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Private Investigator Winstanley

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Private Investigator Winstanley

X Three Surveillance covers Winstanley

We cover Winstanley and surrounding areas

Private Investigator Winstanley

Private Investigator Winstanley“Because we are your local investigator you will not incur fuel charges to get to the location of the investigation, you will not be charged for travel time to get to the investigation and there will be no unnecessary accommodation charges.”

Welcome to X Three Surveillance Ltd – Manchesters Leading Private Investigator.

Private Investigator Winstanley

We are delighted that you are considering using our professional services.

Our private investigator Winstanley team are always eager to discuss your investigation requirements, offer advice and to answer questions so please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0161 8211 333 or via the chat facility. With our help you can reclaim your peace of mind, you deserve it.

Private Investigator Winstanley Introduction

Private Investigator Winstanley 

Our local Manchester detective operatives acknowledge that it is not only qualifications, training and experience but innate qualities which rate very highly with clients when they choose their investigation service provider. Our team members have the following key attributes, plus many more:

  • Professionalism
  • Discretion
  • A sense of duty
  • Resourcefulness
  • Winstanley centred knowledge
  • Strategic thinking
  • Independence
  • Reliability
  • Dedication
  • Accuracy
  • Diligence
  • Expertise
  • Effectiveness
  • Empathy
  • Understanding of people and motivations
  • An appreciation of cause and effect
  • Motivation
  • Integrity
  • An armed forces, police or close protection career history.
  • Immense pride in thorough task completion.

We’re the highly respected, top rated and “go to” private investigator Winstanley service providers and X Three Surveillance Ltd. supply skilled professionals to co-ordinate investigations responsibly and cost effectively. Expertise gathered in our previous occupations has often been utilised in our work and we deliver indisputable accurate results.

Our clients are our top priority and we keep them informed throughout an investigation, we also never procrastinate and make an investigation last longer than it absolutely has to, we don’t add to your stress.

Since our launch in 2012 our private investigator Winstanley team has listened to client feedback and this has helped the team to boast an enviable reputation. We know that clients don’t expert adequate, mediocre or good-ish service so we do more and go further.

We promise that we:

  • Don’t abuse a client’s time or money.
  • Don’t risk losing a client’s patience or goodwill.
  • Don’t miss opportunities or lie.
  • Don’t discuss cases outside the work environment.
  • Don’t act like untrained wannabe private eyes.

But we do:

  • Deploy top rated, experienced and strategically minded specialists.
  • Seek accurate, comprehensive results.
  • Deliver evidence in high definition.
  • Possess integrity and drive.
  • Charge local rates.
  • Regularly out perform national private investigator Winstanley firms.
  • Prioritise our client.

The statistics published in summer 2015 concerning Greater Manchester’s crime rate sadly showed that it had officially risen by 10% in the twelve months to March 2015.

This is obviously not good news. There are variations between areas and some are more affected than others but the report illustrated to our private investigator Winstanley team that peoples’ vigilance, education and self defence skills need to be enhanced and adopted as tools to equip communities against criminal and unsociable behaviour. X Three Surveillance Ltd’s expertise is needed now more than ever.

Our private investigator Winstanley team looks forward to diffusing your anxieties with the utmost professionalism and discretion.

Here are our main services available in Winstanley

Private Investigator Winstanley Services


Lie Detector Tests

Lie Detector Tests

X Three Surveillance Ltd has the very latest deception detection equipment - Lie Detection Tests at your home or office -ONLY £350. We provide lie detection tests in & around Manchester, at your home or office with instant results.

Employee Investigations

Employee Investigations

Investigate your employees to ascertain if the sick leave they are on is truthful. Do you suspect an employee is over exaggerating their sickness or injury? Do you think your employees are Moonlighting? Taking on further work whilst on your companies time? Do you think your employees are giving away company information to competitor?

