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Employee Investigations in Manchester

X Three Surveillance - Employee Investigation Specialists

Employee Investigations in Manchester

X Three Surveillance Ltd

Manchesters Specialist in Employee Investigations

Employee Investigations in Manchester

Employee Investigations in Manchester

Employee Investigations in Manchester

Hello and welcome to X Three Surveillance Ltd, founded in 2012 we have become the number one firm in the Greater Manchester area. We’re proud of our excellent reputation and safeguard it by employing the best operatives who possess discretion, professionalism, expertise and technology plus ingenuity and integrity.

While a contract and rapport building should inspire trust between an employer and employee sometimes this ideal is not met and although it may feel uncomfortable for the employer when something seems amiss or fraudulent they are permitted to launch employee investigations in Manchester (and the UK) against their employee. X Three Surveillance Ltd. can guide clients through legal limitations inherent in employee investigations in Manchester.

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Although someone presents the image of a loyal employee you have a strong suspicion that they are taking paid work from another source at the same time that they are working for your company. Perhaps they’re signed off sick from your firm which has given them the opportunity to work elsewhere. We will provide the proof of any subterfuge. (Click Here For More Info)

Fraudulent Sick Leave

Is someone on your team incredibly unlucky? Are they really ill so regularly? Sometimes sick leave may be lengthened at the employee’s will so that they can enjoy more time off work fully paid. If you believe that one of your team is acting fraudulently we can investigate and deliver incontrovertible proof of activity for disciplinary procedures. It’s not fair that they are abusing your trust and they should be held to account. (Click Here For More Info)

False Compensation Claims

Although we’d like to believe that everyone is honest sometimes temptation can take hold. A compensation claim may be exaggerated so that maximum payout is given to the employee, but on many occasions the lies have been unearthed by X Three Surveillance Ltd’s detectives about a claim that is without foundation or minimal/non existent in impact to the claimant. (Click Here For More Info)

Compensation Claim Investigations in Manchester

Theft investigations

No one likes to think that they have unwittingly hired a thief but if company and personal items mysteriously go missing, if the petty cash or tills suffer from increasing amounts of anomalies, this can indicate that theft rather than a training issue is to blame. We’ll shoulder the burden of sourcing the proof, frequently by joining your team undercover, so that you can take effective action against a culprit.

False injury claims

Rather like the compensation claims some people are tempted to make an imaginative false injury claim that bears little or no relation to the truth. We’ll help you to halt their fraudulent claims.

Suspicions about staff

Vehicle tracking tools can be implemented if an employee is suspected of not being where they state they are. Perhaps they have become less productive, there’s a series of errors on their timesheets or a client has said that they weren’t with them at a certain time and it has raised alarm bells in your mind.

At X Three Surveillance Ltd. we’re trained to manage employee investigations in Manchester and we do this successfully.

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Employee Investigations in Manchester

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False Sick Leave

False Sick Leave

Are your Employees always too ill or injured to come to work? Is this an all too regular occurrence? If you think your Employees are taking time off work due to sickness or injury then we can help gain vital evidence for disciplinary action.

False Compensation Claim

False Compensation Claim

Has someone made a compensation claim against your company? Do you suspect that it might not be truthful? Are the litigants expecting a huge payout promised by the no win no fee solicitors? Get the evidence today to throw out their claim.

Moonlighting Investigations

Moonlighting Investigations

Do you think your employee is undertaking paid employment in your company time or are they taking time off sick and working else where?

Employee Investigations in Manchester

Employee Investigations in ManchesterEmployee Investigations in Manchester

Employee Investigations in Manchester


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