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Compensation Culture

Compensation claims

Compensation Culture

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Combating Manchesters Compensation Claims

Compensation culture is increasingly fraudulent culture

Compensation culture is doing so well that authorities are working to legislate and punish fraudulent claimants severely. From motoring injury claims to accident at work cases, the escalation in the number of cases is worrying. It shows that we’re not becoming accident or injury prone but feel that opportunity, greed and luck are enough to secure a welcome pay out.

Be warned: There are people and firms who actively encourage claimants to embellish their injuries or hardships for their benefit. Don’t even take their call; they are potentially coercing you in to a fraudulent action so they can take up to 25% of the award.

You may have read recently about the latest trend of holiday sickness claims of which 9/10 claims are now from UK travellers compared to 6/10 a few years ago. This is negatively impacting on the insurance and holiday markets but they are questioning why Swedes, Germans, Americans and so on aren’t suffering as the UK travellers are, if the food poisoning is allegedly so rampant in tourist hotspots? Insurers are not stupid!

Fraud does have consequences so if you or a friend or colleague believe that you’ll get away with it or receive a token penalty if found to be lying, then please reconsider. Injury claims and compensation awards across every area of life are intended for genuine cases in which people truly have suffered, not for anyone who wants to try their hand at playing the system.

  • Aviva, one of the largest insurers, issued a report to show that UK motorists could benefit from a £1.4 billion cut in motor insurance costs if fraud was addressed.

They want key reforms to be introduced.

  • Aviva is calling for the Ministry of Justice to increase the small claims track limit to £5,000, from the current £1,000 level it has remained at since 1999.
  • Compensate minor, short-term personal injuries with rehabilitation only whether the customer is at fault or not.
  • They believe that decreasing compensation for minor whiplash injuries could save up to £900m.
  • Restrict personal injury lawyers to cases where their expertise is truly needed.
  • £200m could be saved annually by banning referral fees for vehicle recovery, car repairs and car hire.

Maurice Tulloch from Aviva commented, “We believe that the current system offers financial incentives for personal injury lawyers, claims management companies and fraudsters, which inflates the cost of motor insurance. Aviva’s recommendations for reform would ensure that genuine, minor injuries are treated while further reducing motor insurance costs and combating fraud for the long term.”

If you suspect that a compensation or injury claim is not legitimate or would like proof before a hearing or award to the claimant, please contact X Three Surveillance Ltd. Our discreet, experienced, qualified operatives have worked on an ever-increasing number of claim cases and have succeeded in providing inadmissible evidence of fraud which saw the case thrown out of court and repercussions for the erring claimant.

Trust our expertise and call us today. 0161 8211 333

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