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Life As A Private Detective in Manchester

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Manchesters Local Private Detective

X Three Surveillance Ltd

Life As A Private Detective


9 to 5?

The life of a private detective Manchester is rarely routine, seldom 9-5 and often home life is compromised by the lack of regularity.

Combining family life and private detective Manchester work is challenging and it takes patience, tolerance and agreement from the outset that life will be a proverbial rollercoaster.

A partner and family have to very understanding because the ability which many people enjoy in their occupations to say “I’ll be home by six” or “I’ll be at your school play at two,” just isn’t there.

A private detective Manchester may be working at 4a.m. or 4p.m. or be out for days only popping home for a shower and change of clothes if they’re close to home.


Of course, a private detective Manchester expert through X Three Surveillance Ltd. won’t be confined within the Greater Manchester area. Sometimes travel is required and hotel stays are common. Strange bed, strange room, unfamiliar geography and a new challenge must be accepted quickly so that case execution isn’t compromised. One week could see a private detective Manchester on home turf and then London for ten days and Scarborough for another three days before having two complete days rest at home. Yes, we do try to make time for days off in our busy lives but when duty calls we’re committed so we answer.


We are wholly professional, trained, qualified and proficient private detective Manchester operatives and part of this life is to accept that not everyone that we deal with will be friendly. Sometimes we face threats, physical assault, abuse and unsociable behaviour.

There is an element of danger in our work but a private detective can capably defend themselves. We know that most people are not inclined to harm us. A private detective Manchester isn’t responsible for the situation, the culprit is.

Bad news

This is a necessary but unpleasant part of a private detective Manchester’s life. If someone has committed an offence as much as we hate to break bad news to a client we have no choice. A private detective Manchester frequently has to shatter illusions about a person that a client loves or an employee of twenty years who has been defrauding their company. We consider that we’re providing a vital step on the path to peace of mind although it may not feel great at the time.



A private detective Manchester carrying out undercover surveillance work occasionally has a problem with a neighbour or business person who sees a strange vehicle parked for a long time close to their property. They become suspicious and want to know why we (whoever we are) are there. Their diligence is commendable but we can’t really tell them we’re a private detective Manchester carrying out a surveillance operation but we handle this. As unobtrusive and unremarkable as we aim to be a private detective Manchester isn’t invisible.

These factors may make you wonder why being a private detective Manchester would be desirable. Simple, we love what we do.

Finding People

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Finding People in Manchester

X Three Surveillance Ltd

Experts in Finding People

5 Ways private detectives trace people

Firstly, we don’t have magic powers, crystal balls or x ray vision. Here’s how private detectives trace people on a daily basis in the real world.

Specialist databases

These are databases for use by professionals around the globe. Private detectives trace people via these because they contain more data than is available in public records. Often the information in the public domain is not sufficient which is why people turn to private detectives trace people services.

Around the country and globally private detectives trace people with their industry contemporaries help. X Three Surveillance Ltd. may be in Manchester but we can call upon experts on every continent to achieve our clients goals.

Vehicle information

Private detectives trace people via their vehicle.

A vehicle is registered to a specific person and there are records of this. There may also be administrative clues as to the location of a lost person. For example, three weeks after Fred left his wife with no warning he wrote to the DVLA to update his address records. He was living with his mistress.

Criminal/court records

Not everyone has a record for these but if a loan defaulter has a history of being less than forthcoming with funds then they may have been logged in court records. This may not tell us exactly where someone is now but it sets up leads. Of course, if a missing person commits a crime while missing then we can access this information and their new address. Professional and accredited private detectives trace people using information that Joe Public can’t access.


One of the best resources is people power and memory when private detectives trace people.

Neighbours, colleagues, family, friends, the shopkeeper down the road and the school teacher who has known someone since they were ten years old could all deliver pieces of a jigsaw which can lead to a result for our private detectives trace people service providers.

Perhaps Fiona’s parents’ state that her favourite holidays were in Clacton; as humans gravitate to the familiar it is not beyond belief that Fiona would be in Clacton. We have a lead. A friend may be able to tell us about an interest that held Fiona. Private detectives trace people by using every angle so almost any piece of information can prove vitally important.

Social networks

Often people continue to feed information to their social media platforms. So, if Fred owed a considerable sum to a lender and fled the area he thinks he’s hidden but our private detectives trace people via this media frequently because e.g. an innocent photo of Fred by the beach gives us a small clue. Or Fred typed, “Love this place. Came here for my 21st.” It may seem harmless but simply by asking a parent, partner or friend where Fred went for his 21st birthday we have a destination to search.

Our private detectives trace people effectively, we don’t waste opportunities. Trust in us.


Intelligence Gathering

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Intelligence Gathering in Manchester

X Three Surveillance Ltd

Intelligence gathering by private investigators


X Three Surveillance Ltd. is the number one service provider in the Greater Manchester area. We’re pleased to say that since our establishment our private investigators have stuck to our professional and ethical responsibilities and listened to our clients. Our private investigators have achieved the optimum levels of service and issue resolution for clients in their private, commercial and legal lives.

We couldn’t have done this well if we hadn’t got an effective strategy in place for information gathering and case execution.

At the centre of all investigations is the case objective. Private investigators must work towards this or they simply aren’t serving their client.

