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Private Investigations

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Private Investigations – “A detailed inquiry or systematic examination.”

Private Investigations

If you have a gut feeling that something is just not quite right in your life or business, then why not call in our private investigators to complete an undercover investigation for you? All investigations that the investigation team here at X Three Surveillance take on are done so with the utmost privacy, professionalism and discretion.

Private Investigations

We have experience working on a wide range of investigations for a selection of both private and business clients, dealing with anything from cheating partner investigations, employee investigations, business partner investigations, false compensation claim investigations, and so much more.

When you feel that something is not quite right and you want it investigated all you need to do is give our private investigators a call. We will then take the time to speak to you and fully understand the concerns and confirm the proof and evidence you need before creating a plan of action for the investigation which will be run by you before we start.

Private Investigations

Private Investigations

With advanced surveillance skills our team take investigations to a higher level.

We can help you by carrying out matrimonial investigations to find out if your partner is cheating on you or whether an ex-partner is living with someone else yet still claiming maintenance costs from you. As with all our investigations, marital investigations are completed discreetly and professionally so your partner will never know you have employed our private investigators to investigate them.

Private detective in Manchester

Private detective in Manchester

Corporate  Investigations

Our corporate investigations services are also a very popular investigation service that we offer. We can investigate a new company that may be of interest to you, new people that are applying for high end jobs within your business or even investigations and background checks on existing staff. Whatever you need investigated in your business, our private investigators can help you.

We also offer a range of private investigation services to help you find out if the person you are speaking to online really is who they say they are, the contact details of the person that owns the house next door so you can tell them of urgent house repairs that are needed as they are greatly affecting your home or any other personal concerns you have.

Why not call us now to gather the evidence you need?

Private Investigations 




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