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Manchesters Private Investigator Uses Pay Pal

X Three Surveillance uses Pay Pal For Your Security.

 Press the ‘Pay Now’ link below, you will then be taken to Pay Pals secure payment page.



You can use Debit or Credit cards or use your Pay Pal account balance.

***If you do not wish to pay via Paypal you can pay by bank transfer or take cash into a Santander Bank.***


If You Wish to pay by BACS or bank transfer use the details below;

Santander Business Banking

X Three Surveillance Ltd

Sort Code – 09-01-28

Account Number- 92311157


  1. Call the bank with the details above and ask if there have been any disagreements with us in the past. (We have none)

  2. Call Pay Pal and ask if we have any complaints in the past. (We have none)

  3. Look at our reviews from past clients.(Click here)

  4. Still concerned? we use PayPal as a third party and independent payment authority,

    if you have any disagreement with us they will take care of it.





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