So, the client and case objective rank as the most important factors in private investigators’ minds. Alongside them is discretion. Clients enjoy total confidence with X Three Surveillance Ltd. that our private investigators don’t gossip or behave indiscreetly. We guard secrets as determinedly as we guard our outstanding reputation.

Data gathering is inherent. Without data we’d be wandering up the proverbial blind alley. That’s a waste of your time, money, goodwill and trust. It doesn’t work well for private investigators either.

There are several avenues that private investigators can pursue, some of them are not in the public domain and can only be accessed by licensed and qualified professionally accredited private investigators.

Official channels.

  • Government/local authority records.
  • HMRC.
  • DVLA.
  • Passport office.
  • Bank information.
  • Credit card data.
  • Utility bills.
  • Court records.
  • Criminal records.
  • Medical records.
  • Dental records.

 Online resources:

  • Private investigators specialist databases for local and global use.
  • Social media platforms.
  • Blogs.
  • The internet.

We take information via these routes as snapshots to build upon.

The bulk of information gathered is normally gleaned from local sources who know the person or situation that our private investigators are working to resolve.

Local resources:

  • Private investigators interview partner/family/friends.
  • Talk to colleagues/employer/previous employer.
  • If a computer has been left behind then its history can be interrogated. For example mobile phone and laptop have gone but work PC can still be searched.
  • Surveillance operations utilising mobile and fixed private investigators.
  • Undercover work to ascertain facts.
  • Search the wheelie bin, this is also known as “Garbology” in the US! People’s rubbish can sometimes offer clues to dedicated private investigators.

With the above our private investigators have to factor in ulterior motives, disclosures which may be embellished and unsubstantiated rumour. Not all data is viable as a lead and as experienced experts we know how to evaluate and rate evidence. We don’t choose to work on weak hearsay.

Astute private investigators don’t leave anything to chance and although some routes may not deliver useful results you can be sure that X Three Surveillance Ltd’s team refuse to compromise on service so we exhaust every possibility, analyse findings and use discernment and experience. Our private investigators offer top service, value for money and arguably most importantly, peace of mind.




Private Investigators

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Private Investigator

Famous Private Investigators

X Three Surveillance Ltd

Famous private investigators.

Private investigator to the stars #1.

Rick Crouch is a South African politician but he also has some interesting talents which quite possibly help his political career.

Impressively, he is a qualified pilot and a noted private investigator.

He was born on 6th September 1960 and his life has been filled with private investigator achievements.

In 1980 at the age nineteen he joined one of the opposition parties in South Africa, the Democratic Party. His stance against the apartheid in his country and his vocal opposition in what became known as the White Resistance movement led to his exile to the USA for his and his family’s safety.

Whilst there he qualified as a pilot and set up a private investigator and forensics firm. The list of notable clients that his firm worked for through their lawyers is said to have included Michael Jackson and Winona Ryder.

His nickname “PI to the stars” was derived from his elite private investigator client list. He also worked with law enforcement officers and the FBI and bounty hunting became a core part of the firm’s workload.

He returned to South Africa in 2005 and resumed his political career. He was named Councillor of the Year in 2012.

He didn’t forget his private investigator history, he has a South African based private investigation and forensics company of which he is the managing director and he has published a book on how to be a bounty hunter, a training manual for beginners.

Private investigator to the stars #2

Anthony Pellicano was another high profile private investigator to the stars. He was born in 1944 in Chicago and his private investigation career enjoyed the greatest success in Los Angeles. Celebrity clients trusted his handling of issues and the tabloid press.

Then, unfortunately for Pellicano he presumably forgot that he was a good guy, a private investigator.

His fall from grace was well documented and spectacular; Anthony Pellicano was a private investigator with a cache of crimes.

In 2002 the FBI raided his offices to find proof that a threat made against a particular film star had some form of association with him.

They found two grenades which had been modified to work as home made bombs. He pleaded guilty and was given a thirty month sentence. The day before his release he was told he faced new charges.

The disgraced private investigator was charged with 110 counts across a broad range of crimes from racketeering to identity theft to holding confidential information about high profile clients through telephone tapping.

The trial was delayed several times as more evidence and research was carried out.

Anthony Pellicano eventually went to trial.

He was sentenced to fifteen years in federal prison, appealed partially successfully but it’s believed that his release will be in 2019 when he is in his mid seventies.

Private investigators don’t turn to the wrong side of the law habitually, thankfully. People can trust the professional and honest private investigators at X Three Surveillance Ltd.

The first private investigation firms

X Three Surveillance Ltd. is Manchester’s finest and part of a rich history of private investigation firms.

Where did private investigation firms start?

Private investigation firms are commonly believed to have originated in France when Eugene Francois Vidocq formed The Office of Universal Information for Commerce and Industry. (Le Bureau des Renseignements Universels pour le commerce et l’Industrie) in 1833. This is the first known private investigation firm.

Vidocq was not only a soldier but a privateer and he hired ex convicts as investigators.

The official authorities sought to close his operation down and discredit him. However, Eugene Francois Vidocq is credited with the invention of criminology, investigational record keeping and he was the first to make plaster casts of shoe prints and to use ballistics in investigations.

