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Tell-Tale Signs of Infidelity


Tell-Tale Signs of Infidelity

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Signs of Infidelity

5 Clues that you might need a cheating partner investigation

The laundry

Yes, really.

When a partner suddenly wants to take control of the laundry tasks should you be grateful or suspect that they are cheating?

Well, that depends on how out of character their willingness to do chores is. If you’re ill or you’ve had a row and they’re aiming to get back in to your good books then this may be innocent, a one off.

However, if they become possessive about the laundry and are acting uncharacteristically compared to the entire time you’ve known them, this is arguably the number 1 household chore indicator that they are trying to hide “evidence.” Just think if you handled their pants, collar or cleared their trouser pocket and discovered their deception.

Especially if your sex life is currently in the doldrums.


How many mobile phones does your partner have?

When people suspect that they have a cheating partner, women particularly, are motivated to check their other half’s mobile phone. When they find nothing incriminating they are sometimes confident that whatever is amiss in their relationship, it doesn’t seem to be an affair. The mistake here is to assume that there isn’t a second mobile in use. If your partner is cunning enough to cheat, they’re clever enough to find ways to arrange the affair so that you won’t find out.

Remember, if they only have one phone, they won’t let you anywhere near it.


Gifts, lots of gifts

Rather like an eagerness to take on the laundry, a partner who begins to give often expensive gifts frequently when it was hard for you to get them to remember your birthday or anniversary should raise concerns. Why the sudden generosity?

They may be feeling extravagant or want to show you how much you mean to them or they could be feeling guilty and trying to compensate you for their behaviour, even though you don’t know that the evenings they tell you they’re working late, they are having fun.

Cheating partners won’t always ignore you. Over attentiveness can be a symptom of dishonesty.

There are times when they cannot be reached, they’re vague about their whereabouts.

Where are they and what are they really doing?

e.g. when you send a text and they habitually reply within 10-15 minutes and increasingly that’s turning in to 2 or more hours and then when asked where they were they mysteriously can’t quite remember or hesitate, start to trust your instincts that something is wrong.

They begin to swerve couple or family time or appear more devoted to a hobby

Something important keeps them away from spending time with “the old life.” The lover represents fun and not responsibilities. They don’t have to battle with the in-laws or talk about bills and mortgages with them.

If they cite a new interest, a 5km run or singing lessons may be commendable but do they necessitate sacrificing what should be valued time with the family?

When you suspect that you have a cheating partner, please be brave enough to seek the truth. Lies and uncertainty won’t deliver peace of mind; X Three Surveillance’s cheating partner investigation team will.

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