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Private Investigator Saddleworth

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Private Investigator Saddleworth

X Three Surveillance covers Saddleworth

We cover Saddleworth and surrounding areas

Private Investigator Saddleworth

Private Investigator Saddleworth“Because we are your local investigator you will not incur fuel charges to get to the location of the investigation, you will not be charged for travel time to get to the investigation and there will be no unnecessary accommodation charges.”

Welcome to X Three Surveillance Ltd – Manchesters Leading Private Investigator.

Private Investigator Saddleworth

We’re glad that you’re researching our services and we hope that we can help you, to contact one of our specialist private investigator Saddleworth team please call 0161 8211 333 or use the live chat facility online.

At X Three Surveillance Ltd. we know that just by choosing to hire one of our private investigator Saddleworth team a client has the assurance of professionalism and peace of mind.

They are working with operatives from a locally based firm which since it was established in 2012 has gained and held an excellent reputation concerning the management and execution of investigations and cost effectiveness.

Private Investigator Saddleworth Introduction

Private Investigator Saddleworth

We are seen as the go to firm for private investigator Saddleworth requirements and our clients often rate our services as outstanding. Thank you all, we appreciate it.

Each X Three Surveillance Ltd. private investigator Saddleworth is:

  • Vetted, approved, directly employed and evaluated in line with the stringent in-house criteria and industry standards.
  • Case deployment ready.
  • A motivated, self reliant, discreet, dedicated, effective and proficient expert. Our private investigator Saddleworth team are not rookies or rogues and we never use subcontractors.
  • Cutting edge technology assisted.
  • Mandatorily CRB checked and cleared.
  • ICO, Information Commissioners Office, registered as standard.
  • Qualified to level 3 in professional investigations as a minimum standard and trained in advanced surveillance skills.
  • Confident working across the spectrum of case types.
  • Rarely fazed by a situation or development.
  • Our private investigator Saddleworth team won’t (and don’t) crumble under pressure.
  • Familiar with local crime, community and socio-economic data and statistics.
  • Fully insured with public liability and professional indemnity insurance.

Our private investigator Saddleworth team is comprised entirely of ex police, ex close protection and ex military personnel. These backgrounds provide the optimum foundation for this challenging career and enable strategic thinking and analysis.

Below is an overview of jobs our local detective investigator Greater Manchester team are frequently called to work on:

  • Investigations in Saddleworth.
  • Surveillance in Saddleworth.
  • Undercover investigations in Saddleworth.
  • Fraudulent compensation claims in Saddleworth.
  • False sick leave in Saddleworth.
  • Moonlighting in Saddleworth.
  • Industrial espionage in Saddleworth.
  • Employee investigations in Saddleworth.
  • Vehicle tracking in Saddleworth.
  • Bugging device sweeping in Saddleworth.
  • Tracing individuals in Saddleworth.
  • Background checks in Saddleworth.
  • Cheating partners in Saddleworth.
  • Catfish investigations in Saddleworth.
  • Lie detector tests in Saddleworth.
  • Co-habitation investigations in Saddleworth.
  • Subletting issues in Saddleworth.

If your investigation doesn’t seem to be in any category or if it falls across a few then please contact our private investigator Saddleworth team who’ll evaluate what we can do to achieve your objectives, simply call us on 0161 8211 333 or use the chat facility on screen.

We’ve handled several cases in Saddleworth and we would be honoured to add you to our growing list of satisfied clients. We approach every investigation with empathy, experience and professionalism, our client’s objectives are our number one priority and we keep them informed at all stages.

Here are our main services available in Saddleworth

Private Investigator Saddleworth Services


Employee Investigations

Employee Investigations

Investigate your employees to ascertain if the sick leave they are on is truthful. Do you suspect an employee is over exaggerating their sickness or injury? Do you think your employees are Moonlighting? Taking on further work whilst on your companies time? Do you think your employees are giving away company information to competitor?

