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Undercover Investigations – “Engaged or employed in spying or secret investigation.”

Here at X Three Surveillance we offer a high quality and professional undercover operations service to help you undercover the problems from the inside out. When you own a business and you something is just not quite right our undercover operations investigators can help put your mind at rest, giving the hard evidence you need.

Undercover Investigations


There may be concerns about the behaviour of an employee and in cases like this an undercover investigations can give you the proof you need, revealing more information than a security system or CCTV camera ever could.

Our undercover investigations services have been used for a wide range of undercover investigations for businesses, such as theft, industrial espionage, sexual harassment, kickback schemes, substance abuse, workplace violations, fraud, mystery shoppers in the retail sector, compliance issues, work productivity, safety issues, supervision issues and much more.

Undercover Investigations Introduction

Undercover Investigations

We have a team of highly skilled and experienced undercover investigators who will work to catch nuances, to build trust with your employees and to develop leads which will create a better understanding of what is happening within your business and what you can do to resolve it. Our undercover detectives will provide you with the evidence and intelligence you need to address the issue or determine that your concerns are unfounded.

Our undercover operation investigators will provide you with a timely report that will keep you informed of the progress of the undercover operation on a regular basis. We will also recommend the best possible cause of action based on the information that we gather while running the undercover investigation.

Whatever your concern and whatever you need for our undercover investigations we will deploy a professional and discreet undercover operative into your business to help you uncover the truth within your business.

Things like employee theft, drugs in the workplace, litigation, corporate espionage and similar can not only hurt your business but in some cases put you out of business so why not call our private investigators now to discuss your need for an undercover investigation to take place?

Regardless of the situation our team will work along side your work force and find the information you need.

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