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Bug Sweeping

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures - "Bug Sweeping"

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Bug Sweeping Services

Bug Sweeping Sevices

With technology developing at speed and various audio / visual bugs being more readily available, people need reassurance that their private conversations are in fact private. The only way to confirm or deny such suspicions is by utilising our highly sophisticated equipment and expertise.

Bug Sweeping in Manchester – Introduction Video

Bug Sweeping Investigations

Have you wondered how someone knew something about your private matter? Maybe your partner mentioned something that you know you haven’t told them or perhaps your competitors in business seem to know a lot about your business all of a sudden? Why not contact our manchester private detectives to complete a bug sweeping service of your home or office to ensure that you really haven’t been bugged.

Bug sweeping is a specialist skill and needs to be completed by experts. Here at X Three Surveillance we can detect hidden spy devices easily to give you the peace of mind that your home or business is not being bugged. We complete all bug sweeping confidentially and discreetly at a time that suits you or your business.

Bug sweeping is a specialist skill, X Three Surveillance can detect hidden spy devices in your workplace or your home giving you the piece of mind you need.

Bug Sweeping Investigations

With the ever increasing availability of audio and video bugs available on the market it can be very easy for someone to bug your home or business and there are many ways they can get the bugs into your home. Sometimes they will be built into something you already own so you will not notice them but they will be picking up every sight or sound within your home.

A bug can be placed in your home or business via unauthorised entry when you are not at the property or by someone posing as an electricity reader, sales person or maintenance man but is actually an agent for a private detective firm. A friend, loved one or colleague who you think you can trust may have also placed the audio or video bug in your house or you may have received an unexpected gift and this has a bug within it. Alternatively it could be externally attached to your phone line to listen in to your calls.

You may think it is only celebrities and well known personalities that are being bugged by the media but everyday people are being bugged all the time. It could be a partner that thinks you are cheating on them, a company monitoring your moves, or a business or individual that wants to find out personal details about you.

There are literally hundreds of audio and visual bugs on the market so if you think your home or office is being bugged why not call us, we can give you peace of mind you want.

X Three have the ability to conduct various difficult and problematic sweeps and offer that reassuring feeling once we have found issues or given an all clear to our clients.

Contact us for a full brief of our bug sweeping services.

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Bug Sweeping

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The ‘Whys?’ of Getting Bugged

Anyone can get bugged, and throw in some suspicion and paranoia into that equation, and the belief that you are bugged grows even stronger. What we’re trying to get at here is that you do not have to get all worked up thinking that you may be bugged just because you can be bugged. The more important question here is why would someone want to bug you? Do you think that officers could be carrying out a surveillance on you for a valid reason, or your employer maybe? Could your competitor be trying to get their hands on some inside information? Does your spouse have a good reason to spy on you? Are you being stalked? If any of these questions prompted a yes, then get X Three Surveillance to Help.

Bug Sweeping

Bug SweepingBug Sweeping

Bug Sweeping

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