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Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy

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Cookies Policy


X Three Surveillance Ltd use cookies to improve the user experience for visitors to the website when they look at services and features on the website. It is possible to delete or disable your cookies but beware that this will change the experience when you visit a website.

A cookie is a text file sent by a web server to a web browser, it is stored onto a computer by the browser. At X Three Surveillance there is an ‘implied consent’ policy of cookies on the website and by using the website you agree to the cookie policy we have in place, as stated in this document. By continuing to use the website you are happy for X Three Surveillance Ltd to use cookies, unless you take the necessary steps to opt out of cookies being used.

The majority of browsers allow users to accept or decline the use of cookies by modifying the setting of the browser as required. If you go to the help menu in the browser you will be able to see information of how you can accept and decline cookies on X Three Surveillance Ltd website and all other websites.

It is not possible to use cookies to identify you personally but they will make the user experience of the website more enjoyable. This does mean that if a user was to block cookies on a website it could result in a negative impact upon the usability of X Three Surveillance Ltd website and others.

Through X Three Surveillance Ltd there are some third party generated cookies further to the integration of third party applications on the website. These third party generated cookies could or will include Google, Twitter, Facebook etc.

Cookies do not allow X Three Surveillance Ltd to gain access to your computer or learn any information about you other than what you choose to tell X Three Surveillance Ltd through online forms, emails and similar.

By going to the web browser’s cookie settings you can chose how a website uses cookies and if you want cookies stored or not. Again, this can affect how a website will function for the user. Unless you have personally changed your cookies settings within your browser X Three Surveillance Ltd will issue cookies each time you visit the website.

If you fill out any forms for X Three Surveillance Ltd through the website, providing contact details or personal information this will not be distributed or sold to third parties unless X Three Surveillance Ltd have your permission of the law requires X Three Surveillance Ltd to do so.

Any personal information that X Three Surveillance Ltd has about you will be stored and processed in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by the iCO, Information Commissioners Office which we follow implicitly. All information will be held securely and unauthorised disclosure or access to your information will be prevented.

Please note that X Three Surveillance Ltd website may contain links that will take you to other websites. X Three Surveillance Ltd have no control of websites other than those owned by X Three Surveillance Ltd and therefore any information you provide to a link from the website is not the responsibility of X Three Surveillance Ltd and you will take your protection and privacy into your own hands.



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