstanding cheating partner investigation operatives helped her to get facts and move forward positively.

“I’m happy to recommend X Three Surveillance to anyone who is concerned about their marriage. I noticed that something changed in my husband’s attitude and behaviour. He was working longer hours and wouldn’t commit to going to social events in case work called him in. When I pushed him to ensure he had that time off he grew defensive and accused me of being unreasonable and said that the world didn’t revolve around me.

I wondered whether he was overtired from working so much. I tried to convince myself that I was imagining that there was a greater problem and questioned my own behaviour. Was I being demanding? Was I nagging? Was I the major issue in the relationship? It felt safer for me to follow this thought process than to take action about his personality change.

When I explained my suspicions to a friend over a cuppa she didn’t reassure me. I had hoped that she’d tell me I was mistaken and to get on with my life. Instead, she asked, had I checked his credit card and bank statements for hotel and restaurant visits that I hadn’t been to? Gift receipts for items I didn’t receive? What about his mobile and e-mails?

Catch Cheating Partners

X Three Surveillance Catching Cheating Partners

My friend reminded me that if my husband of 12 years was cheating, that was a huge deception and that I had every right to ascertain if I was being played for a fool.

Guess what? Every statement, phone bill and receipt which should have been in the top drawer of the cabinet was missing. His e-mail history had been deleted. This was devastating to me because it confirmed that I was justified in my worries.

Urged on by my friend who had a cousin who’d used them, I called X Three Surveillance. I knew that if I confronted him without proof of wrongdoing it would be yet another defensive scene. I didn’t want to confess to searching for his paperwork either, to be honest.

A little emotionally, I explained my situation and I was surprised by how friendly and understanding the investigator on the other end of the line was. He told me that instincts about cheating partners are rarely wrong and that he would be able to learn the truth – without it costing me a small fortune.

I initiated an investigation. Within a few days I had proof that my husband was a liar and a cheating partner. X Three Surveillance kept surveillance, took photos of him cosily snuggled up to her and they used a GPS vehicle tracking device to follow his movements. The times he told me he was in the office late he was normally at her home. I doubt there was paperwork involved!

It’s been difficult but we’re divorced now and I have found peace of mind again. . Every thanks to X Three Surveillance’s team.”


Contact X Three Surveillance Today- Our Services

We will catch you cheating partner

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Fake CV Investigations – Background checks.

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Job interview candidate too good to be true?

Get a background check today.

X Three Surveillance Ltd – Manchester Leading Local Private Investigator

You’ve advertised a position with your company. The dream candidate’s details shone out from the pile of CV’s and your hopes were high of securing their expertise and skills.

So why after their interview are you feeling less than satisfied? When someone or something seems too good to be true, they often are.

X Three Surveillance Ltd.’s specialist team are experienced at background checks which are carried out with discretion, tact and tenacity. Utilising our qualifications, integrity, technology, access to data not available in the public domain and combined and individual talents we can establish if your job applicant is the person they purport to be.

An example of a “too good to be true” applicant came to Client A, a hotel manager, who approached us to allay her fears when recruiting a deputy restaurant manager.

“The CV read well, the skill set was perfect for the job, the qualifications and career history were ideal and the applicant had participated in team building exercises, was First Aid trained and claimed to be carrying out a long distance training course in management to add to their hospitality qualifications.

At the interview stage, which he was eagerly invited to, he was conversant, charming and answered the first few questions with an enviable calmness which isn’t common to many interviewees.

I first felt that something was off when I pressed for details about food hygiene legislation and how he would handle a difficult restaurant situation. He didn’t so much answer as fire the questions back to me.

This was not what was expected or required.

He became slightly defensive and directed me to the CV on several occasions.

When the interview concluded, he seemed confident of success and I had to admit that any personal characteristics which made me feel uneasy were countered by the excellent CV.

After speaking to the HR manager, who agreed that there was something that didn’t quite add up, we decided that a background check was not only desirable prior to an offer of employment, but vital.

X Three Surveillance Ltd.’s background check made for extremely interesting reading. I was so relieved that I hadn’t banished my doubts completely, I could have hired the wrong person.

It transpired that whilst the age, name and address were true, most the CV could have been written by a novelist!

Our candidate had left school with 5 G.C.S.E.’s and had not entered further education in any way. He possessed no hospitality, restaurant, management or tourism qualifications or experience as he’d professed.

His career had been spent in labouring, factory and retail jobs in worryingly quick succession for around six years; one employer had sacked him for gross misconduct.

Whilst “selling” your strengths is to be admired, complacency, deceit and data omissions are not.

Needless to say, he was not offered the job.”

Make informed decisions with X Three Surveillance Ltd.’s help. It could save further trouble.

Compensation Culture Consequences

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X Three Surveillance

Manchesters Compensation Investigation Specialist

Private Investigator Manchester

Fraudulent compensation claims have a sting in their tail

Tempting as it may seem to take a gamble and over-exaggerate or invent an injury, sick leave or the ramifications of an accident, there is something that every opportunist should know: Greed doesn’t pay. When your case is discovered to be false, this is fraud, a crime with severe penalties.

As compensation culture continues to flourish, X Three Surveillance Ltd.’s team is busier than ever working on proving or disproving the legitimacy of claims. You’d be amazed how reckless people can be when in pursuit of money.

With X Three Surveillance Ltd.’s compensation claims investigators you have confidence, confidentiality, experience and professionalism. We don’t miss our opportunities to unveil the truth.

The news about compensation culture makes for interesting reading and viewing.

For example, the government includes this in their Tackling Unjustified Personal Injury Claims report, available as a PDF:

“…any personal injury claim where the court finds that the claimant is entitled to damages, but is satisfied on the balance of probabilities that the claimant has been fundamentally dishonest in relation to the claim taken as a whole, it must dismiss the claim entirely unless it is satisfied that the claimant would suffer substantial injustice as a result…

The Government is also concerned that some law firms are helping to encourage exaggerated or fraudulent personal injury claims to be made by offering inducements to potential claimants…The Government therefore believes that solicitors and other legal services providers should be banned from offering such inducements…”

Last year, two commuters initiated a fraudulent compensation claim against a rail network by finding out which trains had been delayed and then falsely claiming compensation. The network realised that the number of claims was unusually high. A professional investigation soon revealed that the claimants were carrying out a “deliberate scam.”

One commuter received a two year prison sentence, suspended for a year, and was ordered to repay the rail firm £3,500. 

The other commuter was given an 18 month prison sentence, also suspended for a year, and ordered to repay £2,600.

Both were given 120 hours unpaid work.

British Transport Police’s statement says it all: “We hope this sends a clear message to anyone thinking of abusing the claims system in future.”

Meanwhile, a hopeful fraudster claimed from to two insurers for a combined total of £100000 for injuries he said he’d sustained during a road traffic accident. The claimant had told the insurers that he couldn’t walk unaided, needed a wheelchair, couldn’t drive and that he was left permanently disabled.

One insurance company felt compelled to call in a private investigation firm to evaluate the claimant’s injuries and the legitimacy of the claim pre-award.

When surveillance footage was taken there was absolutely no proof of any injury. All evidence pointed to fraud. The case was referred to court and the claimant was sentenced to 3 years in prison; his wife, an accomplice in the fraud was also punished.  

Compensation culture can lead to jail time, don’t be tempted.

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