He is said to have never reported a thief who had a genuine and dire need for the items they’d stolen.

The role of private investigation firms in the early years seems to have been to act as the police did but to the client’s satisfaction. If the client felt that the authorities had not investigated someone or something adequately a private investigation firm would do the work that the client believed was essential but the police did not or that they had no resources to deploy to.

These private investigation firms offered armed guard services and worked with clients towards labour dispute resolutions.

One of the first and most notable private investigation firms in the UK was set up by Charles Frederick Field, a friend of Charles Dickens.

When he retired from the Metropolitan Police in 1852 where he’d been chief of the Detective Branch for four years he opened his private investigation firm. He’d joined the police force upon its creation in 1829 when he was 24 years old.

Dickens often went out with the police and later Field’s private investigators because he was fascinated by their work and they provided him with information for articles in his publications.

Dickens wrote several articles about Field and his private investigation firm, its work and celebrated its cases. This helped to raise its profile and that of private investigation firm’s skills and benefits.

Field is reputedly the base for Dicken’s Bleak House’s Inspector Bucket.

Charles Field had wished to be an actor in his youth and during his private investigation firm’s cases he was often to be found wearing disguises and acting a part, even when it wasn’t necessary for him to be undercover.

He passed away in 1874.

The first female private investigator hailed from the U.S.A.

Kate Warne worked for Allan Pinkerton’s agency after successfully arguing that women could be effective detectives which in the 1850’s was thought rather unlikely by men!

She worked on many of the private investigation firm’s cases, encouraged other women in to the field and set the standard.

During the American Civil War she was a covert war intelligence gatherer.

She caught pneumonia in January 1868 and died aged 38 years old.

Cheating Partner in Manchester

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Catch a Cheating Partner in Manchester

Cheating partner in Manchester, think again!

X Three Surveillance Ltd

Technology is great. People can use it for two types of activity, the good and the bad.

Good, in that you can buy shopping at 3a.m. in your pyjamas from under your duvet, bad in that cheating partners in Manchester have the world at their fingertips.

Cheating partners in Manchester account for a large proportion of X Three Surveillance Ltd’s workload. They can carry on several relationships at once and who will ever find out?

Maybe you shouldn’t be so confident.

Cheating partner in Manchester, we’re on to you…

Cheating partner in Manchester #1

Cheating partner in Manchester number 1 thought they’d been clever. They had deleted texts and e-mails and thought that was adequate but they’d forgotten something extremely important. Computers have memories and so do apps. Many people remember that a computer has cookies and empty their cache but apps aren’t always treated with the same diligence. Clearing one does not empty the other so an app can be a cheating partner’s unwitting enemy.

Cheating partner in Manchester #2

They had covered their tracks but not well enough so the experts at X Three Surveillance Ltd. had very little trouble finding the weak spot and the cheating partner in Manchester was soon discovered.

Search engines normally have auto complete functions so when you type in a name it will try to complete the search name to save you typing. It uses frequently searched terms including e-mail and social media pages.

If the non cheating partner suspects the name or names of people who may be enjoying time with their other half we can type these details in. The computer will guess and auto complete based on previous searches so if the cheating partner in Manchester has visited Doris or Bert’s social media page twenty times in a few days but seldom mentioned them this acts as a clue. If they behave peculiarly when Doris/Bert is mentioned then we also use this to investigate a cheating partner in Manchester.

Cheating partner in Manchester #3

He was a clever cheating partner in Manchester but no match for us! There was no browser history or app history, no e-mail trails, no texts, no searches made on the home PC (they only used their mobile and work PC for contact with their co-cheater) and they believed that their password proof PC and phone couldn’t betray them.

Did you know that there is software available which captures passwords and records everything? For example, screenshots can be taken at preset intervals so if you are having an e-mail chat with someone you shouldn’t be and the software takes a screenshot, you’re caught. In the software’s invisible mode a cheating partner in Manchester won’t know that they are being monitored.

Our example didn’t know this technology existed either. They do now.

X Three Surveillance Ltd. delivers excellence, technology and ingenuity. Be warned cheating partners in Manchester, we have seen enough “improbable” situations that we don’t treat many scenarios as impossible.

10 awful cheating partner excuses.

X Three Surveillance Ltd’s expert private investigator in Manchester team love wit, ingenuity and intelligence as much as anyone else but these reactions from cheating partners really take the biscuit!

They’re not unique to Greater Manchester, these lines are universal, but our private investigator in Manchester team wanted to share them:

