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Employee Investigations

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Employee Investigations

Here at X Three Surveillance we undertake all employee investigations with the upmost privacy, discretion and professionalism. We have many years experience taking on employee investigations for both private clients and business clients who feel something is just not quite going right in their business.
Employee Investigations

Employee Investigations – Is It Legal?

Short answer, Yes. You are well within your rights to place your staff under surveillance if you suspect that they are falsifying sick leave, or undertaking fraudulent activities. X Three Surveillance can and will help you with the legalities, legislations and restraints.

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X Three Surveillance Are Experts in Employee Investigations, Don’t Hesitate to Contact Us For Advice 

False Sick Leave

False Sick Leave

Are your Employees always too ill or injured to come to work? Is this an all too regular occurrence? If you think your Employees are taking time off work due to sickness or injury then we can help gain vital evidence for disciplinary action.

False Compensation Claim

False Compensation Claim

Has someone made a compensation claim against your company? Do you suspect that it might not be truthful? Are the litigants expecting a huge payout promised by the no win no fee solicitors? Get the evidence today to throw out their claim.

Moonlighting Investigations

Moonlighting Investigations

Do you think your employee is undertaking paid employment in your company time or are they taking time off sick and working else where?

Employee Investigations – False Injury Claims?

Maybe some injury claims have been made against your business by one or more employees but you are sure that these are false injury claims or the injury is not as serious as they have made out? Again, our employee investigation service can help you with this. We can look into the injury claim and the accident that was supposed to happen and how it happened before completing surveillance on the claimant to see if they are as injured or restricted as they claim. In cases like this our employee investigations service can save your business hundreds or thousands of pounds by giving you the hard evidence you need to falsify the claim and resolve the matter.Employee Investigator Manchester

Employee Investigations in Manchester

Employee Investigations – False Compensation Claims?

In today’s current climate we very often see what people’s honesty is over come by greed, time and time again. Insurance companies have reported a sharp and dramatic rise in insurance claims and sadly many are made on false pretences and when it comes to false compensation claims the real victim is the employer.

X Three Surveillance Compensation Claim Video

Moonlighting Suspicions?

When you run a business you like to think that your employees work for you and enjoy doing so but here at X Three Surveillance we have proven many times that sadly all your employees may not be as loyal and dedicated as you may hope and this is why we offer a very popular and successful Moonlighting Investigations service.

Are Your Staff Actually Doing What They Tell You They Are?

We can also run vehicle tracking operations as part of our employee investigations in Manchester, this will help you find out if your staff members that work on the road are going where they say they are. This can be very useful if you have a member of your team that is not doing deliveries as quickly as they used to or perhaps succeeding at fewer sales meetings because perhaps they are going somewhere else when you are paying them to work.

If you have concerns about one of your employees why not call us not to speak to a private detective about completing an employee investigation for your business?

Theft In The Work Place?

Perhaps staff belongings have been going missing every now and again for a few weeks now but you just don’t know who is doing it, or maybe things are being stolen from your business? At times like this we can put a private detective into your business to complete an employee investigation as part of an undercover operation. This person will work for you and will be treated and act as a member of your team, while getting into the nitty-gritty of the business and setting traps to discover who is stealing from your staff members or your business.Employee Investigator Manchester

X Three Surveillance Are Manchesters Employee Investigation Specialist

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