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False Compensation Claims

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False Compensation Claims

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Specialists in False Compensation Claims

False Compensation Claims

Where There’s A Blame, There’s A Claim,…….. Not Always An Honest One!

In today’s current climate we very often see what people’s honesty is overcome by greed, time and time again. Insurance companies have reported a sharp and dramatic rise in insurance claims and sadly many are made on false pretences and when it comes to false compensation claims the real victim is the employer.

False Compensation Claims

False Compensation Claims

Here at X Three Surveillance, we don’t think it is fair that the employer is the victim of hundreds or even thousands of false compensation claims every year and this is why we have a team of experienced and dedicated investigators who have closed many successful false compensation claims cases in Manchester over the last few years.

Our false compensation claims investigators in Manchester will work with you to establish the true facts, providing you with the evidence and proof you need to put a stop to false claims for compensation against your business, saving you thousands of pounds in fraudulent compensation claims payouts.

There are a few things you need to look out for when a compensation claim is made, there may be a lack of witnesses and while it plausible an accident could take place with no witnesses if they often work in a team and with others it could be a potential alarm bell if they are working alone at this time. If the claim is made on a Monday you need to confirm that the injury took place on the Monday in the workplace, and not over the weekend when they were not at work. If there have been previous claims for the same injury since the success of a claim for another employee then it is worth double checking this is not a false compensation claim to your business.

These are just some of the warning signs you need to look out for when dealing with compensation claims against your business and again, exactly what our false compensation claim investigators can help you resolve.

We offer a comprehensive and conclusive false compensation claims investigation service that will help to quickly and effectively confirm if a claim is genuine or not. If an employee has claimed to of suffered an injury in the workplace the consequences can be damaged financially but also to the reputation of a business. Small businesses are often unequipped to effectively investigate false compensation claims and these are often the businesses that are the hardest hit – this is where our fraudulent compensation claims investigators can help!

Specialists in False Compensation Claims

Call our false compensation claim investigators now to see how we can help you.



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