  1. “I’m working as a private investigator in Manchester.” Ingeniously, ahem, a cheating partner tried to defend herself by claiming that the reason she was working late and disappearing at odd hours was because she’d taken a ;job as a private investigator in Manchester. We’re honoured; most people tell their other half that they’re a spy!
  2. “She caught me out cheating but if she hadn’t hired a private investigator in Manchester then she wouldn’t be crying now, would she? It’s your (the private investigator’s) fault.” Umm.
  3. Our private investigator in Manchester team often hear this “Our relationship/marriage was dead long before now.” That’s not actually a wonderful reason for cheating and it’s been flogged to death!
  4. “I never wanted to marry you.” This was said by a wife to her husband of a few months. She’d apparently cheated on her husband on the night before her wedding and for months after. Our private investigator in Manchester team doesn’t enjoy telling people that their fairytale is a tissue of lies.
  5. “I’m bored.” Well, chances are that having been discovered as a cheating partner in Manchester by local experts that life will become far from uninteresting.
  6. “It wasn’t love. It was sex.” If our private investigator in Manchester team had £1 for every time that this line has been said then we’d be retired by now!
  7. “It was the website/chat room’s fault.” According to some erring people their lack of loyalty and integrity is because the technology available to them is irresistible and so they are victims of progress.
  8. This response to a partner challenging them about an affair is predictable and implausible in equal measure: “You weren’t meant to find out.” Well, that’s alright then!
  9. This one is not one that our private investigator in Manchester team members have heard personally – yet – but we know it has been said: “I cheated to remind myself how much I love you.” We don’t think that was a crumb of comfort to the cheated on partner.
  10. Finally, the old private investigator in Manchester classic. It’s so tired it should have whiskers and a pension. It’s so much used that it should be outlawed or made in to a catchphrase. Bizarrely, despite its heavy use cheaters still believe this is a credible “reason” for cheating, as if these three words placed together in one excruciating sentence explain every misdemeanour in the world: “I was drunk.”

X Three Surveillance Ltd’s private investigator in Manchester team discreetly discover cheating partners and we know that our services are necessary, though not always the stuff of fairytales.

Call our private investigator in Manchester team to recover peace of mind.


Our private detectives in Manchester team realises that revenge isn’t a great way to move on from a cheating partner even if it does offer a sweet moment of satisfaction.

We often hear tales from cheated on partners and our private detectives in Manchester have listed their top 5 scary/funny revenges but please remember that our private detectives in Manchester team are not advocating any of them.

This blog is for entertainment purposes only.

  1. Our private detectives in Manchester cringe at this one: Date one of your ex’s closest friends. There’s a double ouch factor here.

Our private detectives in Manchester know many see this as friendship betrayal and if you do date their friend then it’s going to cause massive jealousy and friction. Weigh up how much you want to exact revenge against how much you want to ruin their friendship. Is the hassle worth it?

  1. Post it note revenge. Our private detectives in Manchester team members have learned of this happening on more than a few occasions. This revenge is best kept fun, you don’t want to earn the ex the sack or a lifetime of mortification. No, you don’t.

A post it note with something witty on it can be attached to an ex easily in a group. They can tell the world their feet smell, that they’re a cheater, that they are vain, that they can’t hold their drink or that they’re wearing a wig.

It should be a little something to remember you by not something they can sue you for.

NOTE: This has also been done with a bumper sticker but this constitutes vandalism. Our private detectives in Manchester urge you NOT to use this approach unless you want a criminal record.

  1. Our private detectives in Manchester team have worked on “clearing up the mess” after this activity a few times! Set up a lonely hearts ad or website dating profile so that the ex is kept busy on their e-mail or their mobile phone fielding responses from hopeful love interests. You’re helping him or her to reach their potential; as they cheated on you they obviously think that they’re the world’s greatest!
  2. Turn up on a date he or she is having. You can extol your cheating ex’s “virtues,” go in to depth about their bad habits and well, generally be a nuisance for a couple of minutes. Don’t make a habit of this or you may be arrested for stalking or harassment!
  3. If your ex is on a restaurant date simply phone the restaurant, describe the ex and ask the waiter or waitress to go to their table with a message like…”Your wife would like to know what time you’ll be home.” “Your husband has forgotten which setting the dishwasher needs to be on. Could you call him?” That should kill a date stone dead!

Our private detectives in Manchester have heard many other devious and comical revenge tales but as professional private detectives in Manchester we strongly suggest that you NEVER break the law or go too far because you may find yourself part of our private detectives in Manchester caseload.

Lie Detector Tests in Manchester

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Lie Detector Test in Manchester

X Three Surveillance Ltd

Polygraph Experts in Manchester

photo-copy copy

How does a lie detector work?

A lie detector, also called a polygraph machine, reveals when deception is being used.

They are currently utilised by professionals but a new lie detector which incorporates visual activity in addition to physiological clues is being trialled.

In the past polygraph machines were analogue with little needles which illustrated the physiological responses on a scroll of paper. Today, digital technology is not only professional and accurate it employs algorithms and computer screens. A lie detector test can seldom be beaten.

At X Three Surveillance Ltd. we are trained in the skills of administering and analysing lie detector tests. Whether you’ve seen them on the television, used in a criminal investigation or read about them, almost everyone is familiar with their name.

Some media reports have claimed that within ten years lie detector tests will be widely adopted in everyday situations like job interviews.

Perhaps you’re sceptical or believe that auto suggestion makes people respond guiltily. Maybe you feel that the test is easy to misread and that the results of a lie detector test can’t be trusted.

The team at X Three Surveillance know there is a viable scientific base to lie detector tests and that the technology used is configured to evaluate when all is not as it should be.

The most important point is that it’s the body that’s doing the talking and not the mouth during lie detector tests. In many cases the bodily responses contradict words.

Usually four-six sensors are attached to the subject of the test.

These sensors are to highlight any involuntary bodily responses. Whilst under stress and actively deceiving someone physiological responses will manifest regardless of how well the subject tries to verbally enforce a lie.

