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Is Your New Partner Living a Double Life?

Is Your New Partner Living a Double Life?

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Cheating Partner Investigations

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Is Your New Partner Living a Double Life?

Cheating Partner Investigations

Online dating is a mixed blessing. Lonely people now have a rich selection of potential partners to choose from, whilst married people wishing to cheat, and fraudulent scammers, have a ready-made market of vulnerable people to target. It’s a game of Russian Roulette that costs the British public millions of pounds a year to dubious romance scams.

Common sense is not a priority when we think we’re in love. Lust and infatuation can drop our natural defenses for easier exploitation, so conducting a thorough background check of your new partner with X Three’s private eye surveillance is a worthwhile endeavour.

How X Three Surveillance Can Help You

There are 5 key warning signs to look out for in a real-life partner scam:

  1. Social media: inconsistencies in social media, no digital footprint or a reluctance to show you’re together indicate they may be dating you under a false persona.
  2. Time together: weekends and holidays are a normal part of relationships, so if your partner avoids spending extended periods of time with you, they may be married.
  3. Financial dependence: if you’re paying for everything, investing in their new business ventures, giving them money for personal sagas or sponsoring a lifestyle above their means it’s a sign they may be using you for financial gain.
  4. Feeling rushed: a whirlwind romance with a quick engagement could mean your partner is looking to gain fast access to your finances.
  5. Transfer of assets: if your partner is asking you to transfer large assets into their name, such as your home, it’s a red flag for a scam.

Case Study

Michelle was ecstatic to meet James online on Plenty of Fish. They shared similar interests, hit it off quickly and took their relationship into real life after just a few messages.

It wasn’t long before Michelle fell in love with her new Mr. Right, choosing to ignore their substantial wealth difference in favour of lust and infatuation. She paid for elaborate dinners, took James on luxury holidays and invested heavily into his online drop-shipping business ventures. Six months later they were engaged.

As Michelle and James discussed their prenuptial agreements, planning how they would divide her assets, a niggle played in her mind. Despite their great relationship James was reluctant to introduce her to his friends, had little presence on social media and had rushed her into a quick marriage. Sometimes, he disappeared for a week or two without reason.

Michelle contacted X Three Surveillance to conduct a thorough background check on James, just to be sure. We placed surveillance on James and used our expert tracing skills to uncover details of his past.

X Three Surveillance discovered James was cheating on her by using a false name and a stolen identity. He had numerous online dating personas, and kept multiple relationships with wealthy women who were sponsoring his fraudulent luxury lifestyle. He held various criminal records and had no intention of staying with Michelle once her money dried up.

Contacting us spared Michelle from inevitable heartbreak and saved her from an expensive life lesson. Even the most vigilant of online daters are potential victims of scams and fraud, so having peace of mind in knowing your partner is real, genuine and who they say they are is essential for long, happy relationships.

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