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Vehicle Tracking in Manchester

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Vehicle Tracking in Manchester

X Three Surveillance Ltd

Manchesters Vehicle Tracking Experts

Vehicle Tracking in Manchester

Vehicle Tracking in Manchester

Vehicle Tracking in Manchester.

X Three Surveillance Ltd. are the local experts for vehicle tracking in Manchester and we are proud to be rated number one and as the go to firm.

Our operatives are highly skilled and qualified, dedicated and professional but just as vital for our clients, they are utterly discreet. Clients enjoy full confidentiality and the other party will never find out that their vehicle was tracked unless they tell them. We simply and efficiently place a cutting edge technological tracking device with GPS (Global Positioning System) on the vehicle and the investigation is underway.

Vehicle Tracking in Manchester Experts Introduction

Vehicle Tracking in Manchester

Two sets of clients utilise this vehicle tracking in Manchester service, people concerned that their partner is cheating on them and that rather than working extra hours they are otherwise occupied, and management who want to monitor field based team members’ whereabouts, perhaps as a result of a reduction in productivity. As an employer paying a salary it’s not unreasonable to want to know that your staff aren’t sloping off home or pretending to be in meetings while doing the weekly shopping trip on the company’s time.

Our vehicle tracking in Manchester team’s technology locates a vehicle every ten seconds with an accuracy of five metres, wherever the car is, and you’ll have the duration details of a position too so that you can prove that someone did not “pop in for a couple of minutes” if their tracking device records a two hour stop.

Vehicle Tracking in Manchester

Vehicle Tracking in Manchester

The vehicle’s progress and speed of travel can be followed via a smartphone or computer. However, this does not mean that the screen has to be viewed constantly because the history is saved and easy to access, it is to aid investigations not to swallow time and resources, to this end a text alert system is activated to inform of movement between designated areas, so you can know every time the car enters or leaves a particular suburb, say the one that the suspected third party in your relationship may live in or the home address of an employee you suspect of relaxing a little too much during working hours.

There is also a secure login so that anyone who shouldn’t see the data won’t do so.

This also allows a business owner to retain data and to store it as they form a disciplinary case against the employee, just because the data is quick to arrive it doesn’t follow that it must be utilised instantly. We understand this and accommodate this.

X Three Surveillance Ltd. has a proven record in vehicle tracking in Manchester and we would be pleased to help you to monitor a vehicle or a fleet of vehicles activities so please don’t hesitate to contact our expert team who will work cost effectively and discreetly with you to achieve your investigation goals.

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