Catching Cheating Partners

Catching Cheating Partners

Suspect your partner of cheating? There's no smoke without fire, right? Getting results sooner, rather than later, means you can move on from your past quickly or put aside your inaccurate claims and get on with your life.

Co Habitation Investigations

Co Habitation Investigations

Investigations into co-habitation are becoming more and more frequent with ex's, who conceal a new relationship, continue to receive maintenance payments from their ex-husbands / boyfriends, or landlords being concerned about illegal subletting, putting their property at risk.

Tracing - Find a Person

Tracing - Find a Person

Do you have debtors, runaways or lost family members? Our Manchester based tracing experts will have an address for you within 48 Hours. Here, at X Three Surveillance, we offer a ‘No Find, No Fee’ deal. If we, for whatever reason, cannot locate the individual then you will not be charged.

Undercover Investigations

Undercover Investigations

At X Three, we have an agent, who has deployed in undercover operations time and time again, infiltrating work places, gathering inside information. Whether you believe employees are stealing from you or from each other, our undercover operative will deploy within your work place and uncover the truth



All investigations undertaken by X Three Surveillance are treated with the upmost privacy and professionalism. X Three take on investigations from private clients and businesses around Manchester. X Three Surveillance specialise in investigating your employees and cheating partners.



Surveillance is vital in most investigations, its used to gain the hard evidence needed. Whether you require static observations, a person followed on foot, or mobile surveillance, X Three are Manchesters experts. X Three will provide photographic and video evidence of what you need, conducted at an advanced level, and using 4k Ultra High Definition.

Bug Sweeping

Bug Sweeping

Bug sweeping is a specialist skill. X Three Surveillance can detect hidden spy devices in your workplace or your home, giving you the peace of mind you need.

Contact Private Investigator Saddleworth

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Private Investigator Saddleworth, Manchester

This is a civil parish within the Metropolitan Borough of Oldham in Greater Manchester. It is comprised of several villages and hamlets that lie to the west of the Pennines. It is one of the largest parishes in the U.K. and is predominantly rural. Saddleworth is 17.7 kilometres north east of Manchester.

Its parliamentary constituency is Oldham East and Saddleworth.

The History of Saddleworth

Several place names in the parish of Saddleworth have Celtic origins, the Romans had forts here and routed a road from York to Chester through the area. Evidence of Viking and Stone Age life has been discovered and Bronze Age settlers were likely to have been in Saddleworth.

In the Domesday Book it was called Quick and owned by Agbrigg Wapentake, the “Land of the King in Eurvicsire (Yorkshire).”

The acidity of the soil made farming difficult so Saddleworth became occupied by the textile trade long before the Industrial Revolution. From small mills came larger establishments and Saddleworth was at the forefront of the textile industry for centuries.

The Huddersfield Narrow Canal was built from 1794 and the railway with tunnel arrived in 1848 with a second tunnel built in 1871. The two single tunnels were replaced in 1894 by a duel one. This is one of only three in the country still in operation for passenger services.

Local millstone grit was used for the majority of buildings to the west of the Pennines which set Saddleworth apart from Oldham with its red brick constructions.

It was originally in Yorkshire but in the 17th century became a chapelry in the parish of Rochdale in Lancashire, in 1866 it became a civil parish and by 1889 it was placed in the Administrative County of the West Riding of Yorkshire. In 1974, as part of the Metropolitan Borough of Oldham, Saddleworth had civil parish status.

In 1872 Saddleworth was given its own post office which remained in the postal county of Lancashire until 1996.

What is Saddleworth Like?

Saddleworth North, Saddleworth South and Saddleworth West and Lees are the three wards here.

In the 2011 census their populations were 9695, 9966 and 11094.

In the northern ward 24.6% of residents were aged 45-59, 18.9% were 30-44 and 11.1% were aged 65-74.

In Saddleworth South 40.1% were in full time employment, 14% in part time employment, 19.1% were retired and 6% were self employed with no employees. Unemployment was at 2.3%.

95.7% of Saddleworth West and Lees residents were of English origin.


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