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Fake CV Investigations – Background checks.

Background checks

Fake CV Investigations – Background checks.

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Job interview candidate too good to be true?

Get a background check today.

X Three Surveillance Ltd – Manchester Leading Local Private Investigator

You’ve advertised a position with your company. The dream candidate’s details shone out from the pile of CV’s and your hopes were high of securing their expertise and skills.

So why after their interview are you feeling less than satisfied? When someone or something seems too good to be true, they often are.

X Three Surveillance Ltd.’s specialist team are experienced at background checks which are carried out with discretion, tact and tenacity. Utilising our qualifications, integrity, technology, access to data not available in the public domain and combined and individual talents we can establish if your job applicant is the person they purport to be.

An example of a “too good to be true” applicant came to Client A, a hotel manager, who approached us to allay her fears when recruiting a deputy restaurant manager.

“The CV read well, the skill set was perfect for the job, the qualifications and career history were ideal and the applicant had participated in team building exercises, was First Aid trained and claimed to be carrying out a long distance training course in management to add to their hospitality qualifications.

At the interview stage, which he was eagerly invited to, he was conversant, charming and answered the first few questions with an enviable calmness which isn’t common to many interviewees.

I first felt that something was off when I pressed for details about food hygiene legislation and how he would handle a difficult restaurant situation. He didn’t so much answer as fire the questions back to me.

This was not what was expected or required.

He became slightly defensive and directed me to the CV on several occasions.

When the interview concluded, he seemed confident of success and I had to admit that any personal characteristics which made me feel uneasy were countered by the excellent CV.

After speaking to the HR manager, who agreed that there was something that didn’t quite add up, we decided that a background check was not only desirable prior to an offer of employment, but vital.

X Three Surveillance Ltd.’s background check made for extremely interesting reading. I was so relieved that I hadn’t banished my doubts completely, I could have hired the wrong person.

It transpired that whilst the age, name and address were true, most the CV could have been written by a novelist!

Our candidate had left school with 5 G.C.S.E.’s and had not entered further education in any way. He possessed no hospitality, restaurant, management or tourism qualifications or experience as he’d professed.

His career had been spent in labouring, factory and retail jobs in worryingly quick succession for around six years; one employer had sacked him for gross misconduct.

Whilst “selling” your strengths is to be admired, complacency, deceit and data omissions are not.

Needless to say, he was not offered the job.”

Make informed decisions with X Three Surveillance Ltd.’s help. It could save further trouble.

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