The sensors monitor:

Heart rate and blood pressure -These are normally measured on the upper arm. The data uses transducers to transform in to electronic signals for the lie detector.

Perspiration – Also called electro-dermal activity or galvanic skin response. Sensors are attached to fingertips and fingers, the most porous areas of the body. Humans perspire more when lying and sweating fingers conduct electricity more effectively than dry fingers. Lie detector evidence of conductivity and moisture is compelling.

Respiration. – This uses pipes around the chest and abdomen, two pneumographs which convert the amount of displaced air in to electronic signals.

Arm and leg movements may also be assessed and an involuntary twitch or fidgeting is a great source of information.

The polygraph machine records data from the sensors around the body and constructs a graph which tells the lie detector test official whether lies are being told.

Every physiological alteration will be transmitted and reflected on the graph.

Prior to the actual test pre test questions are used for a baseline reading.

The examiner profiles the subject.

The test is carried out.

The lie detector test readings are expertly analysed.

A conclusion is reached via the physiological data and profiling.

Lie detector tests with X Three Surveillance Ltd. uncover deceit, rebuild trust and resolve issues.

What happens during a lie detector test?

There’s a high probability that anyone taking a lie detector test will feel guilty even if they are innocent, this is human nature. The lie detector test process is not a ten minute one, it can take well over an hour before the actual test begins but no time is wasted.

The subject of the test will be attached to a polygraph (lie detector) machine via sensors, wires and tubes. These will record any physiological changes in the subject during the entire lie detector test process.

Digital technology, algorithms and electronic signals are core to the success and accuracy of a lie detector test.

The heart rate, blood pressure, perspiration and other involuntary responses are monitored meticulously. During a lie detector test the subject can concentrate on their words without realising that their body is telling a story very much to the contrary.


The lie detector test process:


  1. Prior to the lie detector test itself the examiner will normally have a chat with the subject and learn about them and the situation that has brought them this point.
  2. During this stage the examiner profiles the subject. This is a vital tool for understanding how the subject reacts during responses, how they digest information and their tell tale signs and habits.
  3. Questions are devised which suit the individual situation and these are checked with the subject.
  4. The actual test. Approximately ten questions are asked in the test but only three to five of these will be analysed. The others are control questions and won’t be suitable for a yes/no response, also known as closed questioning. If the subject tries to reply with just a yes or no then this can speak volumes about their deliberate need or wish not to expand on something. For example, X Three Surveillance Ltd’s team may ask if you like living in Manchester and why.
  5. Using the core questions the data from the lie detector test is read. Physiological information which shows significant changes often signals deception. Any questions which were asked a few times may have been asked to assure the examiner of the same reaction when under pressure and deceiving.
  6. The examiner has been trained to perform these tests so the questions, profiling and analysis will be accurate. The “verdict” will be delivered professionally.

The skilled and qualified lie detector test examiners at X Three Surveillance Ltd. don’t treat the test as if it is part of a TV show in which there are pauses for effect or drawn out conclusions. We’re not playing with people’s lives for fun; we’re aiming for accuracy, compassion, empathy and aptitude.

X Three Surveillance Ltd’s experts don’t make a horrible situation last for one moment longer than it has to and although a lie detector test can be gruelling it can also bring relief, resolution and a firm base from which to move forward.

Lie detector tests have a positive impact because suspicions can be replaced by certainties.

Can you outwit X Three’s lie detector experts Manchester team?

Guilty people try to ensure an innocent reading when they take a lie detector test with us.

X Three’s lie detector experts Manchester team have seen almost every trick in the book, some are more convincing than others, a few defy belief and others unwittingly tell us all, which is obviously the reverse of the client’s intention!

Whilst we aren’t going to betray all of our trained and qualified lie detector experts Manchester team secrets (we’re not daft) we will tell you the commonly employed techniques which subjects use to try to steer us off course.

This information is given so that should you be inclined to cheat you save yourself a lot of time and effort. We’re lie detector experts Manchester and further afield. We know what we’re looking for, what you don’t realise you’re telling us and how to kid a kidder!

X Three’s lie detector experts Manchester operatives have known clients who’ve tried to confuse us, here’s how:

  • Deliberately answered yes or no to every question.
  • Denied the relevance of any event, person or situation.
  • Joked with our lie detector experts Manchester.
  • Hesitated before answering all questions.
  • Aimed to control their breathing to 15-30 breaths per minute.
  • Controlled or altered their breath during control questions, sometimes by thinking of something frightening or upsetting.
  • Offered peculiar or “clever” answers to our lie detector experts Manchester e.g. Q: What day of the week is it? A: Same as this time last week.
  • Practiced their responses repeatedly pre test.
  • Ignored the polygraph results from our lie detector experts Manchester even when these are significantly active.
  • Pre test day subjects often study lie detector tests, X Three’s lie detector experts Manchester, common questioning techniques and the types of questions asked.
  • Act like a novice when they’re an expert on lie detector tests and machines –and “know” how to outwit us.
  • Behave like a friend. We’re professional lie detector test experts Manchester operatives. We are polite and affable but we don’t actually want to be your new best friend!

