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Undercover Investigations in Manchester

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Undercover Investigations in Manchester

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Undercover Investigations in Manchester 

Undercover Investigations in Manchester 

Undercover Investigations in Manchester

Welcome to the Undercover Investigations in Manchester page, thank you for taking time to discover more about our services.

Undercover Investigations in Manchester Introduction

Undercover Investigations in Manchester

At X Three Surveillance Ltd. we pride ourselves on our ability to infiltrate a business operation to establish for our client the exact details of what is occurring.

Undercover InvestigationsEffectively, we become one of the team and this delivers results that CCTV footage and hearsay cannot. We build a rapport with the individual or team involved and as they have no reason to be suspicious of a new employee the workforce frequently lets their guard down and tells their secrets.

Our team, who are all directly employed by X Three Surveillance Ltd. and are never subcontractors, offer personal skills like integrity, ingenuity, enthusiasm and common sense alongside our excellent reputation for undercover investigations in Manchester, high level qualifications and training, industry accreditation and registration, technology and backgrounds in the police, military and close protection environments. We know what we’re doing, how to do it and how to not let our cover be broken.

Within a work environment an undercover investigation may be needed for any of these reasons in which trust between employer and employee has been compromised:

  • Sexual harassment.
  • Theft.
  • Moonlighting.
  • Industrial espionage.
  • Bribes.
  • Substance abuse.
  • Fraud.
  • Work supervision issues.
  • Health and safety or compliance concerns.
  • Productivity level dips.

This is certainly not an exhaustive list, our undercover investigations in Manchester have been known to arise from separate causes but these are the most common ones.

For you, as an employer, to get answers would be virtually impossible without offending the innocent, alerting the guilty and compromising your integrity in the eyes of third parties and you certainly don’t want to set the rumour mill off, so we, as professionals, carry the burden of proof finding and results production. This doesn’t just save you money and time in the long term it may just save your company from going under which is what could happen if matters are not proactively investigated and addressed.

Regular updates are provided to our clients as we work within your team so you are always that vital one step ahead of the errant employee but without the undercover investigation in Manchester being uncovered and broadcast to all and sundry.

If you need to resolve an issue quickly, find peace of mind, meet legislative requirements that seem to be compromised by staff or to investigate a complaint raised by another employee like theft or discrimination, we urge you to contact X Three Surveillance Ltd’s dedicated undercover investigations in Manchester team.

Don’t allow the bad guys to rule your roost, take action before it is too late. We’re not being alarmist, we’re trying to protect you and our experience is a great instructor.

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Undercover Investigations in Manchester 

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