Catching Cheating Partners

Catching Cheating Partners

Suspect your partner of cheating? There's no smoke without fire, right? Getting results sooner, rather than later, means you can move on from your past quickly or put aside your inaccurate claims and get on with your life.

Co Habitation Investigations

Co Habitation Investigations

Investigations into co-habitation are becoming more and more frequent with ex's, who conceal a new relationship, continue to receive maintenance payments from their ex-husbands / boyfriends, or landlords being concerned about illegal subletting, putting their property at risk.

Tracing - Find a Person

Tracing - Find a Person

Do you have debtors, runaways or lost family members? Our Manchester based tracing experts will have an address for you within 48 Hours. Here, at X Three Surveillance, we offer a ‘No Find, No Fee’ deal. If we, for whatever reason, cannot locate the individual then you will not be charged.

Undercover Investigations

Undercover Investigations

At X Three, we have an agent, who has deployed in undercover operations time and time again, infiltrating work places, gathering inside information. Whether you believe employees are stealing from you or from each other, our undercover operative will deploy within your work place and uncover the truth



All investigations undertaken by X Three Surveillance are treated with the upmost privacy and professionalism. X Three take on investigations from private clients and businesses around Manchester. X Three Surveillance specialise in investigating your employees and cheating partners.



Surveillance is vital in most investigations, its used to gain the hard evidence needed. Whether you require static observations, a person followed on foot, or mobile surveillance, X Three are Manchesters experts. X Three will provide photographic and video evidence of what you need, conducted at an advanced level, and using 4k Ultra High Definition.

Bug Sweeping

Bug Sweeping

Bug sweeping is a specialist skill. X Three Surveillance can detect hidden spy devices in your workplace or your home, giving you the peace of mind you need.

Contact Private Investigator Winstanley 

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Private Investigator Winstanley, Manchester

Winstanley is in the Metropolitan Borough of Wigan in the Metropolitan County of Greater Manchester. It is predominantly a residential suburb on the lower eastern slope of Billinge Hill.

Ashton in Makerfield lies to the south, Orrell to the northwest and Wigan to the northeast.

Rail is available from Pemberton lying to the north and the A571, A577 and access to the M6 and M58 motorways are within easy distance.

It is in the parliamentary constituency for Makerfield and the Greater Manchester Fire and Police Services and the Northwest Ambulance Service cover the Winstanley area.

The History of Winstanley

 Early spellings of Winstanley have included Winstaneslege, Winstanislegh and Wynstanesleigh. It was given over to farming with clay and sandstone soil, pastures and meadows and woodland that still survives around the site of Winstanley Hall, of which the grounds comprised around one third of the total area of Winstanley.

Today, Winstanley Park is not open to the public except as a golf course.

Winstanley Hall has been categorised as a Grade II* listed building and a Scheduled Ancient Monument, built in the 1560’s for the Winstanley’s who were lords of the manor. They sold it to a banker and goldsmith named James Bankes in 1590. The Bankes family owned the property until the early 21st century but no one resided there after the 1960’s. It has been bought for development and the hall is in need of repair.

The Industrial Revolution brought extensive coal mining to Winstanley and the collieries had their own dedicated railway.

 Thomas Winstanley of Winstanley (1749-1823) was a noted and distinguished Oxford graduate who became Camden Professor of History in 1790.

 What is Winstanley Like?

The population amounted to 11264 in the 2011 census and this was a decrease on the 2001 figure of 15849.

46.4% were in full time employment, 15.7% in part time employment, 15.8% were retired and 4.3% were self employed full time without employees while 1.5% were self employed full time with employees.

Unemployment was at 2.4%.

Householder analysis showed that 18.6% were married with no children, 13.6% were married with 2+ children, 10.9% were married with non dependant children, 10.5% were sole occupants under 65 years of age, 6.5% were sole occupants of over 65 years of age.

83.8% were Christian, 11.1% had no religion, 4.6% stated no religion while 0.2% were Buddhist, 0.2% were Muslim and Other (including Jewish, Hindu and Sikh) was 0.9%.


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