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Co-Habitation Investigations in Manchester

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Co-Habitation Investigations in Manchester

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Co-Habitation Investigations in Manchester

Co-Habitation Investigations in Manchester

Experts in Co-Habitation Investigations in Manchester

Hello and welcome to our Co-habitation Investigations page, thank you for taking time to discover more about our highly regarded services in this area.

At X Three Surveillance Ltd. we have seen a marked increase in the number of co-habitation investigations since we began our operations in 2012.

With discretion and professionalism our qualified team of experts have carried out numerous successful surveillance investigations to ascertain the truth about habitation situations and illegal and fraudulent behaviour. We are honoured to be thought of as the go to firm and the number one in the area. Please allow us to help you too.

Our co-habitation investigations in Manchester primarily serve two kinds of client:


  • People, and parents, who have ended a relationship and need to know who lives at the address from which maintenance is being claimed by their previous partner, whether they live alone and if maintenance payments should be ceased but haven’t been.
  • Landlords renting a property to tenants who are concerned about risk to the property or subletting.

Co-Habitation Investigations in Manchester

Our co-habitation investigations in Manchester focus on advanced surveillance work carried out around the home address, we watch who goes in, who goes out, how long they stay and if the ex-partner is co-habiting with another person.

Private investigator in ManchesterWe do this over a period of days across a few weeks, and provide reports with high definition footage that withstands defence interrogation. Legal advice is normally required. If the ex partner is still claiming maintenance and financial support payments from you this can be addressed. Also, as a parent, you’ll know more about the people involved in your children’s lives.

For landlords our co-habitation investigations provide proof of any wrongdoing.

Tenants are essentially in a position of trust when they reside in a property that you own, they are expected to behave responsibly, take due care of the building and furnishings and to not play the landlord themselves by illegally subletting part or the entire property.

If you are suspicious that all is not as it seems with your tenants, perhaps you have been notified of a problem by a neighbour or the tenant has possibly betrayed a secret about what they do at the property, X Three Surveillance Ltd. will keep surveillance on the house in the same manner as we do with our co-habitation maintenance investigations, so over days and a few weeks we will discover if tenants have broken and abused your trust so that you can take remedial action or make an eviction, with solid proof. Equally, if they are innocent you have piece of mind which is invaluable.

If you think that something is amiss then please don’t ignore your instincts, our co-habitation investigations in Manchester team are waiting for your call, they want to help. We know from experience that there is rarely no basis when suspicions surface.

We offer discounting to help with the costs of these operations so we’ll offer you a favourable and cost effective service fee. We won’t waste your money, time or jeopardise your goodwill.

Co-Habitation Investigations in Manchester

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Co-Habitation Investigations in Manchester

Co-Habitation Investigations in ManchesterCo-Habitation Investigations in Manchester

Co-Habitation Investigations in Manchester


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