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Cheating Partners – Lockdown UK

Cheating Partners – Lockdown UK

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Is Lockdown Causing a Rise in the Cheating Spouse?

As the world goes into lockdown couples are finding themselves in challenging relationships. Spending more time together in a confined space, or being kept away from an affair partner, is making it difficult to hide secret affairs and triggering a rise in new affairs.

Popular online dating websites such as Illicit Encounters report 15% increase in usage since lockdown began, with roughly half of all users beginning new affairs over the past four weeks. Boredom, lack of opportunity for risk-taking and excessive time spent together under stressful circumstances is shining a bright light into lockdown affairs.

Cheating partners put you and your health at significant risk if your spouse is meeting people outside of your bubble for sex and intimacy during lockdown. Not knowing the truth can also cause physical symptoms related to your stress such as lack of sleep, increased irritability, unhealthy eating habits and living in a continuous state of mistrust and unease. This can lead to a further breakdown in communication with your spouse, encouraging your partner to continue their secret lockdown affair in a vicious cycle of ongoing betrayal.

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X Three Surveillance – Manchester No1 Infidelity Detective.

Your intuition is seldom wrong. At X Three Surveillance we’re here to find out the truth about your suspected cheating partner to put your mind at ease.

Affairs don’t always mean a marriage will or should end, but having the right information gives you the power to decide for yourself how you would like to move forward with your own relationship, in your own time.

Signs of a Cheating Partner in Lockdown

Without the distractions of everyday life unfaithful partners are becoming careless hiding their affairs in lockdown, making it easier to uncover betrayal. You may notice subtle changes, or an increased effort to deviate from the normal family activities such as:

  • Insisting on grocery shopping alone.
  • Stepping out or closing doors to take phone calls.
  • Changing social media account passwords, deleting browsing history and being careful about leaving their phone unattended.
  • Starting an argument then going for a walk or a drive to cool-off.
  • Changes in behaviors such as increased affection or anger that’s out of character.

Is Lockdown the Right Time to investigate a Cheating Spouse?

Knowing your partner’s whereabouts, and the health risks they are bringing into your home, is the first step towards making the best decision that’s right for you. At X Three Surveillance we’re here to show you the answers you are looking for, providing the tools you need to assess your own situation with complete peace of mind.

Affairs often end marriages, allowing you to move on with your life with healthy relationships that don’t betray your trust. Sometimes, affairs can also strengthen a marriage, with both partners choosing to work on their marriage once an affair has been discovered.

Learning the truth about your partner during lockdown will put your mind at ease, giving you time to consider your options that you may otherwise not have had under busier circumstances.

Our professional team of private investigators at X Three Surveillance are here to help you with free advice and a discreet, personal service in this stressful time.

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