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Moonlighting Investigations

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Moonlighting Investigations

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Moonlighting Investigations

Moonlighting Investigations

When you run a business you like to think that your employees work for you and enjoy doing so but here at X Three Surveillance we have proven many times that sadly all your employees may not be as loyal and dedicated as you may hope and this is why we offer a very popular and successful Moonlighting Investigations service.

Moonlighting means that you have a job in addition to your regular employment and while this is very common in some industries, especially those offering flexible work hours and job roles in some businesses and industries employees are really taking the Mickey and this is where our moonlighting investigations can help.

Moonlighting Investigations

Moonlighting Investigations

An individual may be working outside of their regular working hours without full consent from you or your colleagues, they may be working for a competitor or similar business or the hours they are working at another job could have a detrimental effect on the work they do for you.

In some cases you may be paying your employee to work somewhere else, while they are also being paid somewhere else. This may be when they are off on ‘sick leave’ or during a time when you think they are fully employed by you.

We have also come across cases in moonlighting investigations where employees seem to be working for you, but they are actually setting up their own business in competition to yours and they are slowly collecting your database and contacts for your clients as well as trying to poach your own key staff.

All good employment contracts will clearly state whether an employee can seek additional employment and any clauses in regards to the additional hours, style of work and industries that they can or cannot work in, if you fear an employee is breaking this contract it is recommended that you call in our moonlighting investigation experts to help you find out the truth.

Our investigators have worked on a wide array of moonlighting investigations, helping employers establish the truth about their employees. It can often be tricky for an employer to make allegations based on hearsay or suspicions and this is why we manage investigations to provide you with the concrete evidence you need to confront the employee about their breach in contract.

For practical assistance and support with your moonlighting investigations please feel free to give our moonlighting investigators a call – we are always happy to help.

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