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Manchesters Vehicle Tracking Expert

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Manchesters Vehicle Tracking Expert

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Manchesters Vehicle Tracking Expert

Manchesters Vehicle Tracking Expert

Welcome to X Three Surveillance Ltd.

We are proud to be Manchesters vehicle tracking expert, rated number one and as the go to firm.

We deftly place a cutting edge technological tracking device with GPS (Global Positioning System) to the required vehicle and the investigation is then in progress.

Our Manchesters vehicle tracking expert team are highly skilled and qualified, discreet, dedicated and professional. Our clients enjoy full confidence in our confidentiality and the only way that another party will discover that their vehicle has been tracked is if you disclose the information to them. We won’t.

Manchesters Vehicle Tracking Experts

Manchesters Vehicle Tracking Expert

We recognise that there are two sets of clients who primarily utilise X Three Surveillance Ltd’s Manchesters vehicle tracking expert services.

  1. People anxious to find out if their partner is cheating, they have a burning suspicion that a sudden increase in so-called overtime is not down to work levels but they need proof before they make any accusations or confront their partner.
  2. Company management or team leaders who need to monitor their field based staff’s whereabouts. There may have been a reduction in productivity or sales or a client has said something that has made you question an employee’s dedication.


The technology utilised by X Three Surveillance Ltd’s Manchesters vehicle tracking expert team follows the position, transit and movement speed of the vehicle with an accuracy of five metres every ten seconds, that’s not just around the local area, but nationwide and even worldwide.

The data will also show how long a vehicle remains static for, so that client’s can challenge a possible reason offered like “I only popped in for a minute,” with “You were in his house for three hours!”

Manchesters Vehicle Tracking Expert

Manchesters Vehicle Tracking Experts

Information can be viewed on a smartphone or computer and it is not necessary to keep watch on the situation because the history is saved. As Manchesters vehicle tracking expert firm we offer a text alert facility to aid investigations, timely and effective contact when specific designated movement takes place. For example, if you suspect that an employee is sneaking home early our Manchesters vehicle tracking expert text alert service can be sent any and every time that the vehicle is in the area of their home address.

Manchesters vehicle tracking expert team at X Three provide a secure login so that anyone who shouldn’t see the data won’t do so until you are ready to use it.

This allows a manager to retain data as they form a disciplinary case against an employee or for a partner to see if a pattern of behaviour is forming.

X Three Surveillance Ltd. has a proven record in vehicle tracking in the Greater Manchester area and we would be pleased to help you to monitor a vehicle or a fleet of vehicles so please contact us with any questions, for advice or a free quote that can help you to reach your investigation goals.

Manchesters Vehicle Tracking Experts


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Manchesters Vehicle Tracking Experts

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