Our lie detector experts Manchester team don’t recommend any of the following techniques:

  • Tacks placed in the shoe. Ouch. Some use a tack to provide a visible response after every question so the results are consistent but they’re intended to confuse our lie detector experts Manchester team.
  • Hyper activity, fidgeting, purposeful twitching. e.g. frequent wriggling or cheek biting.
  • Sedatives have been used to throw results in to disarray.
  • Deodorant has been deployed on areas of the body including fingertips so that sweat is less prevalent during deception.

Medications should be disclosed to X Three’s lie detector test experts Manchester team so that the test can be taken with this knowledge. Sometimes the subject is deemed ineligible for testing because medication conflicts with the technology and physiology.

Our lie detector experts Manchester team look forward to more cunning tricks and schemes and outwitting fibbers.

Tracing – Not on The Electoral Register

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How To Find Someone Who Isn’t On The Electoral Register

When you’re looking to find a long lost relative, friend, or even school acquaintance, the first place most people turn to is the Electoral Register. It’s the same register behind many of the websites online such as peopletracer.co.uk, and whitepages.co.uk allowing you to trace almost anyone, living anywhere in the United Kingdom.

There’s a problem though because it doesn’t always work.

For it to work, you need to know the name of the person you’re looking for and often for women, the surname changes after a marriage. When that happens, you’re left looking for a previous entity that is now non-existent on the electoral register.

In order to trace them back, you need to delve back into their history, sometimes going right back to their school days.

You can do this using social engineering.

Facebook is where your search begins. On here, you can find nearly anyone and if the person isn’t easy to find, you’ll likely be able to think of someone else they were friends with in their earlier life that has a public profile on Facebook. Even going by their age, you can find people who went to the same school, were in the same year as them, and even those in the same class.

From there, it’s as simple as going through their contacts to find others the person you’re trying to trace is connected with. That in itself is often effective.

When that turns out nothing, there’s a good chance there’s been a name change. To discover new names, you need to turn your search attention to http://www.ancestry.co.uk/. While it may not be updated to reflect the new married name of the person you’re searching for, you’ll be able to piece together a lot of the relations to the person that they’re still in contact with online.

You can take each relative and search social media profiles for connections. Often you’ll find on public profiles, you can view the connections people have which will show a headshot of their friends.

When you can match a face to a name, you have the new name. You can then go back through your data, cross-referencing what you know about someone against available information to ensure you have found the right person.

When you’ve verified the new name, you can then plug that information into any people search engine, or even Google, to find out more about them. 192.com could even give you their telephone number if it’s listed publicly.

When the person is older, it can sometimes be the case that it is a son or daughter with the same name you uncover.

Another, deeper, option is to delve into LinkedIn, Indeed and Monster…

This is about tracing through professionalism. The majority of people with an education and a career focus will be on searchable CV databases. The three services mentioned above are a few of the largest online directories that you can search.

If you know the name of a company someone worked at, you can turn your search to a search engine such as Google, Bing or Yahoo, and search for company publications such as Press Releases, often distributed and syndicated online.

With the names of companies a person has worked for, there are a number of associations that could then be linked to them.

You can just search online for name + profession. Such as Joe Smith + Royal Mail and you could discover the profile of the person who works at or has listed somewhere that they worked in that position within whatever firm it was.

Whether you’re looking to trace a friend, long lost relative, or establish connections with your distant family, there are ways to find anyone you want to connect with and you don’t need to rely on the electoral register to find them. That’s the easiest option, and the first thing to do to find someone but if your search turns up empty, you need to get more creative with your searching and tap alternative resources to trace people to where they are now, wherever in the world they are.

Need assistance in your tracing enquiry? Let the experts find the person for you, No find No fee Guarantee.


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Is Your Ex Hiding His / Her Finances From You ?

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Documenting Evidence That Your Ex Is Duping the CSA

Self-employment and the CSA are two very complex issues, which in too many cases leaves the single parent without a leg to stand on.

You see…

With self-employment, figures are reported annually and it’s the figures supplied by the self-employed that are used as the basis for the amount to be paid towards child maintenance.

Unfortunately, it’s all too easy for the figures to be duped. All sorts of accounting practices can be harnessed to increase expenditure on paper, lowering the total profits turned by the business the person is operating.

For couples who have split up, and cannot come to amicable agreements between them, it’s left to the CSA to be the middle agency determining the amounts to be paid and putting the steps in place for you to receive your payments.

However, any party with an agreement with the CSA can have their case reviewed. When your former partner does this, it can see your weekly maintenance slashed with little input from you. In order for you to appeal, you need to have evidence to support your claim that the figures presented by your former partner are indeed fabricated.

Short of you tailing them, digital camera in hand, snapping photos of them out dancing, going to the cinema, fine wining and dining… pretty much living the high life, while you’re left with all the financial burden, there’s little you can do to prove you’re right and legitimately entitled to be paid more than you’re currently being paid from your ex.

For that reason, it’s worth considering, if you can afford it, hiring someone to compile reports that the CSA will accept and use as concrete evidence that figures are being manipulated in order to lessen the amount of money paid towards your child.

It is frustrating to know that your former partner is working, especially when you’re privy to the income they had. There are instances where former partners know their ex was bringing in tens of thousands, but declare to the CSA lower income, often leading to single parents being paid less than £10 per week. They feel powerless as there’s little the CSA can do to challenge what they’ve been presented with – fabricated figures.

