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Manchesters Surveillance Specialist

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Manchesters Surveillance Specialist

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Manchesters Trusted Private Investigator

Manchesters Surveillance Specialist

Manchesters Surveillance Specialist


Welcome to X Three Surveillance Ltd’s Manchesters local private investigator, and thank you for visiting our website.

As our company name hints our Manchesters surveillance specialists team work on a wide variety of investigations that incorporate surveillance as a vital and effective tool.

For example:

  • Co-habitation, subletting and fraudulent maintenance claim cases.
  • Cheating partners.
  • Employee investigations.
  • Industrial espionage.
  • Fraudulent sick leave.
  • Moonlighting investigations.

Manchesters Surveillance Specialist Introduction Video

Manchesters Surveillance Specialist

Our surveillance specialist resources are frequently required because sadly we live in a world in which the truth is sometimes withheld and people act with greed, ambition and even foolhardiness. Whatever the motive, the surveillance team at X Three Surveillance Ltd. discover the truth and sources evidence to validate our reports. We watch and we learn.

We have:

  • An excellent reputation.
  • An efficient Manchester surveillance specialist team.
  • Discretion.
  • Professionalism.
  • Cost effective services.
  • Technology.
  • Extensive training.
  • Experience.

Static operations and mobile investigations are carried out by team members on foot and in vehicles and unlike other investigation companies we don’t charge an additional fee for the high quality visual evidence that we provide.

Is your partner really working so much overtime? Until recently it was just a few hours per week but this has escalated and your partner is irritable, secretive and vague about people that they were open about previously. We can establish if the overtime is actually playtime.

Perhaps you are suspicious that one of your most “loyal” employees is moonlighting but you can’t ask them as they’d deny it, and you can’t accuse them without proof. You need evidence so that disciplinary or legal action can proceed if the employee is guilty. Allow our surveillance specialist to find out the true activities of the employee.

Manchesters Surveillance Specialist – Surveillance Video

Manchesters Surveillance Specialist

Is it possible that a tenant is subletting your property?

We can keep surveillance and check who enters and leaves the property, what activity takes place over a period of days and weeks so that we can supply an accurate and comprehensive report.

Money is going missing in the workplace but as a manager you want to take a more subtle approach so that innocent team members don’t feel uncomfortable or insulted. An undercover operation will allow our Manchesters surveillance specialist to ascertain the facts without being officially on site as they can pretend to be an employee.

Every surveillance operation starts with a gut instinct or suspicion, don’t try to field suspicions or accusations and counter accusations. Our surveillance specialist team from X Three Surveillance Ltd. will swiftly source data and restore peace of mind. Fact is always better than conjecture.

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Manchesters Surveillance Specialist

Manchesters Surveillance Specialist

Manchesters Surveillance Specialist

Manchesters Surveillance 

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