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Is Lockdown Putting Your Trade Secrets at Risk?

Is Lockdown Putting Your Trade Secrets at Risk?

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Lockdown Leaks

Is Lockdown Putting Your Trade Secrets at Risk?

Challenges with lockdown have forced many businesses to change the way they operate.

Homeworking cuts costs, frees up commuting time and allows happy employees to work when they are feeling most productive. It’s hard to deny the positive side to homeworking, but with increased opportunity comes increased risk to your business and the trade secrets that make you competitive.

What Leads to an Increased Risk of Employees Sharing Trade Secrets?

Fear of job loss: employees facing uncertainty are using lockdown to polish their CV and LinkedIn profile. Having an existing client base is a strong selling point for employees seeking new employment with your competitors.

Decreased loyalty: the furlough scheme has fostered a lack of trust between employees and companies, with those who were previously dissatisfied re-evaluating their workplace. These employees are less likely to remain loyal when it comes to protecting your trade secrets and business confidentiality.

Motivation for new challenges: employees are quickly realising the value in having multiple streams of income, with existing client data providing a useful springboard for new opportunities.

Job search opportunities: many businesses are using the market uncertainty to snap up the best employees from their competitors. Those who are able to share trade secrets and bring their clients with them are attractive to opportunist employers.

Entrepreneurial spirit: ambitious employees who know how your company works, and have access to your client base, have all the skills and information they need to branch out on their own to become your new business competitor.

At X Three Surveillance we are here to help with discreet employee investigation tailored to your needs. Our expert private investigators use a combination of undercover surveillance, GPS tracking, personal surveillance and bug sweeping. We’ll find the truth about who your employees are meeting with, how they are sharing your sensitive information and how your competitors are using your information to get ahead of you.

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Case Study

A large high street business noticed a trend; many of their employees were resigning to work for a competitor. The competing company was hiring staff based on new employees having an existing client base. The expectation of the competing company is that employees should leverage their contacts to generate their own sales leads in return for a generous share of the profit.

It wasn’t long before the high street business took a hit to incoming revenue, whilst the competing company enjoyed exceptional growth.

The high street business got in touch with X Three Surveillance to conduct an undercover investigation. We set out to determine how their client data was being used to generate business, and how their trade secrets were being exploited by the competing company.

We discovered the former employees had collected their contacts whilst still employed by the high street business, and contacted these clients directly for the competing company, breaching GDPR. This led to the loss of a significant number of long-term clients for the high street business. Former employees were also accessing their private systems and using trade secrets to gain a competitive edge.

With the right knowledge the high street business took legal action against the competing company, winning a large compensation for financial damages.

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