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Is Your Tenant Illegally Sub-letting at Your Expense?

Is Your Tenant Illegally Sub-letting at Your Expense?

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Is Your Tenant Illegally Sub-letting at Your Expense?

Sub-letting occurs when a tenant accepts payment for the use of your property from someone who is not part of your original tenancy agreement. The new tenant is effectively your tenant’s lodger, and therefore has no contract or legal relationship with you, the landlord.

Tenants sub-let for several reasons, ranging from struggling to cover bills and rent to actively using your property for sites like Airbnb. Some property owners allow sub-letting, but for most landlords it’s a minefield of potentially devastating consequences and long-term monetary loss that’s best avoided from the outset.

Subletting in Manchester

One of the biggest challenges with tenants who sub-let is landlords are often not aware of the new tenants, creating a myriad of unexpected issues.

  • Lack of Reference Checks: Without vetting your sub-letters, there’s no way of knowing who is living in your property. You may be unwittingly housing a known criminal, enabling the illegal drug trade or putting your property at risk of theft and vandalism.
  • Evaded Legal Responsibilities: If the original tenant sub-lets the entire property, the sub-letting tenant has no legal responsibility for damages caused if they are not part of your original tenancy agreement. This leaves you exposed if the tenant with whom you have a contracted legal relationship is away from the property for extended periods of time.
  • Void Insurance Policies: Buildings insurers are often reluctant to insure properties where sub-letting is permitted, which can result in a no-claim should the property become damaged.
  • Breach of Mortgage Lender’s Terms and Conditions: Mortgage lenders have strict terms against sub-letting, which can result in lenders withdrawing their loan agreement if sub-letting is discovered.
  • Hefty Fines for Licensing Offences: Failing to observe tenancy, short-term letting and HMO licensing laws can lead to unexpected fines of up to £30000.
  • Becoming a Victim of Fraud: If a tenant is pretending to be the landlord by drawing up new contracts with their illegal sub-letters, and is making a financial gain from your assets, they are committing fraud.
  • Property Damage: Overcrowding adds excess wear and tear to your property, with the resulting cost of damages often outweighing your tenant’s security deposit. This can lead to further unnecessary expenses for debt collection should your tenants refuse to pay for damages.
  • Health & Safety Risks: HMO regulations prevent overcrowding, unsanitary living conditions and other health and safety risks. Fire in an overcrowded property can cause sever life-changing injuries, or in some cases loss of life, with responsibility falling on the property owner’s shoulders should health and safety guidelines be insufficiently met.


Investigating Your Tenants with X Three Surveillance

Using a professional private investigation service to uncover illegal sub-letting is an investment, securing you and your property against a landslide of potential problems. At X Three Surveillance we use a combination of discreet tracking and undercover surveillance to expose sub-letters in your property.

Our professional team of private eye investigators uncover how your property is used by your tenants outside of scheduled inspection times by monitoring activity with active surveillance, investigating commercial listings and visiting the property undercover. X Three Surveillance helps mitigate the risks of sub-letting, potentially saving you thousands of pounds in fines, damages and lost revenue.

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