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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy


Use of www.x3surveillance.com

This is the privacy policy for www.x3surveillance.com served by X Three Surveillance. This privacy policy governs the privacy of all users who choose to use this website. As you will see from the privacy policy, it is set out in different areas where the privacy of the user is concerned. This privacy policy will outline obligations and requirements from the users of and visitors to www.x3surveillance.com– the privacy policy will also explain the way in which the website works including the processes, how information is stored and the protection give to the users of the website.

X Three Surveillance and its website take a proactive approach to the privacy of its users, always ensuring that the necessary steps are taken to protect the privacy and data of visitors to the website during their stay. www.x3surveillance.com complies to all UK national laws and requirements in regards to user privacy and data protection.

This website does use cookies, cookies are small files that are saved to the hard drive of a computer and track, save and store the information of the user including their usage of the website along with the interaction and engagement with the website. This allows X Three Surveillance to research the visitors to its website, understand how users use the website and create a tailor-made user experience of the website, creating a better service for potential customers.

If you choose to use www.x3surveillance.com and do not want cookies to be used or saved then you can take the necessary steps in your web browser security settings which will allow you to block all cookies from X Three Surveillance website and its external serving vendors. This should be the same for all professional websites.

X Three Surveillance uses tracking software throughout the website to track, monitor and better understand how visitors to the website use the website. The tracking software used by X Three Surveillance is provided by Google Analytics and this tracking software uses cookies to track the usage and interaction of the visitor. The software of Google Analytics will save a cookie onto the hard drive of your computer to track and monitor but it will not save, store or collect any personal information from you. If you are concerned about Google and this tracking software please go to www.google.com/privacy for further information.

During your use of www.x3surveillance.com other cookies may be stored onto the hard drive of your computer by external vendors working with X Three Surveillance ; this includes things like sponsored links, advertisements and referral programs. These cookies tend to expire after 30 days on average, but some may take longer; they will be used for referral tracking and conversion tracking. No personal information will be saved, stored or collected from the user for these cookies.

Every effort has been made to ensure users have a safe and secure form on www.x3surveillance.com to email but X Three Surveillance do advise users using any online forms at X Three Surveillance do so at their own risk.

www.x3surveillance.com and its owners X Three Surveillance use the information users provide to give users further information about the investigation and detective services offered by X Three Surveillance and also to answer any questions or queries submitted by users of the website. User details will never be passed on to any third parties and will be kept only by X Three Surveillance for as long as they are needed.


Contacting X Three Surveillance

If you choose to contact X Three Surveillance directly, through the website either by E-mail or contact boxes you do so at your own discretion and give any such personal details at your own risk. All personal and private details will be kept private and stored securely until the information is no longer required or has no further use, as detailed in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by the iCO, Information Commissioners Office which we follow implicitly.

By contacting X Three Surveillance you accept that your personal details will be retained for as long as the investigation is undertaken plus;

  1. If the investigation requirement is for personal use we may hold the information of you and your investigation up to 3 months.
  2. If the investigation has a reasonable chance of going to court we will keep your data and the investigation data up to 1 year (from issuing you the final reports).

You will be given all the data that we gain from the investigation from then you are responsible for the handling and liable for your own data protection.

If you contact X Three Surveillance you are giving X Three Surveillance permission to contact you back via the same means which you have contacted X Three Surveillance and any other means you give to us. In the event that you do not reply we will wait a further week and contact you again if, on the second occasion we receive no response all your details and any data held will be deleted permanently and you will not receive any further correspondence from X Three Surveillance .



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