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Crash for Cash

Crash for Cash

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Motor Insurance Fraud

Crash for Cash


Protect yourself from motor insurance fraudsters

Whether it’s an opportunist or an organised criminal gang creating a claim, the impact of motor insurance fraud reaches directly into every driver’s pocket with increased premiums. Household name Aviva has stated that UK motorists could benefit from a £1.4 billion cut in motor insurance costs if fraud was more readily detected.

If you suspect that a claim is fraudulent, perhaps suspiciously too soon after a previous claim was made or the facts seem inconsistent, then please contact X Three Surveillance Ltd.’s confidential, efficient and cost effective investigators. Don’t take chances, get accurate answers safely about motor insurance fraud potential.  

We do not have the powers of the Greater Manchester Police, but we actively support them in establishing the facts through our investigations.

Manchesters Surveillance Specialist

The Association of British Insurers has reported that, “Four members of a criminal crash for cash gang were sentenced to over 37 years for their part in a staged accident that resulted in the death of a passenger in the vehicle they targeted.”

In another incident, “A motorist received a six month prison sentence after he deliberately cut into a lane of cars queuing to get over the Severn Bridge. He subsequently claimed that the victim had collided with him and that he had suffered a painful back injury. However, CCTV footage at the scene showed that he had caused the accident.” 

IFED’s recommendations when driving include:

“Take extra care when in lanes.

Take extra care at roundabouts or areas where there is stop-start congestion.

Beware of cars rapidly pulling out of junctions and then braking in front of you.

Keep your distance.

Beware of tailgaters.

Always look for brake lights.

Be extra aware if you are a commercial vehicle owner.

If you have been involved in an accident and hit the back of another vehicle, then do not panic. Report the incident in detail to the police as soon as possible…Let your insurer know that you believe the accident was caused deliberately and tell them why you think so.”

 Did you know that:

Organised criminals target innocent motorists by initiating collisions to achieve compensation for injury, damage and recovery. Fleet vehicles are most popularly targeted.

Parties crash their vehicles into each other deliberately for financial gain and claims are made for phantom passengers.

Dishonesty or omissions which leave out vital information including claims history, culpability or points on a driving licence cost time and money.

Fronting is when a policy is purchased using another person’s details to get a better deal.

Never use a ghost broker. “An individual or group, who set up policies for members of the general public, deliberately misrepresenting themselves as an insurance broker, agent or insurer for profit.” (IFED)

If you’re in any doubt about the integrity of an insurance policy or claim, allow us to investigate thoroughly. We can establish the truth via numerous activities. Members of the public do not have the full range of data or expertise at their disposal, the licences and accreditations and an understanding of the law that ensures a successful investigation

If you feel you have been a victim of motor fraud get in touch today

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