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Cheating Partner?

Catch a Cheating Partner in Manchester

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Catch a Cheating Partner in Manchester.


Catch A Cheating Partner in Manchester

Catch a Cheating Partner in Manchester – How We  Help

Here at X Three Surveillance we deal with a lot of cases of cheating partners, we see the hurt and pain that they have caused when speaking to the person that thinks their partner is cheating on them. When we have all the details and fully understand the suspicion we will set up an undercover operation for catching the cheating partner.

Catch a Cheating Partner in Manchester – Introduction Video

Catch a Cheating Partner – Our Advice

If you suspect that your partner or loved one is cheating on you then you are probably right. As the saying goes, there is no smoke without fire and by catching your cheating partner sooner rather than later you will save yourself a lot of hurt and pain and be able to move on with your life sooner.

Catch a Cheating Partner in Manchester

Catch a Cheating Partner in Manchester

If you have noticed that your partner is working late lots more than they used to, perhaps they are always answering the phone outside of the room, or look suspicious and quickly hide their phone when you walk in the room, then you need to contact our private investigators to complete our Catching Cheating Partners service.

Catch a Cheating Partner – Peace of mind

X Three Surveillance are experts in this field and have a wide range of services available to find out information about your partner, we will always work around your needs and your budget and we will endeavour to keep costs down.

Catch a Cheating Partner in Manchester

Catch A Cheating Partner in Manchester

‘If Your Partner Is Found Not To Be Cheating Then You Have Something Which Is Absolutely Priceless, You Have Piece Of Mind, Something That Will Help You Move Forward’. 

Catch a Cheating Partner in Manchester – Expert Help

Our private detectives can complete surveillance on your partner as part of our catching cheating partner’s service. We will keep a close on your partner, watching where they go, who they are with and what they do with the person.

Another popular service we offer as part of our catching cheating partners service is vehicle tracking, this means we will put a tracker on their vehicle and we will know where they are within 10 meters at all times. So if they say they are working late we will be able to see if they are still at work or in fact if they are cheating on you with someone else.

Will My Partner Ever Know? 

Our cheating partner’s service is taken on with privacy, discretion and professionalism. Your partner will never know we were watching them or that you have employed our services unless you tell them.

Our friendly team at X Three Surveillance will help you from start to finish, so don’t delay, get the answers, get the results, get moving on with your life.

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Cheating Partners Check List

If you find that your partner is showing signs of infidelity then get in touch – here is a list of our usual signs of a cheating partner.

A change in sexual appetite (decreased interest or increased interest)

Increased time spent away from home (Working Late?)

Cheating partners are sometimes distracted and daydreaming

A cheating partner is often “unavailable” while at work

A cheat may suddenly attend new functions outside of work

A Cheating partner may suggest that the two of you take separate holidays

A cheating partner who has a business may increase overnight business travel 

A cheating Partner may pick a fight and then storm out

A cheating partner may have unexplained coldness or agitation with you

Your friends and associates mention seeing your spouse out with someone

A cheat may hang-up calls received at your home

A cheating partner may suddenly take up a new hobby/interest and it doesn’t include you. (New gym membership) 

A cheating partner may say that they want more time alone, need more freedom, time to think etc..

A cheating partner may leave the house or go to another room to talk on their mobile

A cheating partner may use computers, ipads and mobiles alone and in secrecy

Mileage on the car may be higher than usual

A cheating partners clothes may smell of unusual perfume or cologne

A cheating Partner may begin to take more care of their grooming and personal hygiene

A cheating partner may begin working out and diet

Excessive new clothes purchases?

A cheating partner may get odd “gifts” from friends

They start hiding their mobile phone or keeping it with them at all times or turning it upside down when in view.

Unexplained stains on clothing, especially underwear

Unexplained payments on bank statements

A cheats mobile phone bill may contain calls with long duration

Cancelling the itemised billing for mobile accounts accounts

You may find that they have a second mobile phone that you knew nothing about

A cheat may have unexplained receipts in their wallet or purse

A cheating partner may have suspicious phone voice-mail messages

A cheating partner has suspicious mobile phone numbers stored or dialed

A cheating partner may begin erasing all incoming and outgoing calls on their mobile phone

Internet web browser history list contains unusual sites or has been completely deleted

Cheats may suddenly delete mobile phone text messages

A cheat may get hostile or argumentative if you ask where they’ve been

A cheating partners friends or co-workers may seem uncomfortable in your presence

A cheat may begin listening to a new type of music, changing drinking preferences, etc..

You may find condoms or birth control pills and they aren’t used in your relationship

Unexplained credit card expenses

A cheat may talk about a certain co-worker or friend and then abruptly stops mentioning them altogether.


Catch A Cheating Partner in Manchester

Catch A Cheating Partner in Manchester

Catch A Cheating Partner in Manchester

Remember, a cheat may display one, several, all or none of these, if in doubt speak to a professional and get answers today.


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