Well, here’s how you can make a start towards…

Proving your ex should be paying you more in child maintenance

Unfortunately, it’s up to you to prove your ex’s finances are inconsistent with their lifestyle. The CSA don’t go to the extent of investigating cases on an individual basis, other than assessing the figures they’re presented with.

Social media is where to turn

What you shouldn’t do is let him or her know you’re onto them. Keep things on the down low, don’t communicate that you’re unhappy with the amount being paid because they will keep their lifestyle as close to their chest as possible.

Keep an eye on their social media posts and those of their friends. Document when they’re out. Print the photos out, where they went out for lunch, a night on the town and holiday destinations they’ve visited, including the hotels they stayed at.

Research the going rates at the time they went abroad, or stayed at a hotel or caravan park here in the UK.

On Facebook, take advantage of the “check-in” feature as that will show when they’re out and about, where they are checking in at. If that’s a luxury spa resort, then keep that information documented as evidence for your appeal.

However, there’s another challenge you’re likely to be presented with. That you prove their lifestyle far exceeds the amount they claim to be earning and they counter it by saying their lifestyle is supported by what their new partner earns.

For you to counter that, it’s going to take you on an entirely new path to investigate the partner.

It can be an incapacitating nightmare when you’re in difficult circumstances with an ex and have a child in the middle. However, there’s no reason that your former partner should not be paying towards the cost of his/her child. They are legally obliged to pay for their upkeep and putting money into a savings account doesn’t cut it because the money is to pay for the child’s upkeep and living expenses now; not for what they may or may not need in the future. What they need now is for their other parent to be paying a fair amount.

It can take a while to get things into place and to be paid the amount you’re due but it certainly can be done. You need to build your own case that documents the lifestyle your ex is leading and be able to present your case in a way that proves his or her current finances is inconsistent with the lifestyle they are leading.

A few months of documentation can pay for a few years of additional maintenance.

Do you need help proving that your ex is working when he or she says that they’re not, or to prove that they are working more then they are telling you and the CSA? 



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How Private Investigators Can Discover Digital Data You Thought You Had Lost

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How Private Investigators Can Discover Digital Data You Thought You Had Lost.

Losing data isn’t good when you realise you need to access that on your computer. There’s also times when it’s a golden ticket for fraudsters to harness your confidential data, steal it right off the hard drive, and you’d be none the wiser.

Other times, there are deliberate actions that can be taken to ensure data is permanently gone, or tweak the technology slightly to ensure nothing is ever wiped clean automatically.

Lines of code are all that control every piece of digital data.

Know the code, you can know a lot of information you wouldn’t otherwise have.

This same type of knowledge is what enables detectives and private investigators to peek inside of devices thought to have been scrubbed.

However, it’s not always the case you’ll recover data. The trick to knowing if your data is recoverable rests with your knowledge.

In technology terms, it’s acronyms for everything. Here’s what those are:

  • SSD – Solid State Drive
  • HDD – Hard Disk Drive

HDD storage media is the problematic one because it uses magnetic media. Every time the processor is running, data is being written to the hard drive using binary code (1s and 0s). The only true way to be sure data is destroyed on a HDD is to install software specifically to write to the hard drive.

Since the data is recorded in binary code, software is available to install on devices specifically to rewrite over existing data and change the order of the binary numbers, which in essence corrupts the data files making it impossible to recover because the original binary code is no longer available. Not even in back up files, unless they’re backed up through cloud services such as Dropbox.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or tower. There’s one type of drive, and depending on the type and if it’s been customised, there could be more than one drive installed.

HDD is the problematic drive for data protection. The information is recoverable from the drive using data recovery software to find deleted files, or rewriting software to write directly to the hard drive, corrupting the binary codes to destroy data.

SDD isn’t always a fail-safe though because of the Windows TRIM command

Know the way you’re always hearing advice from tech experts about the importance of keeping software updated?

It couldn’t be truer than when you’re dealing with your Windows operating system.

The TRIM command is a feature used in Windows using Solid State Drives. When you delete a file, it automatically trims the file to free up memory space. Since that’s done as soon as you click delete on a file, that file is then corrupted and irrecoverable. The caveat is you need to be running Windows version 7, 8, 8.1 or 10.

The TRIM command is not supported in Vista.

For computers using the Vista operating system with SDD, data isn’t removed automatically so it may be recoverable. For all other operating systems, especially if you’ve bought a second-hand laptop or other device with a buyback arrangement when you want to upgrade. Don’t fall for that scam because the TRIM command can be disabled.

Here’s how to check your system is truly deleting data:

  1. Ensure you are logged onto the system as an administrator as you do need Admin privileges to run this command.
  2. Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 – open the Start Menu and type command in the search field.
  3. Right click and select run as administrator
  4. You may be prompted about changes to your computer setting. If the pop up activates, select yes to allow changes.
  5. Copy the next line of text exactly as it is…

fsutil behavior query DisableDeleteNotify

  1. Paste that into the command prompt screen
  2. Hit enter
  3. If the TRIM feature is enabled (which you want it to be) it will display under your command prompt that you pasted in to show the text DisableDeleteNotify = 0.
  4. If the zero value is replaced with a one, then when files are deleted, they aren’t entirely. If that’s the case, the command prompts to enable and disable the TRIM command are:

fsutil behavior set DisableDeleteNotify 0 (enables TRIM)

fsutil behavior set DisableDeleteNotify 1 (disables it)

Realistically, there’s no reason to disable the feature, unless of course, you suspect something and want or need to know. As an example, if you want to keep a closer eye on your kids by finding photos or videos snapped by the webcam and then deleted from the system. By disabling TRIM, you’ll be able to use software such as Recuva, or other data recovery software.

