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Employee Investigations

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Every so often an employee will take a chance and pull a sickie or slope off home early. However, once they’ve got away with it once or twice, there are some workers who test their manager to the limit.

One example of this was Bob, working for a business employing around 30 people. It had become a joke in his department that he would be off sick on Friday or Monday and his colleagues expected not to see him behind his desk on those days, even feigning surprise when he did turn up for work.

Management were fully aware that he was “scheduling” his days off and they introduced the Bradford Index which is an HR tool which attributes points dependant on the days of the week and number of instances of sickness. The MD announced to all employees that as soon as 100, 200, 300 etc.  points were reached there would be a disciplinary hearing.

Friday and Monday scored the highest points so they were confident that Bob would either reach 100 points alarmingly quickly or realise that the con trick was being monitored. Apparently, it made no difference, his Friday and Monday long weekends continued. On one occasion he obtained a sick note. This excluded him from receiving points on the Bradford Index.

Realising that the disciplinaries for 100, 200 and 300 points were of little consequence to Bob because he stood by his claims that he was ill on these days, management made another decision.

They called in X Three Surveillance’s discreet, highly competent and innovative experts. A surveillance operation was initiated and HD quality photographic and video evidence was taken of Bob, in fine health, going to his local pub, playing darts and snooker, doing the shopping with his flatmate, visiting a nightclub and practically falling through his front door at 3.30a.m. on the Saturday morning, all whilst absent from work.

He appeared for work on the Monday and when asked about the previous Friday, he insisted that he’d had a stomach bug and couldn’t leave his flat for the entire weekend, adding that his boss was lucky to see him!

Surveillance continued and after a few more occasions of “illness” in which work was missed but activities and recreation were fully entered in to, X Three Surveillance’s compelling evidence was presented to Bob at a hearing for 400 points.

The scam and his time with the company were at an end. He couldn’t argue with the evidence or the effectiveness of X Three’s surveillance operatives who had followed him on foot and in vehicles for several days.

Many employees are honest, hardworking and are committed to earning legitimately. But when sick leave is taken fraudulently, this cannot be ignored because it can easily lead to an epidemic.

When you suspect an issue, don’t hesitate. You’re not acting illegally or underhandedly. You have a right to know the truth. We’ll obtain it efficiently and cost effectively and when necessary our evidence is admissible in court action. 


**** Note – X Three Surveillance Ltd has paid for and holds legal advice in writing, from a specialist law firm in Cheshire who specialise in employment law advising you on all aspects of putting your employees under surveillance. No other Private Investigator has this information ready for you.

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