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Co-habitation Investigations

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We Are Experts In Co habitation Investigations

Co-habitation Investigations

Co-habitation Investigations

What can a landlord do about illegal subletting?

How can I prove my Ex partner is living with someone?

How do I prove co-habitation in the UK?

Co-Habitation Investigations in Manchester

We have found that our Co-habitation Investigations service is quickly becoming our most popular service. For the Co-habitation Investigations service we keep surveillance on a property to see who lives there, who visits them and who stays there on a frequent basis. We then provide our client with this information and proof to confirm what we have seen.

There are two main groups of people that are interested in our service of Co-habitation Investigations and these are people or parents that have broken up with their partners and want to know who lives at the house with them or if they are living alone and also landlords who are renting out their property.

Co-habitation investigations

Manchester co-habitation investigations

We work with people to see where there ex-partner is living and who they are living with because very often they will conceal their relationship from their ex-partner so they can continue receiving maintenance payments and other financial support from their parent of their child. By hiring out services as Co-habitation Investigators we can help you save money in maintenance payouts and help you understand the people that are part o your child’s life.

As a landlord you rent your property out and you think you can trust the people that you rent your property to, but you may get a small gut instinct that things are not quite as they seem, perhaps a neighbour has contacted you about concerns for your property. We can complete a Co-Habitation Investigations to remove all concerns about any risk to your property or any illegal subletting that is taking place at your property. We will give you the hard evidence you need to ensure you can quickly and legally evict the tenant from your property.

Co-Habitation Investigations

Here at X Three Surveillance we take on all Co-habitation Investigations with complete professionalism, discretion and privacy. We complete all Co-habitation Investigations quickly and efficiently to get you the evidence you need to save money and put your mind at rest.

Affordable Rates for Co-Habitation Investigations,

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How Co-Habitation Investigations Works

Unlawful cohabitation can have impacts on a landlord’s assets and profits. X Three Surveillance are experts in providing fast and efficient Co Habitation investigations. We will attend the address in question from the morning to the evening capturing proof of a properties cohabitants entering and leaving over a number of days. To ensure cohabitation the evidence needed usually requires legal advice but will usually consist over a period of weeks 3-4 days per week. All reports are accompanied by high definition video footage that will withstand any defence interrogation. Investigations can be completed and evidence provided in as little a couple of weeks. With cohabitation investigations we can negotiate a discounted rate of surveillance, so contact us to discuss your individual needs.

What to do Now?

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Co-Habitation Investigations

Co-Habitation Investigations

Co-Habitation Investigations

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