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Dishonest Employees

Dishonest Employees

Dishonest Employees

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Dishonest Employees?

Employee Investigations

X Three Surveillance

Is your company at risk from dishonest employees?


  • Moonlighting.
  • Absentee staff.
  • Personal injury claim.
  • Theft of money/products.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could guarantee that every employee was 100% loyal and 100% honest?

Sadly, this is real life and there are many people who have a mistaken belief that the world owes them something or that they can play the system without getting caught.

Fraud may make you think of million pounds cases, international gangs or scenarios reminiscent of a movie plot, but it can be as mundane as taking time off work to toil for another employer cash in hand, therefore getting two wages, from them and the sick pay from you. Chances are that the tax office is blissfully unaware of their activities too.

When someone remains on sick leave for a prolonged time and it feels like far too lengthy period for their condition you owe it to yourself and your business to ascertain whether they are genuinely too ill to work or if they are taking advantage of your kind nature to have a paid holiday.

An employee may fall or trip in the workplace and appear to be limping slightly but otherwise are unaffected but soon asks to go home. During their absence an intriguing claim for personal injury, accompanied by prolonged absence from work, occurs thanks to a raft of sudden health issues, this too is fraud.

Just one person seizing an opportunity for financial gain affects the business’ prosperity, employees morale and productivity. It sends a message to other employees that they could successfully abuse trust or claim from you and receive a welcome pay-out.  Moreover, paying out sick leave wages or on a claim without checking the validity is not good business sense. Don’t be too trusting, we’ve carried out many absentee staff and personal injury claim cases in which the so-called badly injured or unable to work employee was in rude health and happily going shopping, going to the pub and playing football with their children. They don’t expect the management to hire investigation experts.

X Three Surveillance’s employee investigations team can carry out surveillance, GPS vehicle monitoring, undercover investigations and work alongside you to interview staff and identify if there is an employee issue.

Our employee investigation team members are highly trained, qualified and experienced and we don’t suffer from misplaced loyalty or emotional pulls as management who know the personnel could do and therefore we can assess information impartially. This is a huge advantage to all concerned.

For example, client A called us when stock amounts weren’t agreeing with the delivery notes, stock records and stock checks. If there were 100 units delivered, 28 sold but the stock check revealed that there were only 54 of these items on the premises, where are the remaining 18? Are they being sold on?

Are shoplifters to blame? Could it be the new employee making errors? Is it the long term trusted employee? Is the staff member who you know has money worries the cause?

Our employee investigation specialists remove doubt and with facts, restore peace of mind. 

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