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False Sick Leave Investigations

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False Sick Leave Investigations

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False Sick Leave Investigations

False Sick Leave Investigations

False Sick Leave Investigations

If you have a reason to suspect that employees are claiming false sick leave or false repetitive and persistent sickness then you need to call the team of detectives here at X Three Surveillance, we have many years experience working for our corporate clients in False sick leave investigations and would only be too happy to manage a false sick leave investigation for your business.

Here at X Three Surveillance we understand that staff absenteeism is costly and disruptive to businesses, but especially to small businesses. Not only does staff absenteeism affect the bottom line of a company it affects staff morale too and this is why our investigators will complete all fraudulent sick leave investigations as discreetly and quickly as possible so as not to cause minimal disruption for your business and other employees.

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False Sick Leave Investigations

The majority of people that work for you will be honest, hardworking and local to your business, but sadly there will always be someone or some people that will cheat you, their colleagues and your business by taking time off for false reasons. The employee may claim they have been injured at work, they may have multiple days off work due to an injury or continue having days off due a possibly false illness. If you think this is happening in your workplace then why not contact us to complete a false sick leave investigation?

By contacting our investigators to complete a false sick leave investigation we will help you find out the real facts so that you have the ability to take the action to stop the unwanted conduct quickly, legally and professionally.

Our investigations team will work on your investigations to provide you with the peace of mind that your staff are legitimately taking sick leave or if they are indeed falsely claiming sickness as you may have suspected or heard from other people.

If you have concerns about the amount of time one or more of your employees has off work and you think they may be falsely claiming they are sick or ill why not give our investigation team a call, we can run a False sick leave investigation for you to help you discover the truth.

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