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X Three Surveillance - Surveillance Specialist

X Three Surveillance | Surveillance Specialist

Manchesters Trusted Private Investigator

Manchesters Surveillance Specialist

Surveillance Specialist

“Close observation or supervision maintained over a person, object or group, etc, especially one under suspicion.”

Surveillance Specialist

As our name suggests, here at X Three Surveillance, surveillance and surveillance projects are something we get involved in a lot. As a private detective agency we find that surveillance is vital in most investigations as we use it to gain the real and hard evidence that is needed to prove what has been going on.

Surveillance experts in Manchester

Surveillance specialist in Manchester

Surveillance Specialist

Maybe you feel your partner is not being completely truthful or faithful to you or perhaps you feel that you partner in business is trying to defraud you, maybe an employee is stealing from you or a someone has claimed against your business and they are not as injured as they are perhaps claiming to be? In all these cases we can use surveillance to make sure that your gut feeling in 100% right, allowing you to take the action to get the problem resolved.

Whether in business or in personal life it is hard to confront someone if you haven’t got evidence or proof to show that you are right in your thoughts. It is important that you have all the facts and our discreet surveillance services do exactly that for you. We feel that discretion is paramount when it comes to surveillance and investigations and our professional private detectives will go to great lengths to get you the evidence you need.

Surveillance Specialist Introduction

“X Three are no typical Private Investigation company, we specialise in surveillance and train surveillance to a high standard.”

Manchesters Surveillance Specialist

Surveillance Specialist

We can complete surveillance through static observations, on foot or even mobile in a vehicle. Our surveillance will provide you with the photographic and video evidence of what you need. We give you all the proof and evidence you need and then we let you decide what you want to do with it and how you want to act on it.

Our private detectives conduct all surveillance operations at an advanced level with 2 or 3 operatives infiltrating any situation and reporting back to you any vital information that has been collected. Our team of surveillance operatives will liaise with you throughout the surveillance period, supplying you with the details of any vital evidence that has been gathered.

Once the surveillance period has been completed we will issue you with a full typed report which will detail all the activities of the surveillance period along with any photos taken and video evidence that has been obtained. This is all as part of the surveillance service and unlike other private detective agencies we do not charge you any extra for this. There are no hidden costs or fees when you choose X Three Surveillance to complete surveillance to put your mind at rest.

Surveillance Specialist

X Three are experts in all areas of Surveillance.

Other Private Investigators do not conduct surveillance operations due to the complexities, most will issue these tasks to professionals who dedicate their time & efforts in to the training and practicing required for this specific art. X Three Surveillance are experts in this field and have been working in and around Manchester undetected for many years.

X Three Surveillance are Manchester’s No1 private investigation company for surveillance investigations, not only have X Three Surveillance got the background both in training & experience but X Three Surveillance have the very latest technology to aid our operatives. We have multiple vehicles and static surveillance platform vehicles to ensure a compromise never happens. High Definition camcorders capture every detail of the surveillance period as well as High Definition covert camcorders used to capture evidence when in close proximity to the subject.

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