Knowledge truly is a powerful thing.

An important disclaimer: X Three Surveillance is in no way advocating the use of Windows TM TRIM Command, or other snooping techniques for deception, fraudulent or other unsavoury purposes. There are legal considerations with respect to people’s privacy rights and data protection laws to protect data.

Do not tamper with computers in your workplace!

Should you really need to access digital data for peace of mind, or any other reason, consult with someone who knows the legal ins and outs of investigations. Otherwise, the information above is intended for your personal use, giving you more control over your confidential information – in particular when you’re getting rid of any equipment that has a hard drive installed.

Wipe them clean always before discarding them.

Catch a Cheating Partner

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Ready To Catch A Cheating Spouse?

Got your suspicions and not quite sure if your supposedly better half is doing the dirty? Now is the time to get your serious cap on and dig right into a fact finding journey to get to the bottom of it.

Here’s why…

February is the nervous month for the guilty. It’s also the best time to catch the cheats out, and it’s why us private I’s make darn sure we’re at the top of our game.

It’s not because we want to destroy your relationship

… It’s because we know it’s destroying you.

If it is happening, you’d want to know and if it’s not, you’d definitely want to know; and preferably before Valentine’s Day, so you can get through it with your worries gone.

Now, for those of you with that little voice creeping in saying…

It’s only me, I’m clingy, he or she’s just busy and I’m over reacting.

We’ve heard it and will tell you this:

Everybody over reacts at times but it’s not all the time they are. Sometimes you’re right to be.

At X Three Surveillance, our Professional Investigator service primarily covers twelve areas:

  1. Ashton-Under-Lyne
  2. Bolton
  3. Bury
  4. Hale
  5. Hazel Grove
  6. Manchester
  7. Oldham
  8. Rochdale
  9. Salford
  10. Stockport
  11. Wilmslow
  12. Wythenshaw

We know them all well enough to tell you the real sobering statistics…

Of those twelve areas, five of them made it onto the Official Infidelity Index for last year. That’s 41% of our operational territory that has over three thousand affairs taking place right now.

Source: https://www.illicitencounters.com/map/standalone

What’s worse?

That’s only going by the statistics of one dating service. It’s not accounting for Ashley Madison, Undercover Lovers, Victoria Milan, Marital Affair or workplace affairs, and other incidental flings. It’s a mere 3% of what’s really going on.

There’s no doubt…

You could use a few good pointers to make sure you’re not the one being played.

You’re covered…

  1. Read between the lines of the browser history

The first thing is to snoop around the computer. That’s usually where it starts and continues. Don’t think InPrivate browsing or going incognito means you can’t find out a thing or two.

Pull up the browser history and it’ll show the web pages visited but more importantly – the time and date.

You aren’t going to find Ashley Madison suddenly pop right out at you in the history, but you will be able to see the time and measure the gap.

This part’s missed when people go InPrivate.

Click the links in the history to see the web page. Time yourself reading the content or look at the length of time a video runs for. Then compare how long it took you to read or should’ve took to watch a video and see if it lines up with the time gap.

You could find there’s been ten minutes spent on WilliamHill.com looking at the football line-up to put a coupon on at the weekend. That’s followed by a Youtube video that you see lasts 3:47. That video has been opened at 23:44, and then there’s nothing after that. Yet you know they’ve been on the computer ‘til the early hours and certainly not hitting replay on a four minute video for hours.

Kind of like knowing they sneaked into a hotel room, stayed a few hours and then left. You can pretty much draw your own conclusions.

Don’t be too quick to judge though…

For all you know, they’re researching a surprise break away to Paris, or secretly looking for an engagement ring that’ll be perfect. Or secretly have an addiction to some fetish on a porn site and are too embarrassed to share.

Instead, dig more and…

  1. Check the car odometer because that can tell you a lot

When you suspect there’s a reason for more gym trips with no visible signs of change, see if the care mileage matches up.

For example…

If there’s 25 miles been clocked up and the gym’s only a five minute drive, then it’s safe to say the car went further than the gym. If that happens regular, you might want to consider vehicle tracking to find out exactly where that trip is heading.

Now ask yourself this…

  1. Has the finances taken a nosedive?

Dating doesn’t come cheap. There are usually frequent trips to the ATM or higher credit card bills. Since credit card statements and bank statements are itemised, cash is the preferred option when doing the dirty. It’s seen as untraceable spending.

Then there’s the credit card that’s usually used in the supermarket that suddenly becomes a worry.

All the extra hours put into work that should boost the next pay cheque, only to find your finances worse off.

There’s probably a reason.

It could be underperforming on the job or overperformance off the job.

One makes more income; the latter squanders it with nothing to show for it.

Contact us today to find out what’s really going on!

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