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Vehicle Tracking

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Vehicle Tracking – “Global Positioning Satellite System”

Vehicle Tracking

The private detectives here at X Three Surveillance are experts in vehicle tracking and we are regularly using our Live GPS system on a weekly basis. Our vehicle tracking units can locate the vehicle every ten seconds with an accuracy of up to 5metres. Once the vehicle tracking device is discreetly deployed on the target vehicle we are able to check on the vehicles exact location on a map, the speed of which the vehicle is travelling and where the vehicle stops and starts.

Vehicle Tracking in Manchester

Vehicle & Asset Tracking in Manchetser

The high quality tracking devices that are used by our private detectives are popular for two main types of people, those that feel their partner is cheating on them and is not working late but instead having an affair with someone else and our vehicle tracking is popular with business owners who want to know where their employees are, this is an ideal service for businesses that have large fleets of vehicles and company cars.

“Perfect for finding out if a partner is going places they’re not telling you about.”

Vehicle & Asset Tracking in Manchester

Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle & Asset Tracking

The information we can give you from our live trackers will show times, street names, the speed the vehicle was traveling and where it was going to along with where it came from. This information can be gleamed immediately from the GPS trackers so you can quickly have the evidence in your hands to do with as you choose.

We take on all tracking projects with the utmost professionalism, privacy and discretion. Unless you tell the person their vehicle is being tracked they will never know. This allows you to keep the evidence for as long as you want, while you decide the best thing to do with the evidence you hold in your hands.

Our vehicle tracking private detectives have a strong record in the success of vehicle tracking investigations; however sensitive or complicated the case may be, our private detectives can be of service so why not call us now?

Watch the movements of the vehicle live on a computer or smartphone

  • Know Exactly where the vehicle is at all times.

  • Know where the vehicle stops and for how long.

  • Find out how many times the vehicle visits certain areas.

  • Set text alerts when the vehicle is in and out of certain areas.

  • Watch the vehicles complete history – no need to sit watching the device.

  • Easy to use control panel and secure login system.

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Vehicle & Asset Tracking in Manchester



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