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Private Investigator Withington

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Private Investigator Withington

X Three Surveillance covers Withington

We cover Withington and surrounding areas

Private Investigator Withington

Private Investigator Withington“Because we are your local investigator you will not incur fuel charges to get to the location of the investigation, you will not be charged for travel time to get to the investigation and there will be no unnecessary accommodation charges.”

Welcome to X Three Surveillance Ltd – Manchesters Leading Private Investigator.

Private Investigator Withington

Our private investigator Withington team are always happy to discuss your investigation needs so please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0161 8211 333 or via the chat facility on screen.

Sadly, not all companies who state that they are the best can be expert leaders in the field. However, X Three Surveillance Ltd. is and we have proof. We are Withington’s number one firm and we are seen as the “go to” service provider with an excellent reputation and top level reviews.

We appreciate that these qualities rank highly with clients when they are selecting their private investigator Withington.

Private Investigator Withington Introduction

Private Investigator Withington

Our operatives have the following traits:

  • Professionalism
  • Discretion
  • Accuracy
  • Understanding of people and motivations
  • An appreciation of cause and effect
  • Sense of duty
  • Empathy
  • Integrity
  • Withington local knowledge
  • Dedication
  • Strategic thinking
  • Diligence
  • Expertise
  • Effectiveness
  • Experience
  • Motivation
  • Innovation
  • An exemplary military/police/close protection background.

As the top rated manchester detective service provider we provide clients with highly trained, qualified and skilled professionals who offer a cost effective and discreet solution. Since our launch in 2012 we have listened very carefully to client feedback and this has helped our private investigator Withington team to earn and retain their outstanding reputation. X Three Surveillance Ltd. and our private investigator Withington team have become synonymous with quality.

We promise that we don’t waste a client’s time, money, patience or opportunities. We have respect.

We provide optimum levels of service and compelling results with evidence, frequently out performing the network of national firms and we charge client friendly local rates.

Greater Manchester’s crime rate officially rose by 10% between March 2014 and March 2015 and although there are variations between postcodes it clearly shows that an individual who previously had the confidence that they’d probably never seek professional private investigator Withington expertise, either on a personal or commercial basis, could easily find themselves doing so, especially if the crime rate continues to rise.

X Three Surveillance Ltd. aren’t the police and we are no longer in active service with the military, police or in close protection (we all have these as backgrounds) but we are not unqualified have-a-go-heroes. We have trained extensively, hold high level qualifications, are registered and accredited. Our private investigator Withington team achieves objectives but always acts within the law.

X Three Surveillance Ltd. directly employs its private investigator Withington specialists as in-house employees. We have top level criteria that they must meet and operatives continue to be monitored for quality and education purposes.

In contrast to many other companies we never use subcontractors who may have less effective resources which translate in the service given.

We don’t offer 24/7 365 days a year global on call services but clients don’t require us to, except on incredibly rare occasions.

Our private investigator Withington specialists work sensibly and make the most of opportunities so that we don’t fritter away your hard earned cash.

You’re not paying us to waste time.

Our private investigator Withington team would like to be given the task of providing answers and to banish doubts and suspicions.

We’ll replace them with facts and welcome peace of mind.

Here are our main services available in Withington

Private Investigator Withington Services


Lie Detector Tests

Lie Detector Tests

X Three Surveillance Ltd has the very latest deception detection equipment - Lie Detection Tests at your home or office -ONLY £350. We provide lie detection tests in & around Manchester, at your home or office with instant results.

Employee Investigations

Employee Investigations

Investigate your employees to ascertain if the sick leave they are on is truthful. Do you suspect an employee is over exaggerating their sickness or injury? Do you think your employees are Moonlighting? Taking on further work whilst on your companies time? Do you think your employees are giving away company information to competitor?

Catching Cheating Partners

Catching Cheating Partners

Suspect your partner of cheating? There's no smoke without fire, right? Getting results sooner, rather than later, means you can move on from your past quickly or put aside your inaccurate claims and get on with your life.

Co Habitation Investigations

Co Habitation Investigations

Investigations into co-habitation are becoming more and more frequent with ex's, who conceal a new relationship, continue to receive maintenance payments from their ex-husbands / boyfriends, or landlords being concerned about illegal subletting, putting their property at risk.

Tracing - Find a Person

Tracing - Find a Person

Do you have debtors, runaways or lost family members? Our Manchester based tracing experts will have an address for you within 48 Hours. Here, at X Three Surveillance, we offer a ‘No Find, No Fee’ deal. If we, for whatever reason, cannot locate the individual then you will not be charged.

