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Compensation Culture Consequences

Compensation Culture Consequences

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Fraudulent compensation claims have a sting in their tail

Tempting as it may seem to take a gamble and over-exaggerate or invent an injury, sick leave or the ramifications of an accident, there is something that every opportunist should know: Greed doesn’t pay. When your case is discovered to be false, this is fraud, a crime with severe penalties.

As compensation culture continues to flourish, X Three Surveillance Ltd.’s team is busier than ever working on proving or disproving the legitimacy of claims. You’d be amazed how reckless people can be when in pursuit of money.

With X Three Surveillance Ltd.’s compensation claims investigators you have confidence, confidentiality, experience and professionalism. We don’t miss our opportunities to unveil the truth.

The news about compensation culture makes for interesting reading and viewing.

For example, the government includes this in their Tackling Unjustified Personal Injury Claims report, available as a PDF:

“…any personal injury claim where the court finds that the claimant is entitled to damages, but is satisfied on the balance of probabilities that the claimant has been fundamentally dishonest in relation to the claim taken as a whole, it must dismiss the claim entirely unless it is satisfied that the claimant would suffer substantial injustice as a result…

The Government is also concerned that some law firms are helping to encourage exaggerated or fraudulent personal injury claims to be made by offering inducements to potential claimants…The Government therefore believes that solicitors and other legal services providers should be banned from offering such inducements…”

Last year, two commuters initiated a fraudulent compensation claim against a rail network by finding out which trains had been delayed and then falsely claiming compensation. The network realised that the number of claims was unusually high. A professional investigation soon revealed that the claimants were carrying out a “deliberate scam.”

One commuter received a two year prison sentence, suspended for a year, and was ordered to repay the rail firm £3,500. 

The other commuter was given an 18 month prison sentence, also suspended for a year, and ordered to repay £2,600.

Both were given 120 hours unpaid work.

British Transport Police’s statement says it all: “We hope this sends a clear message to anyone thinking of abusing the claims system in future.”

Meanwhile, a hopeful fraudster claimed from to two insurers for a combined total of £100000 for injuries he said he’d sustained during a road traffic accident. The claimant had told the insurers that he couldn’t walk unaided, needed a wheelchair, couldn’t drive and that he was left permanently disabled.

One insurance company felt compelled to call in a private investigation firm to evaluate the claimant’s injuries and the legitimacy of the claim pre-award.

When surveillance footage was taken there was absolutely no proof of any injury. All evidence pointed to fraud. The case was referred to court and the claimant was sentenced to 3 years in prison; his wife, an accomplice in the fraud was also punished.  

Compensation culture can lead to jail time, don’t be tempted.

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