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Is Your Partner Cheating & Why?

Is Your Partner Cheating & Why?

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Cheating Partners in Manchester

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Is Your Partner Cheating & Why?

Cheating Partners in Manchester


Perhaps your other half has a renewed interest in their appearance, is trying a new perfume or aftershave; has become secretive with bank statements, their browsing history or their mobile phone. Has overtime increased suddenly? What about business trips? Are they evasive about where they will be and when so you can’t make plans for time together? Have they got new friends who you’ve never met? Have they stopped talking about someone? e.g. a work colleague; that could be the person they’re cheating on you with.

Catch A Cheating Partner in Manchester Experts Introductions

Sound the alarm bells.

That gnawing feeling in the pit of your stomach could have a foundation. In all likelihood, you aren’t going mad, being paranoid, needy or clinging too much. You’re not possessive or obsessive or trying to sabotage your relationship. As horrible as the truth may be, your cheating partner might think they’re fooling you, but you have an inbuilt ability to sense when something is out of the ordinary for another person’s behaviour and the alarm bells will sound no matter how much you try to suppress them.

In March 2019, The Daily Express ran a piece on infidelity, they reported, “Psychologist Paul Coleman, PsyD, author of Finding Peace When Your Heart Is In Pieces told website Prevention: “There is a good chance your partner’s friends may know what’s really going on before you do.” If you notice their friends acting strangely it might be time to confront your partner…”

They also found that according to illecitencounters.com Brexit has created an unusual statistic: Cheating partners are more likely to have voted Leave in the Brexit referendum. (Yes, really. A staggering 70%.)

Over the years, strained financial times have also borne witness to an increase in cheating partners.

The piece also highlighted that if your other half refuses to have images of you, their partner in life, on their social media account, you should be suspicious.

Metro reported in summer 2018 that according to a survey of 1000 couples, 6% of cheating partners want to have sexmore oftenwith their partner whilst they are cheating on them. Interestingly, 7% of those questioned cited a change in diet or trying new foods as an indication of an affair.

Only 48% of cheated on partners wouldn’t continue with a relationship in which they’d been cheated on. 39% would try to forgive.

Be warned cheating partners: 79% stated that they would check their other half’s phone for evidence of an affair.

Why cheat?

Relate.com cites a feeling of disconnection or drifting apart from one another as a primary reason.

An imbalance in a relationship rather than equality can prove damaging, as can how you communicate with one another. Are you kind and loving or going through the motions? Do you feel special and does your partner? Self esteem is important and has an impact on the probability of cheating. Commitment shyness can be indicative of a problem; cheating sabotages the existing relationship happiness but could bring welcome reduced responsibilities if the cheating leads to a break-up.

Our discreet cheating partners investigations team helps you get facts. You deserve better than doubts and suspicions.


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