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Cheating Partner in Manchester

Cheating Partner in Manchester

Cheating Partner in Manchester

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Cheating Partner Investigations in Manchester

Catch a Cheating Partner in Manchester

X Three Surveillance – Cheating Partner Specialists in Manchester

Cheating Partner inManchester

Do you need a cheating partner investigation?

Here, we look at Louise’s story and how X Three Surveillance’s outstanding cheating partner investigation operatives helped her to get facts and move forward positively.

“I’m happy to recommend X Three Surveillance to anyone who is concerned about their marriage. I noticed that something changed in my husband’s attitude and behaviour. He was working longer hours and wouldn’t commit to going to social events in case work called him in. When I pushed him to ensure he had that time off he grew defensive and accused me of being unreasonable and said that the world didn’t revolve around me.

I wondered whether he was overtired from working so much. I tried to convince myself that I was imagining that there was a greater problem and questioned my own behaviour. Was I being demanding? Was I nagging? Was I the major issue in the relationship? It felt safer for me to follow this thought process than to take action about his personality change.

When I explained my suspicions to a friend over a cuppa she didn’t reassure me. I had hoped that she’d tell me I was mistaken and to get on with my life. Instead, she asked, had I checked his credit card and bank statements for hotel and restaurant visits that I hadn’t been to? Gift receipts for items I didn’t receive? What about his mobile and e-mails?

Catch Cheating Partners

X Three Surveillance Catching Cheating Partners

My friend reminded me that if my husband of 12 years was cheating, that was a huge deception and that I had every right to ascertain if I was being played for a fool.

Guess what? Every statement, phone bill and receipt which should have been in the top drawer of the cabinet was missing. His e-mail history had been deleted. This was devastating to me because it confirmed that I was justified in my worries.

Urged on by my friend who had a cousin who’d used them, I called X Three Surveillance. I knew that if I confronted him without proof of wrongdoing it would be yet another defensive scene. I didn’t want to confess to searching for his paperwork either, to be honest.

A little emotionally, I explained my situation and I was surprised by how friendly and understanding the investigator on the other end of the line was. He told me that instincts about cheating partners are rarely wrong and that he would be able to learn the truth – without it costing me a small fortune.

I initiated an investigation. Within a few days I had proof that my husband was a liar and a cheating partner. X Three Surveillance kept surveillance, took photos of him cosily snuggled up to her and they used a GPS vehicle tracking device to follow his movements. The times he told me he was in the office late he was normally at her home. I doubt there was paperwork involved!

It’s been difficult but we’re divorced now and I have found peace of mind again. . Every thanks to X Three Surveillance’s team.”


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