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Catch a Cheating Partner

Catch a Cheating Partner

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Ready To Catch A Cheating Spouse?

Got your suspicions and not quite sure if your supposedly better half is doing the dirty? Now is the time to get your serious cap on and dig right into a fact finding journey to get to the bottom of it.

Here’s why…

February is the nervous month for the guilty. It’s also the best time to catch the cheats out, and it’s why us private I’s make darn sure we’re at the top of our game.

It’s not because we want to destroy your relationship

… It’s because we know it’s destroying you.

If it is happening, you’d want to know and if it’s not, you’d definitely want to know; and preferably before Valentine’s Day, so you can get through it with your worries gone.

Now, for those of you with that little voice creeping in saying…

It’s only me, I’m clingy, he or she’s just busy and I’m over reacting.

We’ve heard it and will tell you this:

Everybody over reacts at times but it’s not all the time they are. Sometimes you’re right to be.

At X Three Surveillance, our Professional Investigator service primarily covers twelve areas:

  1. Ashton-Under-Lyne
  2. Bolton
  3. Bury
  4. Hale
  5. Hazel Grove
  6. Manchester
  7. Oldham
  8. Rochdale
  9. Salford
  10. Stockport
  11. Wilmslow
  12. Wythenshaw

We know them all well enough to tell you the real sobering statistics…

Of those twelve areas, five of them made it onto the Official Infidelity Index for last year. That’s 41% of our operational territory that has over three thousand affairs taking place right now.

Source: https://www.illicitencounters.com/map/standalone

What’s worse?

That’s only going by the statistics of one dating service. It’s not accounting for Ashley Madison, Undercover Lovers, Victoria Milan, Marital Affair or workplace affairs, and other incidental flings. It’s a mere 3% of what’s really going on.

There’s no doubt…

You could use a few good pointers to make sure you’re not the one being played.

You’re covered…

  1. Read between the lines of the browser history

The first thing is to snoop around the computer. That’s usually where it starts and continues. Don’t think InPrivate browsing or going incognito means you can’t find out a thing or two.

Pull up the browser history and it’ll show the web pages visited but more importantly – the time and date.

You aren’t going to find Ashley Madison suddenly pop right out at you in the history, but you will be able to see the time and measure the gap.

This part’s missed when people go InPrivate.

Click the links in the history to see the web page. Time yourself reading the content or look at the length of time a video runs for. Then compare how long it took you to read or should’ve took to watch a video and see if it lines up with the time gap.

You could find there’s been ten minutes spent on WilliamHill.com looking at the football line-up to put a coupon on at the weekend. That’s followed by a Youtube video that you see lasts 3:47. That video has been opened at 23:44, and then there’s nothing after that. Yet you know they’ve been on the computer ‘til the early hours and certainly not hitting replay on a four minute video for hours.

Kind of like knowing they sneaked into a hotel room, stayed a few hours and then left. You can pretty much draw your own conclusions.

Don’t be too quick to judge though…

For all you know, they’re researching a surprise break away to Paris, or secretly looking for an engagement ring that’ll be perfect. Or secretly have an addiction to some fetish on a porn site and are too embarrassed to share.

Instead, dig more and…

  1. Check the car odometer because that can tell you a lot

When you suspect there’s a reason for more gym trips with no visible signs of change, see if the care mileage matches up.

For example…

If there’s 25 miles been clocked up and the gym’s only a five minute drive, then it’s safe to say the car went further than the gym. If that happens regular, you might want to consider vehicle tracking to find out exactly where that trip is heading.

Now ask yourself this…

  1. Has the finances taken a nosedive?

Dating doesn’t come cheap. There are usually frequent trips to the ATM or higher credit card bills. Since credit card statements and bank statements are itemised, cash is the preferred option when doing the dirty. It’s seen as untraceable spending.

Then there’s the credit card that’s usually used in the supermarket that suddenly becomes a worry.

All the extra hours put into work that should boost the next pay cheque, only to find your finances worse off.

There’s probably a reason.

It could be underperforming on the job or overperformance off the job.

One makes more income; the latter squanders it with nothing to show for it.

Contact us today to find out what’s really going on!

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