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Employee Investigations

Employee Investigations

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Employee Investigations

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Compliance in the workplace

Your staff may tell you that processes within the workplace are always carried out in full compliance with the law and company rules. There is never any deviation, no lack of attention; no one is ever distracted, and that 100% perfection is being delivered by every employee at every point throughout their day’s work. Surely that sounds too much like a miracle?

Recently, the food industry has been in the news as a few service providers seem to have fallen far short of expectations. In these cases, it appears that on the factory or shop floor workers and products have been in a state of chaos and without the management knowing or addressing issues which contravened UK and EU legislation and posed a health and safety risk to consumers.

Whichever business sector you’re in, can you afford to be complacent? Whether it’s British Standards, food laws, fire regulations, health and safety, environmental or ethical impacts, ensure that your reputation is as high as people’s expectations.

You’re busy. There are so many calls on your time that whilst monitoring activities on the shop floor sounds like an excellent idea, you know that it’s so far down on your to-do list that it just won’t happen this side of 2025.

Call private detectives in. Yes, you read that correctly. We carry out corporate investigations and surveillance operations, either working incognito as one of the workers or discreetly from the offices or secret vantage point, to evaluate staff adherence, any issues or aspects of practice that need to be reassessed, even identifying if you have a deliberate offender, a training issue or a productivity prohibitor.

How many tea breaks are employees taking?

Do they really need to take so many toilet or smoking breaks?

Why is one person seemingly carrying out the work of two people as a cluster of chatting colleagues loiter by the shelves? How many employees does it take to put two boxes on a shelf?

Is someone leaving wires hanging out from beneath their desk, presenting a health and safety risk?

In food preparation environments, are there cross contamination risks? Are hands being washed in accordance with the regulations? Has everyone got a clear understanding of why they need to clean surfaces between processes?

Is one of your workers helping themselves to items which should be placed in boxes for shipping?

Is the employee focus on quantity or quality?

X Three Surveillance Ltd.’s team can integrate with a team and secure knowledge without their undercover identity being revealed or suspicions raised. The corporate investigations team is highly trained and qualified in this area and they won’t let management down.

Get the answers to questions in a comprehensive report, with real time updates. Confidentiality and efficiency are guaranteed.

Eradicate issues prior to official inspections or an incident. Private detectives working on corporate investigations normally cost significantly less than legal action from negatively affected consumers.

Employee Investigations

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