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Catching Cheating Partners in Manchester

Catching Cheating Partners in Manchester

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Cheating partner statistics and stories to make you weep

Did you know that private investigators are hired increasingly in divorce cases?

In 2007, an article published in The Guardian revealed that private investigators were hired in over 50% of Britain’s divorce cases. In the years since this amount has grown – rapidly.

Technology has offered opportunities to cheating partners that could only have been dreamed of 30 years ago. The more temptation there is, it seems the more people fall foul of it. You never know who you may meet online or what they might want from you. Infidelity may seem fun but it can cost all parties dearly.

Remember, private investigators aren’t the last resort, we are the go-to resource for cheating partner investigations.

  • Over 20% over divorces record infidelity as the cause.
  • Social media is a great device to enable cheating.
  • The big cities provide the largest cheating percentages.
  • Interestingly, long commutes to and from work are a primary trigger for an affair to begin. This method of meeting people means cheating statistics rise above average.
  • At least 40%-80% of men 20%-70% of women confessed in a survey that they had cheated on a partner once, perhaps more.
  • 57% of cheaters have slept with their spouse and lover on the same day.
  • Men get the flack for being the cheaters but women are almost as likely to cheat as men. At X Three Surveillance . we have a liberal caseload of both sexes cheating partners investigations.
  • Did you know that being unhappy in a relationship does not directly influence infidelity rates? Whilst the bedroom activities impact on contentment, low self esteem and personal problems outside the relationship are also probable causes of a cheating partner scenario.


Case study 1:

Mike contacted us, in some distress. He was suspicious that his wife was cheating with his best friend but he couldn’t bring himself to confront them. It seemed too terrible to be true. He’d been watchful, witness their whispered conversations in corners and he’d asked subtle questions but there was no peace of mind. Mike couldn’t eat or sleep well and his work was suffering.

His life seemed to be one long game of “what if?” He needed answers although he suspected that the results a professional private investigator would deliver were not ones he’d welcome. By the time we’d taken the details we could tell that his instincts were not likely to be wrong. He wasn’t paranoid, going mad, imagining things or being unfair.

As horrible as it was for our private investigators to deliver the findings of the cheating partner investigation which confirmed his hunches, we believe that we provided him with facts that enabled him to confront his wife and best friend with confidence, evidence and without them having any room to deny or talk themselves out of their guilt.

Mike and his wife split. His wife moved in with the best friend. The best friend cheated on her, so rumour has it. Not that we listen to tittle-tattle!

Mike has remarried, not all relationships contain cheating, thankfully. The last time we heard from Mike he was philosophical. He counted the betrayal of his wife and friend as a blessing in disguise. Painful, unwanted and stressful but after the storm passed, he saw that he deserved integrity and real love. X Three Surveillance .’s private investigators had helped him to find it.  

You’ve probably heard of Ashley Madison, they made the news a while ago.

Their approach to cheating is, well, interesting.

They carried out a survey of 21600 of their members and learned that:

  • 88% of members had cheated on their partner.
  • 22% described their spouse as being great in bed.
  • 81% described the abilities of their lover as “accomplished.”
  • 84% of women cheated with five or fewer partners.
  • 33% of men cheated with six plus people.

Is bromide or a cheating partner investigation more urgent here?


  • 89% of men surveyed had cheated when drunk. 49% of women were inebriated when they cheated.
  • Men appear to like the excitement of an affair with a new partner more frequently than women who like the same partner and consistency.
  • Cheating partners have rules about what “cheating” is. 96% of men and 98% of women believe that kissing someone else is cheating.
  • In terms of technology, 32% of men thought that ‘sexting’ was overstepping boundaries, whilst 67% of women viewed it as a violation.

So, now that you’ve lost that romantic gleam in your eyes or maybe consolidated your suspicions into a viable scenario, let’s repair your faith a little.

Case study 2:

John was convinced that his wife Sue was cheating and called us for a cheating partner investigation. She was vague about her activities, flitted out “to the shop” with her mobile phone suddenly and was hiding paperwork. He’d seen her shove a handful of receipts in to a drawer as he’d walked in to the kitchen. The clues certainly led him and at first glance, our private investigators, to think that there was an affair going on. Or at least something worth investigating.

After we did a little detective work we were astounded, because this doesn’t routinely occur, she wasn’t cheating on him. She was arranging a surprise party for his 40th birthday, contacting old friends, disappearing at odd times to meet or talk to people from overseas and around the corner. Planning the catering, decorations, entertainment, clothes, booking a decoy activity to keep him busy on the day pre-party…she was a whirling dervish of party madness!