Undercover Investigations

Undercover Investigations

At X Three, we have an agent, who has deployed in undercover operations time and time again, infiltrating work places, gathering inside information. Whether you believe employees are stealing from you or from each other, our undercover operative will deploy within your work place and uncover the truth



All investigations undertaken by X Three Surveillance are treated with the upmost privacy and professionalism. X Three take on investigations from private clients and businesses around Manchester. X Three Surveillance specialise in investigating your employees and cheating partners.



Surveillance is vital in most investigations, its used to gain the hard evidence needed. Whether you require static observations, a person followed on foot, or mobile surveillance, X Three are Manchesters experts. X Three will provide photographic and video evidence of what you need, conducted at an advanced level, and using 4k Ultra High Definition.

Bug Sweeping

Bug Sweeping

Bug sweeping is a specialist skill. X Three Surveillance can detect hidden spy devices in your workplace or your home, giving you the peace of mind you need.

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Private Investigator Withington, Manchester

Withington is a suburb township, which falls in the southern part of the Manchester City, England. It is surrounded by the areas like Didsbury in the North-east, Fallowfield in the South, Chorlton-cum-Hardy in the East and around 6 kilometres away from the Manchester City. The name Withington is derived from Anglo-Saxon name Wīðign-tūn, which meant “willow branch which is used for bundling”.

According to the 2011 Census, Withington had a population of 13,422.

History of Withington, Manchester:

According to the history, Withington is a part of Lancashire, and was largely rural till the time when Industrial Revolution started leading to Socio-Economic Development and Industrialisation in the area by 19th century.

Withington, being one of the manors of the Manchester Manor, in the beginning of 13th century, is also one of the townships along with Denton, Rusholme, Burnage, Haughton, Moss Side and Chorlton-cum-Hardy.

Wulfrith de Withington’s son William was the first Lord of the Withington Manor. Later in the 13th century, the township was given to Matthew of Hathersage, William’s son. Hathersage family is known to have descended to family of the Longfords and since then for 300 years, Withington’s lordship remained with them.

Nicholas Longford, who later became Manchester Manor’s Lord, gave Withington to Moseley, one of Staffordshire’s rich landowners in the 16th century. And later again by 18th century, Egertons of Tatton became the new Lord of Withington Manor. And hence, Withington became a part of Manchester.

Mosley built a hall and named it Hough End in the 16th century as the new Manor House of Withington, which was demolished in 1750 to make farm building. In some places, either it is named as Old Hall of Withington or Old Hall Farm or Farm of Chorlton.

Farming was said to be dominated in the area as a major income for the residents.

One of the most important factors of Withington was transport, which became cheaper for its growth. A horse tramway had been built which opened West Didsbury and Withington and Railway Station to Manchester Central Railway Station in 1880, till it was replaced by electric trams by the end of 1902.

In 1841, along with the churches and chapels, including Roman Catholic, Methodist and Presbyterian, Withington’s Parish Church of St. Pauls was also built. In 1890, Withington Girls’ School was established which provided private education for girls only.

In the beginning of 20th century, a large aerodrome named Alexandra Park Aerodrome had been built. However, Withington saw its closure soon after Tattons took over. Today, the site is named as Houghend Fields for Playing.

What Withington now looks like?

Withington’s Wilmslow Road Bus Corridor is one of Europe’s busiest roads connecting the Manchester City with its surrounding areas.

Mauldeth Road Railway Station is the nearest and the only accessible rail link located in Ladybarn. Later with time, as a part of the expansion of Manchester Metrolink, the old Midland Railway line, which saw its closure in 1967, reopened and was named as South Manchester Line. From Manchester City to East Didsbury via Chorlton, goes a Metrolink tram which stops by Withington as well.

A project of Metrolink extension was proposed which got delayed due to lack of funds. After a hiatus, it was resumed with new funding from the government in 2009 and within 4 years, it was ready to be operated.

Well-known personalities like Robert Powell, Mike Atherton, Martin Sixsmith and Ben Kingsley have graduated from Manchester Grammar School, located near Manchester Cathedral. Because of the direct road links to Manchester City, Manchester Metropolitan University and University of Manchester became the next obvious destinations for further studies of almost every students residing in Withington. This resulted in the mixture of affluent young professionals, university students and families.

Both Withington community Hospital and Christie Hospital specialize in cancer treatment


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