Discretion, loyalty and professionalism are paramount with our private investigators but we did have to “spoil” the surprise, if only to save a marriage. (Breaking confidence is an extreme rarity.) Being a private investigator isn’t always easy. We weighed up our options and had to tell him that she was working hard to show how much she loved him.

Call us softies but we love a romantic, happy story.  Unfortunately, we aren’t living in fairytale land so we can’t always make wishes of fidelity come true.

However, our private investigators and a cheating partner investigation will help you to move forward.

Suspect that you have a cheating partner? Call our private investigators

Case study:

A told B that he’d be working late for the foreseeable future thanks to a large order that the company he worked for had received. B was pleased, they were saving for a family holiday for them, their sons and two weeks in the sun.

However, all was not as it seemed. She noted that A was becoming increasingly moody which she initially ascribed to the increased working hours. She grew suspicious when the wage slips and bank payments did not reflect the number of hours which A appeared to be glued to his desk.

B challenged A about this, A was hostile, accused B of spying on him and counting every penny. When she secretly looked at the bank statement for his personal account (he’d hidden it in the back of the wardrobe) to see if funds were being diverted to it instead of the joint account she saw a number of transactions at restaurants, a hotel and for gifts she hadn’t received.

Proverbial alarm bells began to ring. It seemed likely that A was cheating but B wanted proof. She knew that accusing A without evidence meant that he’d either block her, counter accuse her or call her paranoid to swing the attention away from his activities.

B contacted X Three Surveillance .

She hated the thought of calling in specialists but appreciated that she must learn the truth, no matter how unpalatable. She had a right to know if A was abusing her trust.

Our private investigators were sympathetic, listened to her tale and her many apologies for “probably overreacting.” We have carried out enough cheating partner investigations to know that when someone picks up the phone and calls in our expert assistance they are normally correct. Instincts are rarely wrong and A was displaying typical cheating partner characteristics. The secrecy, hiding statements, assertive to aggressive responses when challenged; the dots were joining up.

Our cheating partner investigations are meticulously planned to achieve swift and accurate results so that our clients don’t have to endure uncertainty for longer than is absolutely necessary.

We placed a vehicle tracking device on A’s car.

This told us where A was going when he was supposedly at work. He wasn’t carrying out work based tasks after 5.30pm on any evening. He was arriving at the same private address across town at 6-6.15pm on each week day. The vehicle remained static for an average of 2 hours before travelling back to the marital home.

The weekend days that he’d worked were spent at the private address and on days out in the country, meals and a hotel. (A left the hotel at midnight. The other party stayed overnight.)

We also carried out surveillance and took photographic evidence so we knew, and could prove, exactly where the private address was, who lived there and surmised what was taking place. We didn’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to draw the conclusion that A was cheating on B as she suspected.

Delivering the results of a cheating partner investigation is rarely a happy task for our private investigators but we must tell the truth, it allows fact to replace suspicion and provides a solid base to move forwards from.

B sensed what we were going to tell her. She looked at the information and photographs provided and we were astounded to learn that the person that A was having an affair with was his line manager.

A peculiar sort of overtime.

B challenged A, at first without showing him any of the evidence. He denied her claim that he was cheating, said that she was stalking his every move, was losing her mind. And then she produced the photographs and documents with times, dates and names in full.

Suddenly, he was apologetic, conciliatory and asked her not to end the marriage because of the children.

She pointed out that he had not paid too much heed to her or their children’s feelings as he’d repeatedly cheated with his boss.

He vowed to end the affair.

We later learned from B that A had ended the affair but the trust in their relationship was gone. They used the holiday that they’d been saving for originally as a make or break time to salvage the marriage. The cheating partner investigation led to separation and divorce which were obviously hard to bear but B found peace of mind and started again, glad that she hadn’t ignored her instincts and thankful that she’d trusted leading private investigators with her case and that we’d acted with discretion and tact.

It may interest you to learn that A was an acquaintance of one of our private investigators. We don’t break confidentiality, whatever the reason. Although our private investigator was aware that A was under investigation there was no chance that he’d abuse the trust of B. It doesn’t matter if we drink with them at the pub, know them from the school run or if they came to our wedding 5 years ago. X Three Surveillance .’s clients are guaranteed privacy.

As a footnote, when the marriage ended A tried to build an honest relationship with his boss. She’d viewed the affair as a bit of fun and soon tired of the more mundane everyday relationship with him. They split, he had to find a new job and a new home.

B is still recovering from the loss of her marriage and trying to not tar everyone man with the same brush. She knows that not all men (or women) cheat. She just has to find the prince instead of kissing another frog.

If any of this resonates with you please contact us by phone or the chat option on screen. Remember, we’re human too. We don’t judge and we never belittle a situation. If it bothers you, it bothers our private investigators.   

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